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We suspect this was sent in as a bet. A dare, if you will, a dare to see if we would really post something as dull as a series of photos of a SEGA Master System Converter II.


SEGA Master System Converter II - photo exclusive

"A few weeks ago I bought a SEGA Master System Converter II on ebay. During the long search for one such adapter however I noticed that not only is this useful device quite rare, but pictures of it on the internet are very few as well!"

SEGA Master System Converter II - photo exclusive

"Starting a Google image search with the terms "Master System Converter II" will give you the first useful picture on page FOUR! Feeling that something must be done about this lack of images and remembering your article full of glorious Sonic CD screenshots created for the same purpose, I took my (parents') digital camera and took photos of the converter from each possible angle."

SEGA Master System Converter II - photo exclusive

"I even included a shot with the underrated Sonic Chaos inserted in the top, and one with the miraculous portal to the past sitting on top of my MDII+MCDII combo (with a not visible Japanese Sonic CD in the CD drive)! (If you're wondering why there is no 32X, it should be well on the way somewhere on the Atlantic ocean right now as I ordered one from Canada a few weeks ago.)"

SEGA Master System Converter II - photo exclusive

"It also should be pointed out that SEGA, in its caring way, had the brilliant idea of adding a small shutter to the top of the adapter to ensure that the machine's inner contacts don't get dusty! How nice, isn't it? Sincerely, P.P.A. (from Germany)."

SEGA Master System Converter II - photo exclusive

"PS: Next time I shall reveal the answer to what I'm sure every UKR reader has always been asking: Will the Master System Converter II work with a 32X in-between it and the console? Stay tuned!"

SEGA Master System Converter II - photo exclusive

Lovely. Thanks. Now, does someone want to take on the mantle of doing the Mega CD properly? You wouldn't believe the man-hours we've put in over the years trying to find a hi-res photo of one of those.

SEGA Master System Converter II - photo exclusive

And a professionally-lit PAL Mega Drive series would also be handy, should anyone have a dust-free boxed example and access to a studio. Hi-res TIFFs, please. You would achieve Google Images fame for eternity.
A reader found evidence of Atari's early technological brilliance.


Something else for Phil Harrison to claim he invented, around 20 years from now.

Pretty much just stolen from Arcade Flyers.
Of particular note is the pair of French tourists in the background, worrying about if they should intervene in some way or just pretend not to have seen.

'Can I call you Cream?'

If it was Knuckles, we'd be worried.
A magazine publisher has decided to make a magazine especially for MMO game players. A print-based magazine for the most online and connected people in the world. Voids are often there for a reason.
Massive Gamer Magazine Unleashes First Issue

New Monthly Periodical Exclusively Covers Massively Multiplayer Online PC Games

ST LOUIS, MO -- July 22nd, 2008 - A seismic shock has impacted the world of editorial media covering interactive entertainment. Massive Gamer, Inc. is proud to announce the launch of Massive Gamer magazine, a monthly print publication focusing exclusively on massively multiplayer games for the PC. As the multi-billion massively multiplayer (MMOG) business continues to grow and become a part of mainstream popular entertainment, Massive Gamer aims to reflect the breadth and depth of the MMOG development, business and culture as no other website and print publication has ever done before.

The first issue of Massive Gamer magazine (August 2008) is available at newsstands for the cover price of $6.99, and online for subscription at the low introductory rate of $24.99.

Weighing in at 88 pages, the first issue of Massive Gamer magazine highlights Funcom's popular Age of Conan MMOG on the cover, and features articles delving into Cryptic Studio's Champions Online, Turbine Inc's. Lord of the Rings: Mines of Moria expansion, EA/Mythic's Warhammer update, and much more.

Regular columns will include letters from the editor, staff editorials, a calendar of upcoming game releases and industry events, as well as MMOG launches, guild features, serialized fiction, news from the business world, and more.

"Massive Gamer addresses a unique void in the print media space, when it comes to editorially covering massively multiplayer online games and virtual worlds. MMOG players have their own jargon, their own community, and their own informational needs that a one-size-fits-all publication cannot completely fill nor understand," says Jodie McIntyre, CEO and Founder of Massive Gamer, Inc. "This publication will also be unique because we will look at more than the largest and most popular MMOGs. The MMOG development community is filled with innovators and entrepreneurs from around the world - and we cannot wait to share many of their stories with our audience."

