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"That girl from Atari, the boy from THQ"...

Or, to put it more accurately, the freak with the beard, the smelly one, the psycho fat one, the weirdo who never says anything (no wait, that's us! We're not going), all the skinny balding ones with shaved heads and glasses, the stutterer, the one who's handy for when you need coke, the ranting alcoholics, and, maybe, a woman, probably from the company organising it so it doesn't look too one-sided.

It's a video game industry singles night, and it will be the ALL-TIME WORST EVENING OF ALL TIME AND EVER. Even if you're not there, the ripples this horrifying gathering will send through society will make it a dark day for ALL OF HUMANKIND.

Will the Bizarre Creations receptionist be there?

And we'll be scanning in the photos. Go here to read the FULL HORRIFYING DETAILS.
Forget the Xbox 360 launch, ignore PlayStation3, leave Nintendo DS the hell alone -- it was all about feeling girls at E3 2005. And this is the most astonishing 2005 E3 "booth babe" feature of all, one posted by a bloke in a wheelchair who uses his pretend disability to GROPE WOMEN, take sick UPSKIRT PHOTOS and do the sort of things that normally get you escorted out of places.

Being disabled ROCKS, you get to grope women AND are always sitting down!

E3 booth babe groping SHAME

This reminds us of a really long-winded thing we wrote but never used about how it must be great to go through life with only one arm or leg. Because if you only have one arm or leg there's no expectation to achieve anything or do anything with your life, so if, say, you manage to get a job at McDonalds while only having one leg, everyone thinks you're some kind of *hero*. Easy life!


"Les booth babes de l'E3 2005"

"E3 booth babes"

"E3 2005 Hall of Shame"

"Booth babe Gallery"

"Babes of E3 2005: More Assorted Hotness"

"Babes of True Crime"

"Babes of Nyko"

Found any more? Email them in. And be thankful E3 isn't held in Germany.
In the interests of impartiality, we present this new "screenshot" from Xbox 360 game Gears of War.

Looking suspiciously ten times better than anything else Microsoft has shown for its new machine so far, is MS "pulling a Sony" (this means LYING) in the wake of its E3 battering?

Xbox 360 Gears of War. Supposedly.

We hope this is Xbox 360-powered for reasons we can't go into.
For the particular benefit of any UK journalists who went this year.


We stayed up all night to watch E4, and there wasn't anything mentioned about video games at all :(

Joey and Chandler did play on a PS2 for a bit, but it was the old model. Glad we didn't go all the way to America for this.

Here's what we saw on E4:

9:00pm -- The OC. Nothing mentioned about PS3 or Nintendo Revolution.

10:00 -- Six Feet Under. Failed to reveal Xbox 360 specs.

11:00 -- Friends. Nintendo Revolution controller not featured.

11:30 -- Friends. No more PS3 games announced.

12:00 -- Dawson's Creek. Joey and Dawson reveal no next-gen console details.

E4 is a UK-based television station. Hence the amusing confusion!

E4 -- rubbish.

From yesterday's Evening Standard, which we fortuitously found on a train. It's the old "Oooh, aren't games getting more realistic?" case study, in which lots of old men who don't play games pretend they're REALLY OFFENDED by something which they don't really even understand. Kudos to the ever-present ELSPA man for making it sound like piracy is the problem.

"The Microsoft console has graphics so powerful that explosions, blood and shootings look realistic"

Finding this was one of those great coincidences. We only get a "free" Evening Standard about once every 20 train journeys, so imagine our surprise on getting one AND it having a Sega story in it! Chance in a million! There was also a lovely photo of Kirstie Allsopp on the TV listings page. Email us if you also have a fetish for podgy women in big coats and scarves wearing bright green shoes. We could probably be friends.
Turns out Channel 4 cut her out of the 100 Greatest War films, AND her web site is flogging off all her stuff cheap. It's like she's died*. But she hasn't!

The 2005 SUMMER SALE is now running with price reductions on a plethora of official Emily Booth items. We've dropped the price on ALL the superb 'Bouff Select' prints along with many of the items in the merchandise section. And that's not all! If you spend over £20.00 on the site you will also receive a gorgeous A2 sized Emily Booth poster totally FREE OF CHARGE! Head on over to and pick up a bargain today ...


It would seem that Channel 4 decided not to use Emily's contribution that she filmed for Channel 4's '100 Greatest War Films' show. Our apologies if you sat through the whole show hoping for a glimpse of our favourite gamer-girl ... That's the fickle world of TV I'm afraid folks!


