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Alex is alive and well, and is currently working as a DJ in Plymouth:


Although DJ-ing in Union Street to a bunch of pissed-up squaddies on shore leave means he'll be dead very soon.

Tomorrow: Dr Robotnik.


If we're noted as 'Away' on MSN for more than two hours, someone please call an ambulance.

Painfully adding Ikaruga and Silvergun in one go

Maybe next year the Oxford English will pick up on them.
As it was the day in which we added the word "Dreamcast" into our Google spellchecker custom dictionary. One minute's silence please:

The momentous adding of 'Dreamcast' to the Google spellchecker

Maybe tomorrow we'll add 'Ikaruga', then on Wednesday we could do 'Silvergun'. Wouldn't want to do too many emotionally sensitive words at once, as the pain is still only barely concealed.
Well done, PlayStation3. Well done on having lots of really old European launch games that don't work as well online as they did a year ago. If only Sony was this inept in 1999 we'd all be playing Dreamcast 2 right now.

  • Call of Duty 3
  • Marvel: Ultimate Alliance
  • Tony Hawk's Project 8
  • Sonic the Hedgehog
  • World Snooker Championship 2007
  • NBA 2K7
  • NHL 2K7
  • Blazing Angels Squadrons of WWII
  • Enchanted Arms
  • Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Double Agent
  • The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion
  • Fight Night Round 3
  • Need for Speed Carbon
  • The Godfather: The Don's Edition
  • Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2007
  • F.E.A.R.

  • Not to mention Genji and the downloadable Sudoku game it had to mention to make the list look bigger. Never before has there been such an obsolete and unwanted games machine. It's not even funny. It's beyond comedic interpretation. It's baffling and a little bit frightening what's happening to Sony right now. We don't even have to apply negative spin - the pure facts are disastrous enough.


    Oblivion: Not exclusive to PS3

    Oblivion! New on PlaySta... oh.

    Fight Night Round 3

    Fight Night Round 3! New on PlaySta... oh.

    Call of Duty 3: Not exclusive to PS3

    Call of Duty 3! New on PlaySta... oh.

    Blazing Angels: Not exclusive to PS3

    Blazing Angels! New on PlaySta... oh. And so on. You get the point.


    Hot off the brainwaves of the average European gamer:
    FACT 1: No one really cares

    FACT 2: It's too much money

    FACT 3: Shifting all the machines from unsold piles in American and Japanese warehouses to an unsold pile in a European warehouse isn't going to help Sony's 'bottom line' in the short to medium term

    FACT 4: The best game is a free demo

    FACT 5: 'Best' in the context of PS3 means '6/10 at a push'

    FACT 6: The 'Average Joe' already thinks PS3 is an over-priced flop, thanks to low-level guerilla marketing by the New York Times and all of The Internet.

    FACT 7: Virtua Tennis 3 will have online play on Xbox 360, so don't go throwing that one back in our faces

    FACT 8: Tell pikey Britain that it needs to replace its Only Fools and Horses DVDs with new Blu-ray editions and it will stub a cigarette out in your face.

    FACT 9: 599 dollars actually translates to 303 pounds, NOT 425

    FACT 10: 60,000 yen actually translates to 250 pounds, NOT 425

    Kutaragi reveals European PS3 launch plan

    Figure a: Ken reveals genius Euro PS3 scheme. JUST SAY NO.


    We've finally got around to making a UKR TV show for the internet. Enjoy.

    Special thanks to Dave G for the camera work, Jenny and Dawn for help with the script, Mike T for editing, Paul for costumes and lighting, and JW for audio.
    "I found a whole shelf of these languishing on a shelf in Fulbourn Tesco (just outside Cambridge)"

    LAST 12455 IN STOCK!!

    BUY ONE NOW! Or wait another week and get one from the skip.


    Here's a rubbish update about something being good:

    Next Wednesday's Xbox Live Arcade download is something good for a change - new skins and modes for Lumines Live. They look pretty. Look. We've done something about them they're so pretty:

    Lumines Live

    We nearly did something about Lumines Live when it came out - but sensationally didn't.

    Lumines Live

    We should've, as it's a very, very good game, just like Lumines. It's ruined by the Xbox 360's rubbish d-pad quite a bit and is all jerky online, but is still very good if you play it obsessively to score a high score and don't mind that it resets the scoreboards every week.

