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This is an update that only works one level. Most of our updates work on AT LEAST THREE separate levels. But not this one.

The level is this:

Look. Gwen's new video for Hollaback Girl looks like it's a Sega game. Because it has two -- or at a push three -- things that remind us of Sega. That's it. There is no angsty hidden depth to this news.

Here. See. Gwen's video looks a bit like Sega:

It's lovely Gwen -- the American Cheryl Tweedy -- in a yellow convertible full of skate-punk, Jap-cool weirdos! This is really like the car in Crazy Taxi. Isn't it?

She's being followed by a weird collection of people. This looks a bit like Space Channel 5.

(This update isn't going to be a classic, but we've already done the hard work of downloading the video and taking the screenshots so shall persevere).

It's the Crazy Taxi car again. Take us to the downtown, Gwenny Gwen!

Now come on. You *must* think that's quite a bit like Ulala in Space Channel 5.

(NOTE: At this point we made quite an effort to work out how to play videos in slow motion in Media Player Classic, mainly for the bit where she does a high kick in this leotard thing).

It's the Monkey Ball DX viral marketing campaign phase two!

This should be something rude about bananas, but Gwen's the kind of girl who sits at home doing Google searches for her own name and we'd hate for her to stumble across us making lewd comments. Because if she REALLY likes Sega we could possibly be her friend.

Feel free to post this on the internet when you need an example to illustrate how much "UKR sucks" these days.

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