UK:RESISTANCE 'main page'
No, wait! We're making a hilarious joke like we always do! This is actually called a Landisk HDL-W500U, and it's a VERY SERIOUS 500Gb network storage device. But it looks boring enough to be the Nintendo Revolution.

That was the entire joke. There is no punchline so to speak of, so if you're American you might not "get" it. But that's OK, you've got more tanks and stuff than us so we won't make anything of it.

Look, you can even put it on its side and it still works!

We'd like to dedicate this joke to everyone who sent us (a) photos of routers and modems saying that they're the Nintendo Revolution, and (b) to the TWELVE SEPARATE PEOPLE who emailed us that PS3/George Foreman Grill joke and said we should "do something on it". It's just like having readers!

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