    Lumines Live

    And we played it for 50 hours more than we played Gears of War, so all the cocks who moaned about it being too expensive are incredibly wrong. In total, Lumines Live costs less than half the price of a 'normal' game. Yet it is better. That's not a rip-off in the slightest, it was just badly organised.

    Lumines Live

    Now there are more bits to download, some of which are free, some of which are only 100 points for the time being which is practically free. So there. This sounds like a press release, but we felt an urge to redress the balance and 'do something' about Lumines Live, seeing as it's great.


    Odd what you get emailed some days.

    Redtropolis SickleZone

    It's also odd what passes as valid content to put on the internet some days.


    The bodies of the dead are piled high, broken and twisted. Imagine the stench of rotting fur. We will pray for their families and loved ones. Blessed are the fallen, for they lead the way so that we could live.

    Sonic UFO catcher death camp

    These sad scenes are repeated in UFO catcher machines across mainland Europe. We must never forget this senseless waste.


    His name is Bing Gordon, and you can meet him in person at the Science Museum on January 24 as part of the Game On exhibition.

    You could ask him, say, what's so creative about doing 20 FIFAs a year, or, say, ask him when he's going to stop charging people money for new sets of skins for The Sims that must've taken someone in the office a couple of hours to knock together.

    This, sadly, is what Bing looks like:

    Bing Gordon, EA's (cough) Creative Officer

    If this was still 1996 we'd make some sort of 'Joey Deacon' reference. Sadly, those days have passed.


    Here's a nice shot of Bing's gormless face, in case you want to use it as an avatar on whatever social networking site you spend all day aimlessly reloading to see if any girls have replied to something you said.
    By releasing UEFA Champions League 2006-2007. It's FIFA again, only someone in the office typed in a few new team names so it seems a bit different from the last 50 FIFAs:

    UEFA Champions League 2006-2007

    And a freelance artist came in for half a day to swap the kit colours around.
    This is a memorial update on behalf of the amazing little Neo Geo Pocket Color. It was the best gaming handheld, not just at the time but even now. We sometimes get it out of its drawer just to have a look and a feel.

    Neo Geo Pocket Colour
    It had a glorious d-pad, loads of great games, REALLY NICE plastic game boxes featuring poorly translated text and typos, a very alright original Sonic (2D), a lovely and very cute Japlish menu screen system and...

    ...SNK Vs Capcom Card Fighters Clash.


    Now there's a new version of it for the DS. Card Fighters Clash wasn't the sort of game we liked, but we still played it. It just had that 'sort of thing' about it.


    We didn't really understand how it worked either, but we still played it.


    Now there's this DS version. It will probably be awesome and 'go large'.


    These are some screenshots of it we've just been sent thanks to our unbeatable PR contacts and world-renowned news-breaking reputation.


    There are three more...


    Two more...


    One more...


    And a logo...


    There. It's actually called SNK VS. CAPCOM CARD FIGHTERS DS, and that's their use of capital letters not ours.

    Ignition Entertainment is Pleased to Announce the European Release of SNK VS. CAPCOM CARD FIGHTERS DS for the Nintendo DS

    The excitement of card battles has gone digital and interactive.

    12th Jan '07

    For the first time ever on Nintendo DS, two videogame powerhouses join together in a colossal game for the small screen.

    Go head to head and battle with your favourite game characters from SNK and Capcom.

    Choose your character and prepare to enter the Card Battle Tournament. Beat each opponent using your character's fighting strategies to win bouts and earn money and in some cases, receive new cards that can be used to upgrade your deck.

    Collect over 300 different cards to customise five separate decks, and take on all challengers as you fight your way to the top of 'Card Tower'.

    Trade duplicated cards by using the Recycle machine or stop by the shops to get new cards.

    For the ultimate game, challenge a friend or trade cards via the two-player link mode.

    'SNK's card battling series has been updated for a new generation of gamers' says Peter Rollinson, product Manager, Ignition Entertainment 'mixing characters from two of the arcades biggest names only adds to what is a truly fun and exciting game of tactics and skill'

    Your Destiny Is In the Cards!

    Key Features:

    * Use card packs containing your favourite characters from some of SNK's and Capcom's biggest franchises.