At long last the Jake West sci-fi splatter-flick 'Evil Aliens' (featuring Emily Booth, Chris Adamson, Norman Lovett, Jodie Shaw, Samuel Butler, Peter McNeil O'Connor) has received an international premier screening - at the Cannes Film Festival no less! The good news for Emily fans is the film has now been picked up for distribution and will hopefully be shown in some UK cinemas later this year. Keep an eye on for more news about the movie and its impending DVD release.

More Emily Booth news and exclusive SPECIAL OFFERS can be found in the 22nd newsletter:


*If she was to die, we'd put our money on her falling off a balcony at a party while high on a cocktail of drink and drugs. The post mortem would reveal she recently had sex with three different men. Luckily, she's STILL ALIVE! :)
Yes, it was definitely Gizmondo.

Do more of this. It seems to work quite well, especially on the internet.
...because there was already enough geeky men standing around with digital cameras. Nice ironic photo of people taking photos, though.

Would the fact that we're twice the age of these kids have made us cooler or sadder in the eyes of the booth babes?

It was the centre of attention, almost, thanks to the slutty Gizmondo booth babes. And so the Gizmondo cash continues to BURN AWAY, as the neglected handheld (far left) looks on, folornly, knowing its brief time here has already passed.

At least make your bitches HOLD ONE at all times. We could've easily cropped the actual machine out of this photo.
This is Sega's PS3/Xbox 360/Nintendo Revolution/Landisk HDL-W500U next-gen game "sampler" E3 presentation, apparently designed to show what its key games -- Sonic, Afterburner, House of the Dead and something with robots in -- will look like when actually made for Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3.

You can't SEE anything -- apart from the ceiling of the demo room and some blurry things on a screen -- but it's clear from the blurry things that these games will redefine the world of games for a generation. Because they're... BY SEGA.

It's the Sega logo! Which means what we're about to see is AUTOMATICALLY going to be the best thing we've ever seen. That may sound sarcastic, but it's actually how we really think.

Wow! It's a something! Nobody makes somethings look as good as Sega!

Ah, right. It was a Virtua Fighter stage. Even though we can't see anything, it's easy to see that this is the greatest thing ever. That's how being a Sega fan works.

This is obviously going to be the greatest flight shooter of all time! Although there's a sizeable chance that by the time it comes out in 2008 or whenever we'll realise it's just the same game underneath and give it a non-commital 7/10.

It's a blue thing surrounded by green! This is EXACTLY what we like most! Like sexy underwear, it's all about what you CAN'T see.

And Sega fans across the globe simultaneously ejaculate upon the same Digestive biscuit (Ken Kutaragi has to eat it). Sega's secret E3 showing was clearly amazing, even though you couldn't really see a thing. There ends our compulsory strand of E3 Sega love.
A reader who understands the TERRIFYING MESS of the LiveJournal cry-for-help community has created a UKR "feed" for all you LJ-enabled readers.

This is the link he says you need:

Now you can read endless Journals full of women moaning about their periods AND UK:R while browsing LJ!

(He also made one for Idiot Toys which you can find here. It kind of ruins the point of doing a web site, but there you go).

We've tried standing in the way of progress before, but it never works.
About once a year for the past eight years we've needed a screenshot of Sonic CD, usually to illustrate some poorly-thought-out panel to do with that year's new Sonic game. But we can never find any. Even the advent of Google's image search didn't help, with nothing of use coming up at all under Sonic CD.

RAAA! See Mecha Sonic SMASH spikes out of the way!

We've just taken loads! The next time we need a screenshot of Sonic CD -- probably after E3 when we'll be writing a poorly-thought-out panel on the history of Sonic games because all those new ones have been announced -- all we'll have to do is visit our very own web site and do a right-click-save-as.

If you ever need a screenshot of Sonic CD (you will!), here is where you should come too. Indeed, if you have just come here after looking specifically for a screenshot of Sonic CD, our work has been done. This is reminding us of how the internet used to be full of nice people that were nice to each other in 1996.

Anyone can use these, even GamesTM or Edge -- we're all friends when Sonic's involved! We are the Games Press of Sonic CD!

Don't use the rubbish ones Sega issued at E3, use these! (click for bigger):

Beautiful title screen with 3D clouds!

Sonic CD really is as great as you've heard people say on the internet.

Oh no! Robotnik's got the Chaos Emeralds!!!

