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He said that people who weren't into his 'breakbeat' style might like to try his Starship Troopers medley from the PC game instead.

He also said some personal things just to us. And his mobile phone number was in his email signature, probably because he wants us to text him photos of our genitals (we'll do it tomorrow, as we'll have to shave our pubes off tonight to make it look bigger).

The Richard Jacques Starship Troopers Medley [8.7MB]

It's posh orchestral music, so don't download it if you don't like orchestral music. It's 8.7MB which is a lot to download if you're only going to disinterestedly listen to the first 20 seconds and think to yourself "this is shit" and then skip to Franz Ferdinand or Akon.

Orchestral music is stuff like the theme to Star Wars. You know, with violins and trumpets and shit. There are no rap words in it, so don't bother.



Well, everywhere if you pass an import magazine stand on your way to work, anyway. We were actually going to buy one of them, run it under the tap and then scan it in - you know, so we could do a joke "Torn porn found under the hedge" style update. Then we ACTUALLY FOUND ONE TORN AND SOGGY UNDER A HEDGE. Is anyone out there a Bhudda-ist? We need to know how much karma we just used up finding Sega porn under a hedge. We're scared that tomorrow morning we're going to be run over by a runaway bus driven by the dwarf from Don't Look Now or something.

We found this on the blog of a fellow called cori95. Normally when we nick things we either decide it's too risky or flat-out chance it. This guy deserves a link though (despite the fact there's practically no chance of him finding us out) because as well as this TERRIFYING SCIENTIFIC ANALYSIS of Rinko's mons veneris (complete with a miniature Agent Smith eyeing it up in the background), he has pictures of Maria on his site. Congratulations, UK:R Special Friend Of The Week.

Good thing: They've stopped taking photos of her slightly from the side in order to pretend that she's not cross-eyed. This (further) allows us to construct elaborate fantasies where we meet her at a public event and her (obviously) low self esteem from her spacky-eyed-ness ends up with us both in a 25 quid hotel room, where naturally she'll want to try her best out of fear of rejection.

Bad thing: We really, really, really want people to stop telling us what her "Real" name and "Real" personal details are. HER NAME IS PRINCESS RINKO AND SHE COMES FROM THE SEGA JOY PLANET.

Another thing we want: To wake up to this every day. Look at her! Cute, adoring face... sunshine and happiness shining from every pore... but still a little bit spazzy-looking so you'd feel a little bit bad showing her to your mates. SHE'S LIKE SEGA MADE FLESH.

Scantily-clad, underage flesh.
You can buy Emily Booth's probably-not-that-stained coat on Ebay. We're holding out for those pants. And maybe the shoes. And maybe a personal home visit including a massage, genital touching and full intercourse to the successful bidder.

Original residue

"The awesome full-length leather coat which Emily wore for the Matrix inspired 'Gamer Girl' photos (as featured on is now up for grabs on eBay! Emily has personally signed the coat inside the lining at the bottom and we're also including a superb glossy 8" x 10" photo of Emily wearing the coat with the auction. This is the first in a series of regular official auctions that we will be running this year so keep an eye on this eBay address to see what's available."


If we write this really really quickly and don't do any captions or anything funny/clever we can probably upload these before anyone else in the world!

Did we win?


Enter A New Monkey Ball Experience With All Your Favourite Characters In An Original Story Based Platform Adventure!

LONDON & SAN FRANCISCO (January 25th, 2006) - SEGA( Europe Ltd and SEGA( of America, Inc. today announced a giant leap for Monkeykind! Super Monkey Ball Adventure offers an all-new narrative driven and platform based style of gameplay, along with brand new Monkey Ball abilities and a bunch of fresh new characters. The next step in the Monkey Ball series hasn't forgotten its traditional puzzle-based roots, adding 50 new and original puzzles to this new and exciting gaming experience. Super Monkey Ball Adventure gives a unique look into the crazy world of the Super Monkey Ball gang to entice Monkey fans new and old.

