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"That girl from Atari, the boy from THQ"...

Or, to put it more accurately, the freak with the beard, the smelly one, the psycho fat one, the weirdo who never says anything (no wait, that's us! We're not going), all the skinny balding ones with shaved heads and glasses, the stutterer, the one who's handy for when you need coke, the ranting alcoholics, and, maybe, a woman, probably from the company organising it so it doesn't look too one-sided.

It's a video game industry singles night, and it will be the ALL-TIME WORST EVENING OF ALL TIME AND EVER. Even if you're not there, the ripples this horrifying gathering will send through society will make it a dark day for ALL OF HUMANKIND.

Will the Bizarre Creations receptionist be there?

And we'll be scanning in the photos. Go here to read the FULL HORRIFYING DETAILS.
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