The people you've heard saying it sucks on the internet are really wrong, and have probably never played it.

This is our favourite of all the screens we took. It's a .gif so you can blow it up HUGE as a desktop if you really love Sonic CD

And if they have played it, chances are they played it on a rubbish emulator which doesn't let the music work AND they would've played it using a PC keyboard. We're not ones to put words into Sonic Team's mouth, but we SEVERELY DOUBT it meant Sonic CD to be played with no sound and on a keyboard and on a monitor that makes it look jerky.

And another song uses the 'whirr' sound out of 'Charly' by the Prodigy

The music is the best music any Sonic game has ever had, even better than Sonic R (sorry Richard Jacques, but this is the truth). The 'Metallic Madness' theme has a vocoder voice of Dr Robotnik saying "Sonic, dead or alive, is M-M-M-MINE!" -- and THAT'S why everyone says the PAL and Japanese versions of Sonic CD have the best music.

Lovely and never-bettered spring-bounce animation!

Sometime soon, like maybe next week, we'll put up a Bittorrent file of the soundtrack MP3s. It's about time we learned how to seed torrents.

Oh, and see those rings? The ones in the scenery? That's not a glitch, it means you have to travel back or forwards in time to a differently designed version of that level to collect them.

Look out, The Past -- here comes Sonic!

Each level has lamp posts marked 'future' and 'past'. Each zone has a past, present and future version of it, all looking different and with a different layout. Seeing them all is a big challenge (for a Sonic game).

Smash evil Robotonik's machine!

You travel to the past and destroy this machine that's hidden somewhere, creating a happy future where the level is all colourful and full of little bunnies hopping around. The Good Future music is remixed with children going "Yay!" in the background too. It is so lovely and nice.

Every future is a good future with Sonic!

This time-travelling thing adds longevity and replay value that no other Sonic game has had.


This and Final Fight CD made us glad we spent 250 pounds on a Mega CD, which was half a month's wages for us in 1993. And see those red and white bumpers? They make a fantastic early-1990s 'house' chord sound when you hit them.

The pinball bit is good for a change

The past levels look different and have bongo-driven music, the present levels all look like nice Sonic levels, and the future ones are either grey with techno music (bad future) or green with cheery music (good future).

Wish we lived there :(

THIS is how beautiful the Good Future levels are! The first time we saw one of them a wave of some sort of emotion swept over us. It was a strange mixture of happiness and longing that's hard to explain, because we're not used to feeling emotion thanks to being raised by computers in an abandoned branch of Dixons.

Hello Bertie!

Some of the enemies do look like it was developed in the US by THQ or Dimps, but trust us -- it doesn't play like that.

Jamster presents... 3D Hedgehog Saucer Attack for Nokia 6600

The bonus round was done in "Mode 7"-style 3D, which was impressive at the time. Now it's not very good and does feel like it could've been developed somewhere in the West by a third-party developer, such as THQ or Dimps.

Please play it. We're not wasting our time here, are we?

But the rest of the game is super. It's colourful and lovely, with music that matches the mood brilliantly. And look! It's a big one of those things from Sonic 1! Be careful, Sonic!!

As ever, the underwater sections are pretty boring

Oh yeah, in the five years we didn't play it we convinced ourselves it was better than Sonic 2, but it isn't. It's about as good as Sonic 1, which makes it the joint-second-best Sonic game ever.

The legendary theme song and intro movie

Just narrowly ahead of Sonic Heroes.

This is a revolving door that lets you walk 'behind' the scenery

That last one was a joke.

This has taken way too long to do. We've gone off it a bit now

Oh, sorry -- 56k WARNING! Should've put that somewhere nearer the start, really. Anyway, we're rambling and won't be able to sleep tonight for thinking about Sonic AGAIN. Time to stop.

Sonic CD -- we {{{hugs}}} you and you ROCKS, blood!

You couldn't make it up!

No, wait! We're making a hilarious joke like we always do! This is actually called a Landisk HDL-W500U, and it's a VERY SERIOUS 500Gb network storage device. But it looks boring enough to be the Nintendo Revolution.

That was the entire joke. There is no punchline so to speak of, so if you're American you might not "get" it. But that's OK, you've got more tanks and stuff than us so we won't make anything of it.

Look, you can even put it on its side and it still works!