    * Over 300 different cards to use, collect and trade

    * Use strategic card arrangements to win

    * Know your characters and their special abilities and combine them for added value and strength

    * Challenge a friend with the Wireless Head to Head Combat Mode

    * Unique game play elements utilising the Touch Screen technology

    For further information please visit:

    Distributed by Atari in UK, France, Germany, Italy and the Nordic countries, SNK Vs Capcom Card Fighter DS will be available Spring '07 for the Nintendo DS


    We are currently unable to offer any official guidance on what to think and say at this point in time.

    PSP Crazy Taxi :)

    Obviously it's good because it's Crazy Taxi.

    PSP Crazy Taxi :(

    But, you know, we're maybe just a little bit bored of playing Crazy Taxi now. Is that a wrong thing to admit on the internet?

    PSP Crazy Taxi :(

    And it's on PSP. It's not exactly going to help PSP's reputation as the machine that only has remakes of old games.

    PSP Crazy Taxi :)

    But it's more Crazy Taxi! And it looks about as good as the Dreamcast one did!

    PSP Crazy Taxi :(

    But how many times can you enjoy doing the same tasks in the same city?

    PSP Crazy Taxi :|

    But it's CRAZY TAXI. We just don't know any more.

    The Fare Frenzy Returns With SEGA's Crazy Taxi: Fare Wars For The PSP System

    All-New Multiplayer Modes and Features for Cabbies on the Go

    LONDON & SAN FRANCISCO (January 11, 2007) - SEGA Europe Ltd. and SEGA of America, Inc. today announced Crazy Taxi: Fare Wars coming exclusively to the PSP(r) (PlayStationPortable) system. All-new twists have been included in the classic Crazy Taxi experience including for the first time, multiplayer modes that allow two people to play cooperatively or competitively. Now gamers can relive the addictive, action packed gameplay of the original Dreamcast games, Crazy Taxi and Crazy Taxi 2, on the go. Hang up those fuzzy dice and register for a cabbie license this Summer with Crazy Taxi: Fare Wars developed by Sniper Studios.

    Only skilled cabbies need apply for Crazy Taxi: Fare Wars, where drivers need to be more aggressive than ever to earn the big money by speeding fares to their destination, no matter what the obstacles. Brand new multiplayer gameplay features provide endless entertainment, players can steal passengers from other cabbies by bumping their opponent's car creating chaotic competition on the road! Navigating through traffic, hills, and obstacles isn't easy, so it takes a skilled cabbie with no fear to earn the big bucks. Players can drive through the two original maps of Crazy Taxi, the arcade map and the original Dreamcast map, both inspired by the steep hills, trademark cable cars, and breezy waterfront of San Francisco. Then they'll head for the Small Apple maps in Crazy Taxi 2, which is inspired by New York's large building fronts, hectic downtown streets, and the city's famous Central Park and subway system.

    "We've often thought that the sublime playability of our Crazy Taxi franchise was perfectly suited to the PSP format. Now with new gameplay features and including superb multiplayer modes we're really confident that gamers will agree" commented Matt Woodley, Creative Director SEGA Europe. "The heady mix of competitive gameplay and vibrant graphics makes this a winner, in my humble opinion!"

    Crazy Taxi: Fare Wars offers cabbies several single player modes including the mission-based Arcade mode, where skilled drivers earn time bonuses, and Time Trial mode where drivers collect the highest fares possible in the time allowed. In addition, for cabbies to practice their crazy driving skills, two mini-game training modes are available. They include Crazy Box, a collection of 16 original Crazy Taxi mini-games and Crazy Pyramid, mini-games arranged in a pyramid that drivers must complete to unlock more mini-games from Crazy Taxi 2.

    Crazy Taxi: Fare Wars introduces new multiplayer modes for two cabbies to collaborate or compete wirelessly via Ad Hoc. Drivers can also record and save gameplay replays of their driving performance in Crazy Taxi 2 on the PSP system's memory stick to replay and show off.

    Get ready for the return of a classic favorite next Summer 2007 with Crazy Taxi: Fare Wars for the PSP system. For screenshots and assets, please visit the SEGA press site at


    A man saw this in Japan. Like all good men he took a photo of it for us to put on the internet:

    SEGA Ashipuri - 10/10

    "Dear UKR, there is a Sega arcade in Shibuya that has this bizarro Sega-made foot massage machine called Ashipuri. You insert your money, stick your feet in, select the part of foot you want massaged and then enjoy five minutes of bliss, making it better value for money than the Dreamcast version of Dynamite Cop. Kind of. Also I think it plays some sort of Sonic music but I'm not sure as the arcade was quite loud."