Super Monkey Ball Adventure hits the PSP(tm) portable entertainment system for the very first time, and on top of the new features, PSP fans have the exclusive opportunity to delve into the history behind the Monkey Ball series, as well as play the new trading card game. Also set for release in Summer 2006 is the Nintendo Gamecube and PlayStation 2 version. An added bonus is that both the PSP and PS2 editions offer players a game sharing now you can play with your Super Monkey sized balls at home or continue on the go!

"Our Monkeys have so much to offer and it's been wonderful developing this new game for them to cavort in", commented Matt Woodley, Creative Director at SEGA Europe "Super Monkey Ball Adventure is a great mix of the Monkey Ball gameplay we all know and love, added to a huge adventure which I know will appeal to all ages. SEGA and Traveller's Tales have taken our friends, added loads of new characters and made an entirely new type of game, and one, indeed, to be very proud of."

Adventurers will discover that in Super Monkey Ball Adventure they can make their balls bigger, better and even more useful thanks to a whole host of new abilities, including sticking to walls, hovering and the ability to become invisible. Super Monkey Ball Adventure also contains fifty new puzzle trays and six new party games to challenge gamers of all ages. Players can select Aiai, Meemee, Gongon, or Baby to adventure their way through five different Monkey Ball Kingdoms to complete quests by solving puzzles.

A host of new friends join the team, including Princess Deedee of Monkitropolis and Prince Abeabe of Kongri-la, lovers who are being kept apart by a feud between their kingdoms. The couple elope to Jungle Island where they enlist the help of the Super Monkey Ball gang, to unite the feuding Monkey Kingdoms and defeat the Naysayers who have sucked all the joy from the Monkey Ball world.

Key Features:
* All-new platform adventure style of Super Monkey Ball game
* Five Monkey Ball kingdoms each with their own quests
* Fifty new and original puzzle trays
* New characters to meet and help
* Three brand new party games and three classic favourites
* New Monkey Ball abilities including - sticky, wood, hovering, boxing and invisible
* PSP exclusive features

Super Monkey Ball Adventure is set to release in Summer 2006 on PlayStation 2, Nintendo GameCube & PSP, for more information on this and other SEGA titles please go to
WE'VE GOT TO TRAVEL BACK TO 1995 IMMEDIATELY. This isn't how it was meant to be. Something has gone BADLY WRONG with the time stream. This shouldn't exist. SOMETHING HAS GONE WRONG. This shouldn't be here in our WORLD LINE:

Sega Rally Championship 2005 -- BUT SOMETHING HAS GONE WRONG


1. Magnetic housing units for dual micro-singularities.
2. Electron injection manifold to alter mass and gravity of micro-singularities.
3. Cooling and x-ray venting system.
4. Gravity sensors (VGL system).
5. Main clocks (4 cesium units).
6. Main computer units (3).
It's true. It's really true at last. Gamers and internet geeks are actually getting SEX FROM WOMEN in Japan, and it's all thanks to this guy.

Yes, it's Train Man, the Japanese TV drama about a successful and attractive woman and a trainspotter falling in love via IM. Japanese ladies now see men who sit at home using the internet all day as sensitive, appreciative, romantic and challenging individuals rather than men who drink Spar vodka in the company toilets, download MP3s of women screaming and occasionally enjoy weeing on themselves in the shower.

This is not intended as an "Interesting news post" or an ironic "Ha ha! Only in Japan" style update. We are mentioning it because many people have booked holidays in Tokyo this year and it is of UTMOST IMPORTANCE THAT NONE OF THESE WOMEN SHOULD DISCOVER THE TRUTH. If we find out that just ONE of you dozy bastards has been letting the cat out of the bag, there will be consequences.
This is from some Xbox 360 party, and we can only assume they're trying to spell out 3 - 6 - 0 and that Fergie has got it wrong and is doing a four.

'Xbox 340 is all about control'

The alternative -- that they think they're BEING REALLY COOL -- is too horrid to contemplate.
Virtua Tennis 3 -- powered by Sega's Lindbergh board -- will be on show this week at the ATEI show held in the heart of London's fashionable 'London'. We'll probably go just because of this, and also because there might be an OutRun2 on freeplay and girls playing DDR.

