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We got mail. Following this story about Hamsterball on PlayStation2, a former employee of the company that made it sent us a possibly libellous -- but entertaining! -- email about his time with the Hamsterball team. Here it is.


Hello chaps,
You featured a game the other day something to do with monkeys in balls, sorry Hamsters in balls. The company that developed it is called Datadesign Interactive who, about 2 years ago, went bust. I know, I was working for them at the time.

Now here's a funny story. Supposedly they are still going, well, obviously they are! How I don't know. The guy who "owns" it has used all sorts of names -- "Data Design Interactive", "Datadesign UK Interactive" so on and so on!

Now, I hate this company, the wages they paid were awful, the games they made were awful, surely they should be shut down in some way. I think everyone in his family has owned the company, maybe even his dog!

Surely they can't still legally be trading, if the company was declared bankrupt or whatever 2 years ago? Go play Lego Rock Raiders or Nickelodeon Party Blast to see how bad they are.

Best story to come out of the company was... The owner tried to pay one guy with ice cream... true story!

The second is that for the company to keep goin when it was failing (after bankruptcy -- you work it out, it makes my head hurt) one of the artists at the time took out a 3 or 5k bank loan to give to the owner so that he could pay for stuff (including the artists wages).

He's a complete cowboy still touting his much failed GODS system.

Any help you can give to collapse this company would be great. Send constant emails to SEGA if you have to, make an online petition anything please help get rid of this disease.

A former employee of Data Design.

Also for my own benefit, please if you refer to this email in any way can you leave it anonymous. I still work in the industry and would like to do so for a long time.


Wasn't that fun?

Do YOU Want to use UKR as a forum to anonymously abuse former industry work colleagues? If so, get in touch. We SWEAR on Cream the Rabbit's life that we'll keep it all anonymous. It will be fun! Come on, you all work in the industry somehow. Cheers.

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