    It says SEGA on it

    This is where it says SEGA on it.

    A stupid talking foot machine mascot

    And this is how hot the Japanese are for stupid talking mascots.


    Today is an exciting day for SEGA Amusements and Alan Smith - Alan has joined SEGA's UK arcade division as head of the New Business Division! That's an awesome job title, plus he'll get business cards with the SEGA logo on. Imagine that.

    Sadly there's a small amount of personal humiliation to go through first, involving that rubbish wonky-eyed Sonic statue SEGA got some local kids to make:

    Alan Smith, SEGA Amusements' head of New Business Division

    ASSUME THE POSITION. After this, he has to take off his clothes and run around the building four times. This has been part of the SEGA initiation since the 1970s.

    Sega's New Kid on the Block

    Sega Amusements Europe Ltd has announced another new appointment and the creation of a new division at the same time. Alan Smith will take the head role of the recently formed New Business Division. He has worked as a consultant for the company for the past year concentrating on the Dinosaurking title which was launched to great success in 2006.

    The division will be responsible for growing card game based kids business, merchandise, and initially launching the UFO Catcher crane into Europe. Smith, with a background in the toy and licensing industry, will also be looking to acquire new licences for Sega to capitalise on.

    The expansion comes as part of Sega's much publicized aggressive five-year expansion policy. The first sign of the policy having effect was an internal restructure followed by the manufacturer taking the spares business back in house.

    A well known figure in the toy industry Smith has had an extensive career covering sales, promotion and licensing roles and worked for big names such as Tomy, Hasbro and Coca-Cola. Household name such as Turtles and the re-emergence of Spiderman in 1994 were down to Alan.

    On his appointment he commented, "I will be looking to bring my expertise and knowledge of the toy world to Sega and open up new avenues of business and income streams; it is clear the company has massive plans but also that the income forecast cannot all come from traditional amusement sources".

    Paul Williams welcomed the new team member by saying "that he was delighted that Alan had been able to dedicate his full attention the Sega. This opens up a whole new business to us and is a key part of our expansion going forward".

    The full kids' product range will be shown at this years ATEI on stand 2020; taking centre stage, literally with their dance moves, will be Love & Berry flanked by the Dinosaurking and Mushiking titles.

    Alan is photographed with Sonic the Hedgehog, a valuable licence property that will be put to good use in his hands moving forward.

    It's not as good as when SEGA employed a girl in hotpants but is still good news that it's hiring people instead of making hundreds redundant like it used to.
    "Sony's PlayStation 3 has also picked up the CES Best of Innovations Award for 2007, PC World's 20 Most Innovative Products Award"

    When Ken Kuturagi invented motion control, in 1984

    You LITERALLY could not make ANY OF THIS UP:

    Sony Computer Entertainment America Wins Emmy Award for PLAYSTATION3 SIXAXIS Wireless Controller

    PLAYSTATION 3 Receives Multiple Awards and Honors at CES 2007

    LAS VEGAS, January 8, 2007 - Sony Computer Entertainment America (SCEA) today announced that it has been recognized by the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences with a Technology and Engineering Emmy Award for the PLAYSTATION3 (PS3) computer entertainment system's SIXAXIS wireless controller. SCEA will receive this distinguished honor at an awards presentation being held tonight at the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2007 in Las Vegas.

    The SIXAXIS wireless controller comes standard with PS3 and enables gamers to harness the potential of the world's most powerful computer entertainment system. Developed by refining the popular original PlayStation controller, the de facto standard in gaming with several hundred millions units shipped worldwide, the SIXAXIS wireless controller features motion-sensing technology to detect natural and intuitive movements for real-time and high precision interactive play, acting as a natural extension of the user's body.

    Further illustrating its industry leadership, SCEA will be honored with several other awards at CES for the powerful technology and innovative engineering behind PS3 including the CES Best of Innovations Award for 2007, PC World's 20 Most Innovative Products Award, Sound & Vision's Editor's Choice Award and Digital Entertainment Group's (DEG) Emiel N. Petrone Digital Innovation Award.

    "The overwhelming consumer demand and critical acclaim for PS3 is a testament of the platform's strength and the industry's desire for a true next-generation entertainment system," said Jack Tretton, president and CEO, SCEA. "The full potential of this powerful machine has yet to be realized - what you've seen so far is just a taste of what will be on the table for 2007 and years to come."