Massive Gamer magazine will be accompanied by a website launch, featuring fresh MMOG industry news and community feedback. The website and information about the magazine can be found at A bi-weekly newsletter will offer opt-in subscribers the chance to have the latest happenings in the world of MMOGs and Massive Gamer delivered to their e-mail inboxes.

Inside Massive Gamer magazine Issue #1:

Cover Features

Age of Conan: Hype vs. Hope
By the Massive Gamer team

DC Universe Online: Super-Batty Goodness!
By Linda "Brasse" Carlson

Life at Level 80 in Age of Conan
By Ryan "Volt" Sutherland

Fractured Planes
By Christine Rafe


Age of Conan
Conqueror Class Review
By Pike "Ithkrul" Pullen

Guardian Class Review
By Chad "Clams" Mocha

Demonologist Class Review
By Ron "Zeckle" Hunt

Tempest of Set Class Review
By Lynn "Cesara" Kraczek

Cryptic Studios
Champions Online: From PnP to MMOG
By Linda "Brasse" Carlson

Cartoon Network
Fusion Fall Update
By Paul Philleo

Lord of the Rings: Mines of Moria - The path to Moria is fraught with danger, evil and... mini games?
By Linda "Brasse" Carlson

EA / Mythic
Warhammer Update
By Mike "Exe" Doughtery

Sony Online Entertainment
The Agency: FPS or MMO? If we tell you, we'll have to kill you.
By Linda "Brasse" Carlson

Everquest II: Living Legacy Program
By Linda "Brasse" Carlson

World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King Update
By Mike "Exe" Dougherty

Metin 2: Jam Packed with Content - and it's FREE!
By Lynn "Cesara" Kraczek

Eve Online: The Empyrean Age
By Marcin "DeepNoizer" Nowak

Insider's Look

Tales from the Trenches: Community Management
By Linda "Brasse" Carlson

By John Bates, Entropia Universe

About Massive Gamer, Inc.
Massive Gamer Inc., (, is the St. Louis area-based publisher of Massive Gamer magazine, founded by Jodie McIntyre, owner of the respected editorial website, which covers multiplayer online games.

Massive Gamer magazine embodies the ideals of editorial integrity while covering the broad spectrum of massively multiplayer online entertainment on the PC platform. The Massive Gamer magazine staff is diverse, like the industry itself, including talented writers, experienced business veterans, and hardcore gamers.

Massively ill-advised

NEXT MONTH: Slightly different features about all of the same games.
This artwork has remained hidden for over a decade! It was created by the pupils of a school, in about 1993, and was the result of the kids being allowed to create a mural based around "issues" they deemed "important" at the time.

FROM A TEACHER, AN IT CONSULTANT, OR A CLEANER: "I found a startling mural whilst wandering through my place of work."

"Dated 1992-1993 it depicts the burning issues of the day as perceived by a group of 'Year 8' (whatever that means) schoolchildren, as well as selected highpoints from human culture and the natural world through the ages. Amongst other wonders, you will see dinosaurs and sea creatures battling in the lower half, and the Statue of Liberty, Taj Mahal and an Egyptian sarcophagus in the upper."

"But most interesting is that the piece is centred upon a vignette of Sonic versus Mario - or rather Sonic V's Mario. (Stupid children, marks deducted, there is no apostrophe in 'vs'!) Mario looks like he's gearing up to sledge Sonic in the kisser, while Sonic looks out at the viewer with the casual air of one who knows that superior speed will always win out. Between them a red road stretches off to infinity, signifying something quite important no doubt."

"I hope you enjoy these images from an earlier, more innocent age, when children learnt what was of real value rather than having their heads filled with nonsense like recycling, 'the respect agenda' and how to handle oneself in a knife fight."

"I wonder what became of the class of '93? Yours sincerely, Simon."

"PS: The foliage has overgrown from some potted plants nearby - a sad indictment of neglect."

Would it be inappropriate for us to request some photos of... yes. Yes it would. Never mind. Forget about it.
We are under no contractual obligation to do this, just in case you were wondering.
  • This thing about how terribly rubbish Google Knol appears.

  • This thing about some videos, in a list, because that's easier for all concerned.

  • This thing about Jeff Minter's descent into (further, deeper) madness.

  • This thing about what happens on the internet around the world 10000 times a second.

  • This thing about a "Robot Doctor" that's clearly rubbish and is made out of Meccano and a broken old Dell.

