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From yesterday's Evening Standard, which we fortuitously found on a train. It's the old "Oooh, aren't games getting more realistic?" case study, in which lots of old men who don't play games pretend they're REALLY OFFENDED by something which they don't really even understand. Kudos to the ever-present ELSPA man for making it sound like piracy is the problem.

"The Microsoft console has graphics so powerful that explosions, blood and shootings look realistic"

Finding this was one of those great coincidences. We only get a "free" Evening Standard about once every 20 train journeys, so imagine our surprise on getting one AND it having a Sega story in it! Chance in a million! There was also a lovely photo of Kirstie Allsopp on the TV listings page. Email us if you also have a fetish for podgy women in big coats and scarves wearing bright green shoes. We could probably be friends.

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