    Final proof that most idiots in the industry really do believe what the press releases that appear in their email inboxes say. What next? An award for the idea of putting PS3 in a cardboard box? An award from the Electricity Council for exemplary use of power? Some days all you can do is shake your head and wait until the memories fade and start hurting less.


    Real-time feminine sweat mapping:

    VF5 plus baby oil

    A screenshot of wet tits is worth a 1000 words. And is worth 10,000 screenshots and words about Resistance: Fall of Man.


    Stick this up your manual, Need for Speed:


    If you can't handle this sort of thing, buy a Wii and sit down at the back of the room with the fat kids, the elderly and the disabled.


    In a hilarious ironic twist, we're going to copy something from Kotaku today.

    Specifically this update, in which lots of Americans say how many unsold PlayStation3s their local retail warehouses have.

    It's happy reading time! Here are some quotes.
  • "The guy at Gamestop said that they have had PS3s all week that he could not get rid of"

  • "My local Best Buy has a nicely made-up, color, semi-permanent-looking sign on the door stating that they do not have any Wiis in stock. I got to the game section and they had a pile of at least 20 PS3s sitting on the floor"

  • "Went to pick up an extra Wiimote and a game and found the entire Nintendo section wiped out. Saw about 15 PS3s just sitting there though, no one even in the section"

  • "I have seen PS3s in stock at 6 different stores in the last 4 days in Northeast PA. 2 Walmarts, 1 Target, 2 Eb games, 1 Gamestop. Most of them had several and they were mostly 60Gb. Its very odd, but I know i don't want one"

  • "Best Buy in Barboursville, WV had 33 60GB PS3's at 1:30 yesterday. They opened an hour early to hand out tickets and no one was there. They had sold one from the time they opened till I was there"

  • "I work at a Target and we got 14 60gbs in on Saturday morning. The last one finally sold this afternoon. To put that in perspective, our Wii shipments which range from 20-100, they sell out in a matter of hours (if they last that long)"

  • "My Best Buy store (St. Louis) held 40 PS3s -- all 60 GBs -- for Sunday's ad. We sold a total of seven -- yes, seven -- the whole day, and one of them was later returned. Today we sold three or four the whole day"

    We were right all along and Sony is shit and doomed. It's just taken people a bit longer to cotton on than we thought. We should now Photoshop together some sort of amusing image illustrating how just doomed Sony is. Perhaps putting "Sony" on a picture of the Titanic might be a good start.

    Not that we can be bothered.

    The amazing Sonic Xbox 360 load time YouTube clip:

    That was an easy day.
    We took some photos of a SEGA Park too! Unfortunately it (a) was in London and (b) had been turned into a newsagent.

    Someone sent us a photo of a SEGA Park sign they spotted on a London street. The sign was above a rubbish shop selling postcards and bottles of water to tourists for twice what you'd pay elsewhere. The angle of the photo suggested there might be a Sega Park and Casino to the left of the shot. We emailed back, asking what was to the left of the photo...

    It's a pub. We then decided to go and investigate for ourselves, seeing as it's only round the corner from where we sit in an office and press F5 all day.

    Here, in fact.

    It doesn't look like it was a very big SEGA Park and Casino. Perhaps that's why it closed.

    There is no sign of a SEGA Park and Casino above the sign.

    There is no sign of a secret entrance in the street, either.

    It's blue though, and you can tell that the marble sides would've made a very grand entrance into the old SEGA Park. Imagine walking through those pillars into a world of SEGA fun!

    To the right is a trendy 'eatery' where businessmen are having lunch. Probably a ciabatta, toasted, with an expresso and a beer. They are discussing the ways in which they'd like to have sex with the receptionist.

    To the left is another trendy 'eatery' where businessmen are eating gastro pub food. Probably Thai, with a bottle of Kronenbourg. They are discussing salaries without actually telling each other what they earn.

    Just to satisfy your curiosity.

    Here's another one of the logo. This is like that bit in Planet of the Apes where Charlton Heston sees a happy thing he remembers, but then it turns out to mean something bad has happened. The bad thing that happened in this case is that another ex-SEGA facility has been turned into something that isn't about playing Daytona USA any more. The bastards.

    It looks in good condition. Maybe one day we'll summon up the courage to go in and ask the owner if we can have it for fifty quid and his help in taking it down.

    They can then re-invest the money in some new signage.


