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An animal? Inside a ball? Being steered around a series of mazes? We're no experts on intellectual property laws, but Hamsterball seems a little too close to a well-known Sega thing-in-a-ball rolling franchise for comfort.


Worst idea of 2005 Entry #2: The Mouse Police
It's at a budget price, but WHAT PRICE DIGNITY? Even two-year-olds would rather play games about smoking crack and kicking prostitues in the "fanny" than friendly cartoon mice.

Agent Chester will save the day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"The cheese store has been robbed. This is a case for Agent Chester" says the press release, written in the least-enthusiastic tone possible. The sort of tone you use when your dad tells you about the new road signs they've put up.

Mind you, if we had to write press releases about a game about mice stealing cheese as our main job, we'd find it hard to be enthusiastic too. Read more about the Mouse Police.

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