As you can see, the game is about 'tennis'. The rules of tennis are that you hit the ball over the net, trying to keep it between the lines. You score 15 points each time your opponent fails to keep it in, although sometimes you only score ten points -- that's because the scoring system was created by the French who were just being difficult.

The most important rule of tennis is to be a pretty blond girl. Then it doesn't matter if you win, as you will win in life anyway.

Sega didn't send out any screenshots of the blond girls, so all you get is loads of men's arses :(

It's the grass one set in London! Obviously it'll be called the "London Open" or the "England Cup" or the "Jolly Tournament" rather than "Wimbledon".

Looks really quite amazingly nice, really, doesn't it? Even though it'll just be "more Virtua Tennis".

We even bother uploading the logo. That's how much we love Sega. Come back next week and we might do a little review based on playing it at ATEI, if we go.

Sunday, 22 January 2006

Sega Brings Centre Court to Earls Court!!

Some of the most realistic graphics to come out of Sega's world leading R&D teams will be on display at Earls Court this week. Taking a look at the latest version of Virtua Tennis 3 on the new Lindbergh universal cabinet and you will think you are at home in July watching Centre Court on your brand new widescreen plasma. All that is missing is the strawberries and cream!

The game boasts the top players in the world including Henman, Roddick, Hewitt and World No.1 Roger Federer. The format of the game takes players on a world tour of some of the most famous courts in the world across France, the US, Australia, Germany and of course the famous halloed turf from SW16.

To increase the player's involvement this version features IC Smart card technology. With the card the player can participate in a virtual 'World Ranking', starting at 999th in the world with the aim of becoming World Champ. The progression up the ranks depends on how well matches are won and who against. Equally any matches lost will affect the ranking. Also as a feature to stimulate regular repeat play if a player does not use his card for a period of time his ranking will decrease.

It is also possible to manipulate the play style of the tennis player; whether you want to 'play base' line, 'serve and volley' or 'offensive' amongst a choice of 8 styles you can. With the IC Card the player can change outfits and build up a collection of tournament medals.

For the novice player the game features a series of training sessions. This will strengthen various techniques by setting the player a mission - such as performing 6 forehands followed by 6 backhands followed by a smash volley.
Sega's Justin Burke commented, "Aside from all the great names, famous courts and games features perhaps the 'wow' factor is the amazing graphics that are recreated on the screen. This in a location is going to stand out by a long way. The first two games in this series have both been massive hits and there is every reason that this will be another smash!"


We bought one of the Sega Toys Homestar Home Planetariums with the help of (a) lots of money and (b) someone who went to Japan for Christmas. It's a plastic globe that makes the stars appear on your ceiling.

Suddenly, lying on the floor in the dark is a hobby rather than a cry for help.

'Homestaaaaaar'! (like 'Segaaaaaahhh')

Here's where it says "Sega" on the box! And it's the right kind of blue. It's the wrong font but still a NEW ELECTRICAL SEGA THING!

Could pass it off as a Nintendo Revolution mock-up to some idiot blog

This is the Sega Homestar. We got the silver one, by chance. It has buttons on it, a sort of disc tray in the front and looks quite cool -- if a little cheaply manufactured (the buttons are a bit 'Pay As You Go').

Yeah, we flipped her over and took photos

Here's another place it says "Sega" on it! This proves we were not stupid to blow 150 quid on getting this relatively small and flimsy piece of plastic sent back to us from Japan.

(OK, so it's actually saying "Sega Toys", but that's close enough when IT'S ALL YOU'VE GOT LEFT TO CLING TO.)


The disc tray comes right out so you can look inside at the mechanism. It's a little motor and small plastic wheel. This must be really easy to develop for!

It's boxed away now, safely

We also got a 'Handy Homestar'. We have absolutely no idea how this works. Also the battery on it was flat. Still, it looks like a cool little thing AND it's by Sega so we're very glad we got it.

For a while we thought it had a CD drive inside it :(

It comes with little boxes of discs. The discs contains the stars.