We'd like to dedicate this joke to everyone who sent us (a) photos of routers and modems saying that they're the Nintendo Revolution, and (b) to the TWELVE SEPARATE PEOPLE who emailed us that PS3/George Foreman Grill joke and said we should "do something on it". It's just like having readers!
US mag writer sees Sonic running on Xbox 360, then goes the kind of bananas about it that we used to go over Sega games (back when it was fashionable to do so):

"None so eventful -- nay -- life altering as seeing Sonic in real-time on Xbox 360"

"It was like the anime opening from Sonic CD in the real world: Absolute euphoria. I seriously nearly wept"

"I just had to tell who ever is listening that Sonic is (unofficially) coming to 360 and, for anyone who grew up playing Sonic games , it's going to feel like the first time all over again"

The full LOVING SEGA LIKE IT'S 1997 article is here.


It's about statistics. We have no reason to doubt the authenticity of the research. Some people find this sort of thing interesting!
Hi - Video gaming is the fastest growing sector of the entertainment industry.

Below are the latest statistics relating to video gaming compiled by GMI. We have pulled out some of the most interesting figures:

  • 20% of the 13,000 polled spend up to half their leisure time playing video games

  • More than 80% of those polled believe people will spend more time playing video games in the future

  • 40% of those polled said they want to spend more of their free time playing video games

  • In the UK more women than men (between the ages of 18-44) want to spend more time playing video games

  • 58% of respondents do not feel gaming is a good social activity however in India and Mexico a high percentage of gamers (49% and 64% respectively) play to interact with friends

  • 57% of those polled do not feel that gaming is a good way for a family to spend time together

    For UK specific statistics, visit and click on the hyperlinks within the release.
  • These "PlayStation3" Killzone pics are more OBVIOUS LIES of what Sony says its PlayStation3 is capable of, for you to save - then RUB IN THEIR SMUG LIFESTYLE-BRANDED FACES when the machine actually arrives.

    Obviously, sane people like us lot are fully aware that a console which won't be on sale for another YEAR is unlikely to have been sitting in a development office in fully completed form for the last six months so a bunch of averagely-talented developers can copy Halo 2.

    That goes without saying, right?

    So this isn't real then, is it?

    Please post this image on internet forums and say how it OBVIOUSLY isn't real time. We would, but really can't be bothered going through the registration processes required.

    We recommend pointing out that anyone who thinks PS3 games will actually look like this is a "lamer" who, quite possibly, "sucks hard". You earn double points if the person saying it's real is a 35-year-old games journalist who really ought to have learned about how things work by now.

    Anyway, we're off to dream about flipping open a Revolution and fingering its holes.
    On the plus side, there's a ludicrous press release to poke fun at. Which we be doin' right thur:

    "'I'm as excited about 50 Cent: Bulletproof as I am about the success of my album, The Massacre and that means a lot since music has always been my life," said 50 Cent. "The new freestyles and the addition of Eminem and Dre show that this game is on the right course to follow in the successful footsteps of my music'."

    "The game will offer a sound studio mode in which gamers can mix and match new original freestyles by 50 Cent with new beats straight from the G Unit camp."

    "In 50 Cent's video game, 50 gets caught in a web of corruption, double-crosses and shady deals that lead him on a bloody path through New York's drug underworld."

    "The streets heat up as 50 Cent takes on the most dangerous crime families in the city, uncovering an international conspiracy with devastating implications."

    "More information about the game can be found at


    "The video game franchise that defines the action-driving genre and is the standard for interactive Hollywood car chases is back as Atari today announced that the next game in the Driver series is currently in development by its award-winning studio, Reflections Interactive"

    How many years ago were those awards won now?


    Look! It's a new 2D Sonic game for Nintendo DS called Sonic Rush!

    Look! It's "forgotten classic" arcade game Sonic the Fighters as part of the Sonic Gems collection!

    Look! It's Richard Jacques breakout game Sonic R, also a part of Sonic Gems. Oddly, Sonic Gems is only confirmed for Gamecube in the US and Europe and PlayStation2 in Europe. No Xbox? No Euro GC launch? Weird, but still AMAZINGLY COOL!

    LOOK! LOOK! LOOK! It's Sonic CD from Sega Gems! This really ruins the massive Sonic CD update we've been creating!

    Look! It's a 15-year-old retro game remade for mobile phone!

    Awesome! This sort of retro business is OK when Sega does it!

    Look. It's Mario playing football in Super Mario Strikers:

    Look. It's Mario dancing in Dance Dance Revolution Mario Mix:

    Look. The lead character of Zelda Twilight Princess looks a bit different than before.