  • This thing about the some women holding a telephone and what they have to do to get it for free, because you can't not use pictures like this when they come along:

  • #1: Might, but seems a bit mumsy. #2: Would, appears keen

    Only 4/10, as that photograph makes us sad about the state of our teeth, hair, chest and four-year-old "handset."
    Hopefully that fabric gradually rides up as her adventure progresses.

    She may also be wearing sexy red shoes, having just come from an ambassadorial meeting!
    Here are some photos a man took inside a SEGA arcade, inside a shopping mall, in Beijing. In China. We're really not that desperate to see a photograph of a deactivated Daytona USA 2 cabinet, but they do have some pretty decent Sonic art on the walls.

    Beijing SEGA establishment

    "More Chinese SEGA love..."

    Beijing SEGA establishment

    "These were taken today in the very heart of Beijing at one of its top shopping malls."

    Beijing SEGA establishment

    "Actually the fire extinguisher shot was taken in Xidan."

    Beijing SEGA establishment

    "Sorry about the picture quality - resolution and style."

    Beijing SEGA establishment

    "I can head back there with my proper camera if you want better ones? - Oppihippo."

    Beijing SEGA establishment

    No, these ones are just fine.
    You can't movie for celebrity tie-ins at the moment. This one's not so good as Ubisoft is involved, but at least we can have a wank in the bathroom while brushing the bitter taste out of our mouths.

    Get a load of the shoes on Willoughby. She's come straight to the shoot from her discreet Marylebone apartment, where she offers numerous services from £1000 an hour. Poor Fearne had to borrow her shoes from the photographer.

    Reach over and pop that next button open, Holly.


    London, UK - 21 July 2008 - Today Ubisoft announced a partnership with two of television's most popular celebrities, Holly Willoughby and Fearne Cotton, to promote Imagine(tm), a new range of video games available on Nintendo DS(tm).

    The new range of games for girls aged 6-12 years will roll out over the next year and launches next month with Imagine(tm) Girl Band, followed by titles including Imagine(tm) Dream Weddings, Imagine(tm) Movie Star and Imagine(tm) Teacher.

    Holly and Fearne will participate in a major year long marketing campaign to promote the Imagine range, appearing across all UK media channels in a groundbreaking marketing initiative by a video game publisher.

    Holly Willoughby is well known for presenting hit television shows such as Dancing On Ice on ITV1. She will also be taking over from Fearne in presenting this year's Xtra Factor, the behind the scenes show following auditionees for The X Factor. Fearne Cotton co-hosts the weekend chart show on Radio 1 and has presented a number of popular television programmes and events such as Top of the Pops and Live8. Most recently Fearne co-presented Nelson Mandela's 90th birthday party concert in Hyde Park.

    "We are delighted that best friends Fearne and Holly will be joining Ubisoft to promote our new Imagine range of games. Our research shows that our target market loves watching them on TV and aspires to be like them," said Jon Rosenblatt, UK marketing director at Ubisoft. "There's a perfect synergy between what our games stand for in terms of being fun, friendly and inspirational, to how our audience feels about Fearne and Holly."

    Holly and Fearne said of the partnership, "The Imagine range is great for young girls who want to express themselves, have fun and let their imagination run wild.There are lots of games being launched this year so there will be something for everyone. The games are brilliant fun and we're delighted to be involved in such a big, exciting campaign. We're also loving being able to play all the games together!"
    Fringe games company uses large-chested celebrity in attempt to lure in teen/male demographic, shock.

    Gemma Atkinson, being used

    Such a disappointing photo. We have numerous better ones in the UKR personal archive. If you need to send out a press release regarding Gemma Atkinson, ask us first. We can help with all your Gemma needs, even if you want clumps of hair and used sanitary towels stolen out of her bin (they just cost more).

    Celebrity gamer to cut ribbon on UK's largest electronic games event

    Southampton, 21st July 2008: Multiplay, organiser of M Festival - the UK's largest electronic games event, are pleased to announce that TV celebrity Gemma Atkinson is to officially open the event on Friday 8th August 2008 at Stoneleigh Park, Warwickshire.

    Gemma's first acting role playing Lisa Hunter on Hollyoaks placed her in the public eye and she has been firmly there ever since. She was a popular character in Hollyoaks, playing Lisa for five years and proving her credentials as an actress covering topics of self-harm and bereavement. Due to her characters popularity Gemma continued with late night Hollyoaks show, Hollyoaks: in the City.