It doesn't take CDs. Or GD-ROMs. Or DVDs. The discs are little transparent plastic discs with a map of the stars printed on them.


This is us putting a disc into a Sega machine! Just like in the old days. Just think, that could be a game disc we're putting into a new Sega console!

We used our Dreamcast step-down. It was an emotional moment

TURNING IT ON! It lights up and everything. This is great news. It really works and we haven't wasted lots of money (not that buying Sega things is ever a waste of money!)

It looks best in the dark. Like us

These buttons alter the speed and rotation of the stars.

Please don't email in translations

Some buttons remain a mystery to this very day!


When you look inside it it's FULL OF STARS! Just like Dreamcast was. At least, that's how we remember it.

Rotating this turned initial disappointment into happiness

This flimsy circular insert adjusts the focus of the beam. When beaming from a normal height bedside cabinet to a regular ceiling, it covers an area approximately 12-14 feet across with an image of a starry galaxy.

INANIMATE OBJECTS: #3 in a series of 9

If were were putting our photos on Flickr this'd be the one we'd use. It's the artiest one. Look, that thing on the left is a bit blurry. We even let ourselves go mad and hold the camera at an angle. If you work for a magazine like Stuff or T3 you should probably "get us in" to do product photography!

The last thing you'll see before you die, bitch!

And this is what you get on your ceiling. This is our bedroom ceiling, ladies! It's quite a good effect as long as the room is very dark. The stars are a little blurred around the edges, but that makes it all the more interesting to look at. When the stars slowly rotate it's quite mesmerising and nice, especially when the horse tranquilisers are kicking in.

Not really. But it's cooler than a lava lamp and relaxing to look at when you go to bed all angry and full of rage. We're thinking of organising an event where we demonstrate the Homestar in a public environment. If you'd like to come along, email us. If lots of people express an interest in lying on the floor in a dark room looking at the stars, we'll book somewhere.
Out in the UK on January 27 -- and WE'RE READY FOR IT!

One square for the front, two for the back
"...once the clitoris has been located, shoot at it -- but remember to also stimulate other areas with bombs."


"If you have a 'multiple' try gently dragging it along the surface of the skin for an extra delicious sensation when she's ready to explode."

Gradius Portable!
ENSIGN TEELA: I found photos from this concert that happened last November where they performed remixes of all the Sonic Rush music with costumes. The Japanese says "Sonic Rush Jack," which could be interpreted as "Sonic Rush Jacques" and we could make a joke about Sonic music.

COMMANDER ZORG: That's absolute shit. Get out. Everyone's right about you.

Toot toot, Sonic warrior!

ENSIGN TEELA: But wait, look. It looks like that bloke's sucking Sonic's cock.

Yes they are! Starting from today! Starting from the day Monkey Ball Mini Golf comes out for mobile phone:

Monkey Ball Mini Golf for mobile phone

Monkeys -- check! Pretty clouds -- check! Checkpoints -- check. Bananas -- CHECKITY-CHECK MOTHERFUCKER!

Adheres to v1.0 of the Blue Skies in Games Manifesto

The game's site has an extremely unnecessary PDF manual explaining how to play it. The main thing is it involves having a certain number of bananas.


Each time you collect a thing, you get another of a different thing. This is how games are supposed to work! Only Sega understands this properly. Sega is the last survivor from the Golden Age. If Sega dies, this knowledge will die with it and games will only ever be about running drugs for the mafia and smoking crack in hotel rooms with prostitutes.

We ironically 'respect' the use of points

Points! You play to accumulate "points". Younger readers might like to know that "points" is what "respect" used to be called in the old days.

0.7 of a small organic banana grown in Scotland :(

Each course has an objective. Your objective is measured in bananas. Your objective is MEASURED IN BANANAS! We measure everything in bananas. We're 34 bananas tall, weigh 1,050 bananas and our penis is 0.7 of a banana.

Monkey Ball Mini Golf - iFone
We've made two UKR t-shirts you can buy in our new shop. One's about loving Sega, the other's a bit more vague and sort of a joke about 'gang culture':


We've made 100 of each, about 40 medium, 30 large and 30 "American" (XL). We even made ten "Gang Member" ones in a girl's size for girls! We'll be taking those to the grave, but it was fun making a "product".