    Look. It's the same thing in another different case.

    Abysmal. Nintendo sucks these days :(

    Game journalists, STOP! Step away from the keyboard. We do not want to read another report about how AMAZING!! the PS3 is or how it OUTCLASSED!!! the XBOX 360. Don't you remember the PS1 launch? Have you learnt nothing? Did you PLAY any of those games at E3? Or did you just watch them on a screen? Look up the words TECH and DEMO and then tell us how good PS3 really is in 9 months time.
    This image of "Motorstorm" is what Sony says its PlayStation 3 is capable of. Save this picture. Keep it. Print it out and carry it around with you. Burn it to a CD in case your hard drive goes. Stick it up on your wall...

    ...because when the machine comes out WE WILL BE CHECKING to see if this "screenshot" is from a game or, more likely, NOT.

    We're not putting up with being lied to AGAIN.
    Great news! There's NO WAY ON EARTH PlayStation3 will do anything with a controller like that!


    This is really exciting! It's past our bedtime and everything!


    The Full Official Press Release is over at our spazzy gonzo gadget blog Idiot Toys to, er, help share the bandwidth.
    Seeing as Sony's press site has just crashed. Think of this as a public service post for those in need of bandwidth.

    "The SEGA title is currently in development at SEGA Studio USA, under the direction of Takashi Iizuka, lead developer of Sonic Adventure, Sonic Adventure 2/ Battle, and Sonic Heroes"


    "Man the colors are all wrong. They're either washed out or way too deep. Jaggies, etc. Overall disappointing"


    "VFX Battle will be the first game in the series to introduce competitive gameplay into the cel-shaded beat 'em up franchise"


    "Respect will be the main gameplay element of Final Fight: Streetwise"


    IGN: Final Fight Returns

    EXCLUSIVE! First review of the entirely fabricated girl gaming clan:

    Wouldn't, would, wouldn't, would, would, would, might.

    OVERALL: 4.5/7

    Sensational developments here at the LIVE E3 newsdesk! Publisher Activision has just announced Quake IV for Xbox 360, complete with a full press release outlining crucial gameplay elements:

    "QUAKE 4 utilizes the power of our groundbreaking DOOM 3 engine to transport players into a war-torn science-fiction universe graphically realized like never before," said Todd Hollenshead, CEO, id Software. "We're excited to bring the next generation experience to a new breed of console game fans."

    QUAKE 4 is the first game to utilize id Software's revolutionary DOOM 3 technology. In the game, you are Matthew Kane, an elite member of Rhino Squad and Earth's valiant invasion force. Fight alone, with your squad, and in hover tanks and mechanized walkers as you engage in a heroic mission into the heart of the Strogg war machine. But, in this epic war between worlds, the only way to defeat the Strogg is to become one of them. Battle through early missions as a deadly marine, then after your capture as a marine-turned-Strogg with enhanced abilities and the power to turn the tide of the war.

    See it here FIRST in our exclusive photo:

    Check back soon for more live E3 photos!
    Yes, that's right! Throughout E3 we'll be on-hand to report LIVE all the latest E3 developments! We'll be refreshing News Now and IGN up to 500 times a day -- so you don't have to.

    Check back soon for more live E3 photos!
    That's OK, neither are we.

    On the plus side, all the important people with the ability to sack us are away for the next week, so we can, you know, go MAD!





    It's no fun when nobody's reading.
    We've got to get jobs in marketing. Whoever wrote this probably earned 50 grand. We could've done it in ten minutes for, say, a couple of free games.

    There's an astonishingly great feature over at 1-Up about Team NINJA's latest development of the awesome Ninja Gaiden -- Ninja Gaiden Black. It's a great piece of Old Games Journalism.

    It also includes some of Team NINJA's finest breast work:

    Nice, but we wouldn't want to be tossed off by that hand.

    She's on TV this weekend, talking about war films. Yes, whenever we need an opinion about a war film we always turn to actress/model Emily Booth.

    This is taken from the Emily Booth Newsletter, which, er, someone must've signed us up for as a joke one time:

    Greetings to all you Emily Booth fans 'outTHERE'!

    This is just a quick reminder that Emily will be taking part in 'The 100 Greatest War Films' which is being shown on Channel 4 this weekend. The first part is being shown on Saturday May 14th at 9:20pm and the show concludes on Sunday night at 9pm.