    After leaving Hollyoaks behind Gemma showed fans a different side to her by appearing in ITV1's primetime show Soapstar Superstar and proving that she can sing as well as act. More recently Gemma became even more of a household name by taking part in ITV1's massively successful I'm a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here broadening her fanbase. Gemma also has a part in Brit-Flick 'Boogie Woogie' out in August, her 2009 calendar is out in September and she'll be playing 'Peter Pan' at the Royal Manchester Opera House in December.

    Gemma is also an avid gamer in her spare time and is thrilled to be opening such an important milestone for the European gaming scene.

    For more information about M Festival go to
    So this is what's gone wrong with Sony. They're all on very strong drugs.

    Flower: Will blossom into a CANCEROUS GROWTH

    At least the flower isn't saying "HOLY SHIT!" and shooting other grey flowers in a grey space corridor. This sort of thing could turn us.
    A selection of other poorly-researched pieces we've actually been paid to create.
  • This thing in which we bravely resisted making references to wanking over Natasha Henstridge in Species, even though we've all done it. Often twice in 90 minutes, then a third time from memory in bed.

  • This thing about whirring noises.

  • This thing which was part of a compulsory series of updates in which we pretended to be excited about "E3."

  • This thing in which we did not pretend to be anything other than bored to eye-gouging by Gears of War 2.

  • This thing about a TARDIS wardrobe, because even though Dr Who has been dumbed down to such a level that household pets have to leave the room in disgust when it comes on, having your clothes stored in a TARDIS seems like a cool thing to do. Even if you'll be 35 in two weeks time.

  • This thing about a cheese grater with a face, because you can't not use pictures like this when they come along:


    You will like it or you will be GRATED. 10/10.
    It's from Ubisoft, unsurprisingly, which has just revealed a game called "Petz Sports" - no doubt hoping that combining several existing things people like will equal success.

    Petz Sports Gear Auto The Hedgehog

    A cute puppy, or a signal that the games industry as we know it has been replaced by machines that can turn the results of surveys into finished games in 48 hours?
    Regular readers will know we like a bit of Animal Crossing. We even said the DS version was the Best Game of 2006 or any year. And now, after two years of resizing textures, Nintendo has the game ready for Wii.

    Animal Crossing: City Folk

    It's awesome, because it's hi-res Animal Crossing. The game we loved then (literally) lost.

    Animal Crossing: City Folk

    It's a bit of a shame that it looks exactly like the DS game.

    Animal Crossing: City Folk

    Not just "a bit like" but "precisely the same as."

    Animal Crossing: City Folk

    There's a video floating around. It has the same sounds. Same items. Same people.

    Animal Crossing: City Folk

    It is simultaneously exactly what we wanted, but also a crushing shame.

    Animal Crossing: City Folk

    This was going to be the game that made us bother getting a Wii.

    Animal Crossing: City Folk

    There's not much point now. We've already collected all these.

    Animal Crossing: City Folk

    If Nintendo's only putting two people to work on porting it over from DS, we're not going to bother with the dehumanising trip to GAME to buy it.

    Animal Crossing: City Folk

    This seems to be the only new bit. A jazzed-up shopping area. Great.

    Animal Crossing: City Folk

    The same.

    Animal Crossing: City Folk

    The same.

    Animal Crossing: City Folk

    The same. Great, yet also a terrible disappointment. We are in mental turmoil.
    Surely this sort of terrible showing can't be an accident? There has to be someone high-up in Sony orchestrating as quick an exit from the hardware industry as possible?

    'Another thing we used to be good at was making games people liked'

    Yes, you used to be good, didn't you? People used to clap, not laugh, didn't they? Sony's 2008 showing wasn't at quite the same level of hilarity as E3 "Giant Crab" 2006, but it got close to previous depths.

    HOME (AGAIN): No release date. For a chatroom it's giving away free. This is going to be the biggest financial disaster in modern gaming, the biggest since since SEGA buried 350,000 32Xs in a disused coal mine in North Wales.

    A BUDGET RANGE: Games you can buy on eBay for $9 will be sold in shops for $30. It's this sort of sound business sense that Sony has become renowned for since the launch of PS3.

    RESISTANCE 2: The world's most generic shooter gets a sequel. Watching a robot giving a PowerPoint presentation of all the prime numbers would be preferable.

    KILLZONE 2 (AGAIN): The surprisingly popular sequel to a PS2 game no one really liked. Awesome. It might come out next year, maybe.