They're printed on needlessly expensive American Apparel shirts, because we didn't want to do any cheap, ill-fitting crap. The AA tees are nice and a bit fitted so they don't go all stretched and baggy. The designs are screen printed so will last.

They're 15.99 MIGHTY ENGLISH POUNDS each. Postage is 1.99, or 2.49 if you buy two or more. Oh, and buy them here. You can pay by Paypal or using a credit card, and you don't need to sign up for a Paypal account. Hope you like them! (please like them, we've got two-fucking-hundred).

Both UKR t-shirts are also ideal for mopping up tears or blood.
2006 is going to be the year of handheld gaming. No question about it.

PSP OutRun 2006 Coast 2 Coast


Yes, really


Text is so rubbish at getting across emotion :(


'10/10' UKR, today, without even playing it



We can't compete with this kind of thing any more, not since realising the futility of collecting things you'll throw away the next time you move house, or sell for a bit less than they cost.

Here's Simon's amazing piles of stuff and his email about it all:


Just to let you know that I have the best collection of anyone that reads your site. These pictures are saved on my site so you can just click them to see them proper. Also before my head gets so big it explodes, I have new things that are not pictured. These are: Sega Action chair, Twin Dreamcast Arcade sticks and about 40 more games!

Just thought I would do this to piss people off! Well I’m off to play The New Zealand Story on my coin-op. BYE!

Simon S,


He knows a lot about games, but is MASSIVELY NAIVE when it comes to carpet and furniture.

His house must smell like a mouldy instruction manual.

All those games @ 40 pounds each originally = *SAD FACE*

Ah, but we've got an Xbox and a PS2 and a DS, plus one of those adaptors that lets you use a PS2 controller on your PC.

Running out of interesting things, but still not half bad.

Well he sent it to us so we presume he doesn't mind. Well done!
Too old.

Too young.

Too dead.




Young + rich + famous + popular + A REAL WOMAN = no point even thinking about it.

Looks like the newly-gorgeous Lara has it, then; and she's only a "Would but only up the arse to get her back for killing the Saturn."

Oh God, what time's Bargain Hunt on?
A lot of (four or five) people have said that they "Don't get" the pictures of Princess Rinko we've been posting. Allow us to elucidate.

This is Sega. It makes things like Sonic, Panzer Dragoon, Seaman, Jet Set Radio, PSO and a couple of other things you might possibly have heard of.

This is Princess Rinko. She is a girl (those things on the front of her chest are called "TITS"). She is employed by Sega to pretend to be a pretty space princess like Ulala who loves Sega.

If you like men instead, that's fine - you can tell us. If you really hate Sega, only bought an Xbox when you saw it on the news and only read this site as an ironic pose then you can tell us. However, please stop saying that you "Don't get" pictures of pretty women and that they're "Not funny."

There is nothing to get.

There is no "Running joke."

We're not an ironic news site that pretends to like or hate things for comedy effect. we really do just love Sega things and looking at pretty girls. We hope you do too.

If the pretty girls in question are pretending to do things that allow us to consider that maybe they like Sega as much as us, then that's just even better.
Well we had nothing else to do and there was nothing on TV apart from Lara Croft: Tomb Raider and some gardening...

...and it was still another seven days until we had to go back to work and we were already bored of life, the internet and Kate's Playground, so decided to GO OUTSIDE and see if anywhere in fashionable London had Xbox 360s in stock. If they do, we're getting one. For Geometry Wars, and Xbox 360's other entertaining launch game -- Setting Up Your Wireless Network.

Our best score on Setting Up Your Wireless Network is 42 minutes! Setting Up Your Wireless Network comes free on every Xbox 360!

Anyway. This is GAME in Oxford Street. You can see two things (1) They have no Xbox 360s, and (2) they're trying to charge fifty quid for Quake 4 for no one to buy because they haven't got an Xbox 360 to play it on. That's very optimistic of them.