    For details about the latest offers from including info about the superb Bits series 5 DVD check out the latest online newsletter:

    Emily Booth Newsletter


    Renowned war film expert and one-time Bits star Emily Booth, modelling the Queen's Royal Grenadiers Fifth Regiment swimming uniform.
    This is Sega's new Xbox 360 game. It's called Full Auto and it revolves around cars with guns on.

    Games about cars with guns on are always rubbish. Apart from, maybe, this one. Because it's by Sega!

    Let's hope the cars can be modded and the game's presented by Snoop "Doggy" Dogg and you can TXT UR CREW. That would make it even better!


    It's all out in the open. This was on Games Press. There's no need to be afraid any more.

    We'll be spending the next MONTH compiling a list of everyone who posted incorrect messageboard rumours as facts.
    Hey look. We're on Gamespot. We took on the role of "pantomime villain" for their two-months-too-late, zeitgeist-missing puff piece on New Games Journalism.

    Now something else will come up when we Google our own names at the weekend. Still, could be worse. We could be spending our spare time doing a web site about Darth Vader Lawn Sprinklers. Glad that's not us doing that.
    This is amazing. The best thing we've ever been sent. Enjoy it before we're made to take it down!

    Hello, you lovely UK-R people.

    The Data Design employee letter prompted me to e-mail you about the time I spent with those shysters at Jester Interactive. We toiled on mostly music-related products and some unseen games (including a Dreamcast title called Hellgate, for which many still bare the scars of naivety and all-nighters due to our fear of "job dependancy deadlines"), and one of the "50th Fastest Growing Companies in Wales" almost never made it. Christmas 2001 - we were callled into the office while we joked "Haha! Merry Christmas, lads! You're sacked!". Well, guess what..? Yep, we were all sacked! Before Christmas! Haha! This was blamed on spending much money on Hellgate, but we liked to think it was more likely the £1million pub which our boss spent money on, handily located in the middle of nowhere. A skeleton staff worked while a lot of us had a pretty miserable and uncertain Christmas - mostly beloved programmers getting paid a lot more than they should of been paid.

    We all came back though in the New Year after Jester was saved by Big Ben Interactive, and soon they helped release Super Trucks to an unwanting world in new premises with slightly less staff. Super Trucks featured the "Truck Damage System" or "TDS". Yes! Tedious! That was actually intentional too, but none of the management managed to pick up on that one. The game famously got 4/10 in Official Playstation2 Magazine after our boss unwisely told Manic Miner obsessive "The Starglider" to "f**k off dickhead" via e-mail in response to an innocent query about the game. No one thought nothing of it in management, even when it hit the messageboards and made the top news story in PC Gamer. We then started work on TT Superbikes, which was a labour of love for the management themselves. They love motorbikes! They revved their prized motorbikes outside our windows! What could we do? Besides slowly leave one after the other, while management made no effort to bring you back unless you were a programmer. Jester was relying more and more on external resources, and this kind of upset the established employees who had been with them for some time.

    The company meant well with the Manx TT arcade machine in the foyer, but that soon ended up in a state of disrepair and wasn't fixed. Each day we'd come into the building and be greeted by this malfunctioning piece of videogaming history, and compare it to the crumbling company we were working for. The main boss bloke soon decided to bail out, but not after gleefully leeching money from the coffers. More psychological attempts were made to keep staff. Management would walk into our room and talk about "all those UK developers hitting the wall" before adding "good job you guys are still with us, eh?" before leaving us in a state of frantic paranoia. More staff left though, including many of the directors, leaving the actual culprits of manglement terror. Soon Jester was rightly put into administration. The attached local newspaper front page image confirms this.

    Hang on though. How can this be? Why, they're still out there! They have the same company name! The same logo! The same IP! Well, here's the thing. They're now called "Jester Interactive Publishing Limited" and are still operating after a nifty deal with the bank. Did I say nifty? Maybe I should of said illegal and completely wrong. TT was released, but only after a huge amount of pre-orders from very patient punters put the game up at number 5 in the charts. Here's a tip for all developers/publishers wanting to get high in the charts - make your userbase wait and wait and wait while they desperately grasp their pre-orders. When you eventually release your game after 2 years of the proposed release date, be amazed at your chart position! The "FIFA Street" effect will soon take hold, as causal gamers see your game in the top ten and purchase it because, well, it must be good. Right? It must be! It's in the top ten!