    RATCHET & CLANK FUTURE: QUEST FOR BOOTY: The name says it all. Stuff like this is not a reason for adults to spend £300 on a console, is it?

    LITTLEBIGPLANET (AGAIN): The world's most niche game, seemingly developed specifically for the benefit of 150 people who post on internet forums. The internet Sony cum-buckets will love it - actual sales to normal people will number in the 100s.

    THE REST: Misery. Misery. Crushing pain. Depression. Misery.

    THE RESULT: Perhaps 2009 will be the year Sony brings out the big guns. Or reveals PS4 as a low-power party machine.
    All hail the film 'Forbidden Kingdom' as it contains a Dreamcast during its opening title sequence. Apparently it was due for release here on July 11 of 2008, stars Jet Li and Jackie 'It's a Man's Name in Hong Kong' Chan.

    "A film with Jet Li and Jackie Chan is worth a download, but to see a Dreamcast in the opening credits?! It's defiantly a trip to the big screen."

    "With the help of technology, as seen in Will Smith's 'Enemy of the State', I have been able to zoom, rotate and enhance the image. Which clearly shows a north American style Dreamcast - Craig."

    "On a recent trip to the USA, I watched a film called 'The Forbidden Kingdom' at the cinema. Despite featuring a lengthy fight between Jet Li and Jackie Chan, the highlight is just after the opening scene where we see the hero's bedroom. If you look under the TV, you'll notice he has a Dreamcast. Perhaps if this film was released in 1999 everybody would have Dreamcasts and there would be no war and suffering. And no PS3.

    "Although the scene only lasts a few seconds, it's very clear (unlike my bootleg screen grabs). You can probably still have a wank to it; just remember to sit at the back so nobody can hear your sobs of despair."
    Literally unbelievable gaming news - Final Fantasy XIII is no longer a PS3 exclusive. The game will come to Xbox 360, simultaneously, in America and Europe. Utter, utter, utter, utter DOOM for Playstation3.

    Although whether it's possibly to additionally doom something that's already doomed we're not so sure.

    Final Fantasy XIII PS3 DOUBLE DOOM JOY

    Sweet joy. Couldn't give a toss about the game, but the tears of those who thought it would "save" PS3 will be glugged down by the pint tonight.
    Here it is! The update you've been waiting for! The here! The now! The actually existing! Dreamcast Garden Chairs!

    Rotate mid section for anal massage

    "I'm unsure whether or not this has been featured on the website before. I couldn't find it under the website highlights on the navigation menu, so I assume it hasn't."

    'Look! I have a Dreamcast logo on my buttocks!'

    "When visiting family last week, I came upon this set of beautifully crafted Dreamcast garden ornaments. Although, considering that the photographs were taken in rural Cumbria; it's feasible that they're actually large branding irons for use on livestock. Many thanks, Looi."


    But they do do logos that look a bit like the Dreamcast logo!

    Evoid: Logo buddies

    "This is shit. Really shit. But you've used worse material. Last week I saw a little flyer in a police force canteen about a fresh fruit drink. And one of the graphics had a sort of Dreamcast swirl on it. Obviously I didn't pick it up (and then embarrassingly explain to a cop why I am taking it - 'To contribute to the material posted on a SEGA fan website/blog that wishes it was still 1986'), but just for you I remembered the brand and have now Googled it. Just for you. Remember that. At least I'm fucking trying, that's more than can be said of you over the past three months. What's happened to the Sony hate? Eh? Keep up the 'good' work - Richard."


    Yes, still allowed to put words on the internet. Often with accompanying images, too. The passwords have not been changed. We are surely honoured.
  • This thing about something we've all been sort of half looking forward to.

  • This thing which annoyed a few people who know about modern plastics and materials.

  • This thing about reading TXT MSGs on holiday.

  • This thing about The Mirror being shit.

  • This thing about the outdoor holding season, because you can't not use pictures like this when they come along:

  • Doing it outside

    Slight hint of milky-white cleavage = automatic 10/10.
    It's old and has almost faded away into nothingness and obscurity. Perfect UKR update material.

    (C)Banksy 1993

    "You probably get loads of these but thought I would send it in anyway. It was spotted in a pissy little alleyway next to Exeter St David's train station. Disgusting choice of colour - Mat."
    Andy found the following video. He says it's of Sonic having his nuts burned. He also says he found it while looking for porn.