This is HMV in Oxford Street. It's where people like us go to buy things we want. It's HUGE and sells EVERYTHING you could ever need. It's the shop that always opens at midnight when games launch. It is the THE official shop of men in London.

Except it hasn't got any Xbox 360s. This is REALLY BAD.

This made us happy though! Ha ha! Stupid Sony fucks! It's not just Microsoft that can't get its most important thing, ever, into the shops for when people want to buy it.

This is GAME in Canary Wharf. Canary Wharf is London's new financial district, full of posh buildings and businessmen in suits. The sort of men who would happily spunk away three hundred quid on an Xbox 360 in their lunch break. Only they can't, because they're all out of stock here too.

FAT OR PREGNANT? For about three years, ever since first getting a phone with a camera on, we've had the idea of doing "FAT OR PREGNANT?" -- a joke quiz about whether women we see on the London Underground system are pregnant, or just fat. The reason behind this is this. If she is PREGNANT, then OF COURSE we'll give up our seat to let her sit down. We are gentlemanly like that, despite how it seems on the internet.

If, however, she's JUST A BIT FAT, offering her a seat would horrify the poor woman who would think she's so FAT AND DISGUSTING that she looks pregnant. She'd be devastated, her self confidence would be SHATTERED and she'd probably go home and cry and comfort eat, which would make things even worse. That's a dilemma we face almost once a week because we get on the train at a part of the line where you usually always get a seat going home. So, is she FAT and therefore the standing up is probably doing her good, or is she PREGNANT and are we being a bastard in not offering up our seat? It's hard being a modern man and having to sometimes worry about women's feelings :(

This is Computer Exchange. We were going to describe Computer Exchange as "where heroin addicts go to sell mobile phones and laptops they've stolen off businessmen" but that might be libellous, so instead we'll say it's where people go to exchange secondhand games for money and other games and hardware. Here, a SECONDHAND CORE PACK costs you THREE HUNDRED POUNDS! In American, that's 527 US dollars or, to put in another way, BLATANT PROFITEERING!

Incredibly, we went back to CEX on December 30, and they'd whacked the price up to 325 quid! It's more proof that the only winners in the Xbox 360 launch are the people that bought ones to sell on at a profit. Sorry the photo's a bit blurry, it's because our shoulders were HEAVING WITH LAUGHTER.

And now the Virgin Megastore. No Xbox 360s. The man on the till said "February mate" when we asked if they had any.

They haven't even got the high-def cables. Not that we need one, apart from to hang ourselves with to escape the boredom.

Oh god. Even on December 28 the shops are gearing up for the next event where we have to spend lots of money buying things for people we don't like :(

Anyway, so we went home and spent the evening of December 28 2005 watching the Tomb Raider movie, having failed to find an Xbox 360 to buy in all of London. After Tomb Raider finished we had a wank and some mince pies. Or some mince pies and a wank, it's a bit of a blur.

These are the mince pies. If you want to see photos of the wank, email in and ask.

You couldn't buy an Xbox 360 in the most popular bits of London on December 28 2005. Which is pretty bad when you think about how important it is, and how the machine supposedly "launched" five weeks ago. It's the worst hardware launch ever! Looks like lots of people will be waiting for PlayStation3 or Nintendo Revolution, not out of choice but out of necessity, thanks to Microsoft's over-ambition.


Everyone's a winner at the Sega Casino!

Sega Casino that we got

Cheapest turnips, 500 bells per apple guaranteed payout.
...but that's a good thing, because we shat ours when we saw the new year Sega has lined up for us! Sega Rally 2006 out next week, followed in February by Phantasy Star Universe and Sonic Riders! It's almost as if they were trying to hastily pat down the Shadow-The-Hedgehog-shaped lump in the carpet.

A very Sega New Year to all our readers, and here's a QUADRUPLE the Princess Rinko for your money. The two costumes in the middle are from some game for girls which has no joystick, just a slot to put cards in that represent pretty clothes and jewellery. It also has just one big button in the middle of the cabinet, so even your girlfriend can play it (if you read her the instructions first).