    Jester are the Michael Jackson of the videogame world. They could be caught red-handed forcing people to buy TT Superbikes at gunpoint, only to have the court case fall on its arse and the company get away with it once again. Programmers who could of left and sealed the fate of Jester returned because "they couldn't be bothered with finding new jobs". Ironically, Big Ben tried their magic with TT Superbikes and, er, soon went into administration themselves. Also due to the "fear of poaching", Jester made sure that everyone who worked hard on the TT Superbikes game would not get any form of credit in the manual or the game, except via a cheat mode which the management didn't actually know about. Surely we'd at least all get a free copy for our hard work?


    I just hope soon this terrible evil will be cleansed from the land. I'm sure there are decent, honest devcos out there which have hit the wall, where all they had to do to stick around was lie to their employees ("Missing pensions? No, no. The money was just resting in our accounts!"), make very shady deals and dubious decisions. My only comfort is knowing the evil management are actually going to Hell.

    I would like to remain anonymous, though thank UK-R for the laughs over the years. Keep up the sterling work.


    Triple-A! Readers -- have you also been violently boned by your games industry paymasters? If so, let UKR shame them to the WORLD!

    People who get to go to E3, but have to spend all their time pretending to be enthusiastic about the re-release of some ten-year-old video games in a new novelty format.

    Will they see Xbox 360, PS3 and Nintendo Revolution? No. They'll see no one in their booth apart from, perhaps, some fat kid from IGN who's being REALLY thorough.

    We paid £40 each for all three :(

    "Would you like to make an appointment? Oh. What about when we get back? Oh. How about next year? Oh."

    Welcome to UK:Resistance, the world's premiere site for all your Sumo Digital video game needs!

    BREAKING SUMO NEWS: Sumo Digital has announced its next big game -- Virtua Tennis World Tour for Sony's PSP! If it's only half as good as OutRun2 it'll STILL be the second-best game of the year!

    Does this mean PSP is the new Dreamcast and it's OK for us to like it now? Or should we just carry on being REALLY EXCITIED about Dreamcast Lite Xbox 360?
    We got mail. Following this story about Hamsterball on PlayStation2, a former employee of the company that made it sent us a possibly libellous -- but entertaining! -- email about his time with the Hamsterball team. Here it is.


    Hello chaps,
    You featured a game the other day something to do with monkeys in balls, sorry Hamsters in balls. The company that developed it is called Datadesign Interactive who, about 2 years ago, went bust. I know, I was working for them at the time.

    Now here's a funny story. Supposedly they are still going, well, obviously they are! How I don't know. The guy who "owns" it has used all sorts of names -- "Data Design Interactive", "Datadesign UK Interactive" so on and so on!

    Now, I hate this company, the wages they paid were awful, the games they made were awful, surely they should be shut down in some way. I think everyone in his family has owned the company, maybe even his dog!

    Surely they can't still legally be trading, if the company was declared bankrupt or whatever 2 years ago? Go play Lego Rock Raiders or Nickelodeon Party Blast to see how bad they are.

    Best story to come out of the company was... The owner tried to pay one guy with ice cream... true story!

    The second is that for the company to keep goin when it was failing (after bankruptcy -- you work it out, it makes my head hurt) one of the artists at the time took out a 3 or 5k bank loan to give to the owner so that he could pay for stuff (including the artists wages).

    He's a complete cowboy still touting his much failed GODS system.

    Any help you can give to collapse this company would be great. Send constant emails to SEGA if you have to, make an online petition anything please help get rid of this disease.

    A former employee of Data Design.

    Also for my own benefit, please if you refer to this email in any way can you leave it anonymous. I still work in the industry and would like to do so for a long time.


    Wasn't that fun?

    Do YOU Want to use UKR as a forum to anonymously abuse former industry work colleagues? If so, get in touch. We SWEAR on Cream the Rabbit's life that we'll keep it all anonymous. It will be fun! Come on, you all work in the industry somehow. Cheers.
    This is an update that only works one level. Most of our updates work on AT LEAST THREE separate levels. But not this one.

    The level is this:

    Look. Gwen's new video for Hollaback Girl looks like it's a Sega game. Because it has two -- or at a push three -- things that remind us of Sega. That's it. There is no angsty hidden depth to this news.

    Here. See. Gwen's video looks a bit like Sega:

    It's lovely Gwen -- the American Cheryl Tweedy -- in a yellow convertible full of skate-punk, Jap-cool weirdos! This is really like the car in Crazy Taxi. Isn't it?