    Sadly, it doesn't crash down in flames.
    Would you like to see a photo of a photo of some SEGA ladies standing on top of a SEGA change machine? You'd better say yes, as the only alternative for today is a photo of some garden chairs that look like a Dreamcast logo.

    Not a photo of some garden chairs that look like a Dreamcast logo

    "I thought you might like this picture of a SEGA change machine I saw a few years ago in a Tokyo arcade filled with old men. Most games cost 100 Yen to play, which was about 70p at the time. I thought that all games would be 5p a credit and the place crowded with girls in school uniforms - two dreams shattered in one go. Just out of the shot was a pile of Sonic tissues, which I nicked and gave to a mate of mine when I got back. I've avoided the mutual awkwardness of asking for them back to take a picture, so you'll just have to take my word for it. Cheerio, Flp."
    The Dreamcast logo was spotted at Blizzard's recent unveiling of Diablo III. It's the killer app that will steer Dreamcast 2 to massive international success!

    Dreamcast 2 - official logo reveal

    "Spent this weekend at the Blizzard WWI 08 and whilst sitting in the crowd watching Diablo 3 getting shoe horned out the door I noticed a strange creeping Dreamcast presence in the air.... Dreamcast 2 exclusive anyone? - Y3MBailey."

    Everyone will run towards DC2

    Nice tapering at the end of the spiral. It really brings the logo up to date. Plus the addition of a man running toward the logo creates a subconscious feeling that Dreamcast 2 is something to run toward - ie, it is desirable. Fantastic work, SEGA creative team.


    Some crazed youths have made their own versions of a few Sonic tunes. They sent it in. We feel obliged to recognise their work. You can download it here if you want. It's 4.24MB of slightly out-of-key yet rather relaxing Sonic music.

    Making Of... Sonic Medley

    "Here's some music that I know you guys will appreciate. Arranged and performed by myself (Ciaran McCrisken) with percussion by my good friend Kevin Carlisle. I've included some 'making of' photos (i.e. screen dumps of Pro Tools)."

    Making Of... Sonic Medley

    "Please forgive the stoned out, sloppy version of the Bonus Stage music. I should've double checked the tempo of it before playing but it was a last minute decision to include it. Anyway, enjoy! - Ciaran."
    If it looks like Christopher Biggins, and it acts like Christopher Biggins, then it probably IS Christopher Biggins.

    This demographic-widening business must be stopped.
    They've only gone and done it. The boffins at Sony have managed to come up with the ultimate upgrade to the PS3. A firmware update that significantly improves the enjoyment PS3 owners can obtain from their 400 quid investment. Message boards are filling up with PS3 owners who are overjoyed at the surprising new functionality of their machines.

    Here are some photos of people having fun. They are taking gaming to hitherto unknown dimensions.

    Vuzix fun enablation(TM) device

    It's the Vuzix headmounted TV and/or monitor.

    Vuzix fun enablation(TM) device

    It brings Facebook to life like never before.

    Vuzix fun enablation(TM) device

    "Ooh! They were eating an ice cream, then suddenly it turned into poo!"

    Vuzix fun enablation(TM) device

    The worst kind of person in the world. Who puts socks on their arms? Anyone who puts socks on their arms is a fucking cockpiece. Arm socks. Anyone with arm socks on can fuck right off. You don't look like an edgy goth, you look like a retard who has accidentally put socks on your arms instead of on your feet because you're too much of a fuckwit to understand how clothes work. If ever there was a case for mass genocide, it's mass genocide of people who put fucking socks on their fucking arms.

    Vuzix fun enablation(TM) device

    You obviously have to be massively over-confident to wear a TV over your eyes. The thought of not being able to see what's going on fills us with terror. Can't relax without having every door in clear sight.

    Vuzix fun enablation(TM) device


    Vuzix fun enablation(TM) device


    Vuzix fun enablation(TM) device

    The non-gaming selection of Vuzix photos is over at Idiot Toys. This is an experimental dual-site update.

    Vuzix fun enablation(TM) device

    The inventor even won an award for it :(
    A man sent in a link to this web site. Can you guess what's supposed to be SEGA about it?

    "On the subject of airports and that, have you seen holiday website eDreams? They couldn't even be bothered to find a lower case 'D' to replace the capital 'D' in Dreamcast when they copied and pasted the font, so they just renamed themselves accordingly - Matt."


    This is the big one. This is SEGA suing Microsoft for $10 billion, winning, then ploughing the money back into a loss-leading hardware platform.