    So yes, everyone's been to Japan and taken photos of lots of SEGA Worlds. Well done you and your three grand holidays. Here are some of your Japan snaps, including, incredibly, one of some cosplaying girls a reader claims to have "chatted up".


    "Here's something I'll regret sending to you, although I at least had the good grace and sense to Paint Shop Pro Ryo over my pasty white torso. This is a photo of Dobuita Street from SHENMUE. Taken at 1600x1200 as that's the only sane resolution to take pics at. Although, if my pics from 8 years ago are anything to go by, I used to say that about pics taken in 640x480 and they look shit and are blocky and low detail now. Anyway. Tom's hotdog stand would be about opposite that Yakuza wagon that's just about to disappear me. That silver bag contains a Yokosuka jacket that I haven't worn once as it has dragons and shit on it and makes me look like some kind of gang member and has hung in my lovely wardrobe ever since.

    Somewhere that looks like Shenmue

    "No pics of Akihabara as the SHAME of even being present there means it's strictly a brisk walk down the street with head DOWN until it's time to duck into one of the 2nd hand game shops to update your list to see who's selling what game for 100 yen less than the other guys. Stopping to take a photo would involve so many eyes being rolled at you that even the Japs that camp outside gaming stores for three days to catch a glimpse of some idol or other would look down at you in pity and disgust. So no way. I don't know how the other guy managed it. Must have been Nyarth. Or an American. I do have some school girl pics but she's six and no I'd probably better not.


    "I know it's not a Sega World but it:

    a) has Sega in it
    b) is a big photo
    c) has a (kind of) video attached

    "It was in Kawaguchiko - yet another crane machine but this time someone has dared to put Disney crap inside it. Played a nice selection of Sonic themes though. Couldn't be bothered to film it in action, so just put the camera on the bench - it was too hot to piss about."

    A SEGA UFO catcher, not packed with rare NiGHTS plushes

    We nearly didn't use this photo as the photographer seems to be wearing cropped trousers and a sleeveless t-shirt, as is clearly visible in the reflection:

    Cropped trousers? On a man?

    However, the original photo's a WHOPPING 2448 x 3264 pixels in resolution, so we pretty much had to use it seeing as it stopped the Hotmail servers responding to all of Europe for the two hours it took to download.

    He did indeed attach a sort-of-movie in which you can hear the machine playing a decent rendition of the Starlight Zone theme. This is top quality reader interaction, especially over the festive holiday period when people usually don't give a shit.


    Simon went to Japan in January of 2002. He embarrassingly didn't have a digital camera in 2002, so these are primitive 'scans' of the photographic plates he made of his trip:

    Club SEGA from a slightly different angle

    "It's the same arcade in Electric city near the subway entrance that everyone likes to take pictures of, but from a different angle!"

    SEGA Joypolis

    "The famous Sega Joypolis, there were pictures on the Saturn game "Sonic Jam" of Sonic and Tails near this building. The Joypolis is located on Decks Beach in real life. This is coming up to the entrance in the photo."

    SEGA Joypolis - from the OTHER SIDE

    "When I came to the Joypolis early one morning, it was shut so I took a walk round part of the beach. This picture shows the Joypolis from the other side of the beach."

    SEGA Joypolis - the GUIDE BOOK

    "This is the front of the Joypolis guide book."

    Sonic Cafe. Just a blog

    "While in Electric City (near Club Sega) a nice Japanese women gave me this flyer. I don't believe there is a real place called Sonic Cafe, I bet it's just some web site somewhere, but it's nice to imagine."

    Great. Thanks.

    "It's the other side of the flyer."

    Robot shops

    "Leaving the Joypolis, and its time to cool down. What better way then beer/spirit/sake/cigarette vending machines out in the street!"


    "Really good as they had all the arcade versions of Virtual On you could ever imagine. Which was obviously great."



    Our fifth entrant, and the obvious winner, sent us one very boring photo of Club SEGA from far away, plus two photos of girls he claims to have spoken to and stood quite near with their implied consent.

    Club SEGA, again, from a marginally different angle and a bit further away


    GIRLS! In a place! Probably hot and sweaty!

    Happy holidays. Come back tomorrow when we'll have what will be 2007's most boring update about the time we went to find a closed SEGA World in London that had been turned into a newsagent. All you could see was the old sign. We took 100 photos of it. It's boring, but relevant.