    She's being followed by a weird collection of people. This looks a bit like Space Channel 5.

    (This update isn't going to be a classic, but we've already done the hard work of downloading the video and taking the screenshots so shall persevere).

    It's the Crazy Taxi car again. Take us to the downtown, Gwenny Gwen!

    Now come on. You *must* think that's quite a bit like Ulala in Space Channel 5.

    (NOTE: At this point we made quite an effort to work out how to play videos in slow motion in Media Player Classic, mainly for the bit where she does a high kick in this leotard thing).

    It's the Monkey Ball DX viral marketing campaign phase two!

    This should be something rude about bananas, but Gwen's the kind of girl who sits at home doing Google searches for her own name and we'd hate for her to stumble across us making lewd comments. Because if she REALLY likes Sega we could possibly be her friend.

    Feel free to post this on the internet when you need an example to illustrate how much "UKR sucks" these days.
    Interplanetary Justice: +1000!

    All we need now is:

  • A Sega Dreamcast emulator
  • A Sega Saturn emulator
  • A Sega Mega Drive emulator
  • A 10Gb Memory Stick
  • A free PSP off Sony

  • Update quite literally stolen from Idiot Toys.
    ...we'll all be working for Jamster on the Official Hammy the Hamster Ring Tone Download Magazine.

    And the Casual Games Conference could be where it all starts.
    Burnout Legends on PSP. Not as good as we imagine OutRun2 would've been on PSP, were the game to actually exist.

    *UNABLE TO LET GO SMILEY FACE* being the 8th most successful video game development studio over the last year in the UK, according to a survey in nauseatingly smug industry pamphlet Develop.

    Here's the top 10.
  • 1. EA Canada (93,513,089 pounds generated at UK retail)
  • 2. Rockstar North (71,067,230)
  • 3. Maxis (31,907,533)
  • 4. EA Redwood Shores (30,600,306)
  • 5. Ubisoft Montreal (22,930,009)
  • 6. London Studios (SCEE) (22,914,433)
  • 7. KCE Tokyo (22,127,973)
  • 8. Sonic Team (20,762,935)
  • 9. Codemasters (19,153,610)
  • 10. EA LA (18,934,945)

  • Bungie is at 11 with Halo 2 on 16m and all of Nintendo is at 28 with 8.6m.

    Sumo Digital was not listed :(

    For the full text click here.
    And the actual press release from the press release 'crew':

    "By showing off your modding and driving skills, you'll gain 'Respect' from the rival crew chiefs, and will soon be invited to their race events, challenge them to race 'for pinks' via video calling and bet against them for cash. As your notoriety grows, new drivers will call you up to ask to join your crew, opening up the never before seen 'crew races' where your skills at managing your drivers while you race are key to beating your rival crews."

    The video games industry is doing our jokes for real.

    It's not a joke, honest! Games are going backwards. At 1000 miles an hour and towards HELL.
    That's another deliberately misleading headline introducing a piece that's just us stealing something off the web and pretending it's ours, like "proper" video games web sites do.

    Point is, we've found the below "blank canvas" image, ideal for Photoshopping on the games console logo of your choice on and posting it on web forums.

    It's from the press site at Axion and is, interestingly enough, a controller that lets you play Mega Drive games on its portable DVD players -- but in the right hands could be anything.

    Click on the image to download a hi-res version ideal for Photoshop fun!

    Get them drunk.

    That was an easy update, courtesy of the "lifestyle" gaming brand we love to really really really hate Joystick Junkies. Please don't download all their PR images and post abusive Photoshop jobs on our forum. That'd be a terrible occurrence!

    Especially if you made this one say something rude, or made it look like something was going into her mouth:

    We hope they have copyright clearance to use all this valuable videogame intellectual property.
    Ladies, gentlemen and theoretical heterosexuals, we bring you news of the Christian Game Developers Conference.

    The Christian Game Developers Conference. Luckily for them it doesn't seem to have a web forum. But it does have a Mission Statement:

    "Dear Jesus, please let me complete GTA San Andreas without spilling any precious lifeblood"

  • Three thousand Jeff Minter lookalikes.
  • Ring tone "Hymn Zone" for the kids.
  • EA spies scoping out if it's a demographic worth buying into.
  • Us doing our OutRun2 sermon.
  • Assorted conversions.
  • Recently unemployed UK developers getting religion.
  • Disc duplication forum -- how to turn one DVD into 5000.