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Ooh, controversial!

We didn't forget, we are bothered and we will post out the prize. James Garratt sent this and needs to take the considerable risk of sending us his home address -- and choice of game from the Dreamcast pile. See how we give things back to the community.

"This year's winner of the Annual Sunbathe-under-a-sieve & Win a Free Game competition"
LONDON, June 9, 2004 - Continuing its emergence as an entertainment force, UK:Resistance, Inc. (NASDAQ: UKR) has reached an agreement with Capitol Records to create a dynamic and artistically unique soundtrack for UK:Resistance, the long-running UK-based video game entertainment web site. Titled UKR - The Soundtrack, the stand-alone soundtrack is scheduled for UK release on July 6, to coincide with a possible update to the main site.

The complete track listing is as follows:

Radiohead -- Packt Like Sardines in a Crushed Tin Box
Radiohead -- Pyramid Song
Radiohead -- Pull Pulk Revolving Doors
Radiohead -- You and Whose Army?
Radiohead -- I Might Be Wrong
Radiohead -- Knives Out
Radiohead -- The Morning Bell Amnesiac
Radiohead -- Dollars & Cents
Radiohead -- Hunting Bears
Radiohead -- Like Spinning Plates
Radiohead -- Life in a Glass House
Radiohead -- Everything In Its Right Place
Radiohead -- Kid A
Radiohead -- The National Anthem
Radiohead -- How To Disappear Completely
Radiohead -- Treefingers
Radiohead -- Optimistic
Radiohead -- In Limbo
Radiohead -- Idioteque
Radiohead -- Morning Bell
Radiohead -- Motion Picture Soundtrack
Radiohead -- Airbag
Radiohead -- Paranoid Android
Radiohead -- Subterranean Homesick Alien
Radiohead -- Exit Music [for a film]
Radiohead -- Let Down
Radiohead -- Karma Police
Radiohead -- Fitter Happier
Radiohead -- Electioneering
Radiohead -- Climbing Up The Walls
Radiohead -- No Surprises
Radiohead -- Lucky
Radiohead -- The Tourist
Radiohead -- Planet Telex
Radiohead -- The Bends
Radiohead -- High & Dry
Radiohead -- Fake Plastic Trees
Radiohead -- Bones
Radiohead -- (nice dream)
Radiohead -- Just
Radiohead -- My Iron Lung
Radiohead -- Bulletproof.. I wish I was
Radiohead -- Black Star
Radiohead -- Sulk
Radiohead -- Street Spirit [fade out]
Radiohead -- You
Radiohead -- Creep
Radiohead -- How Do You?
Radiohead -- Stop Whispering
Radiohead -- Thinking About You
Radiohead -- Anyone Can Play Guitar
Radiohead -- Ripcord
Radiohead -- Vegetable
Radiohead -- Prove Yourself
Radiohead -- I Can't
Radiohead -- Lurgee
Radiohead -- Blow Out
It won't happen again for at least six months*.

*After six months the feelings and memories have usually faded enough that it's OK to start doing whatever it was again to a new batch of people.