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Literally unbelievable gaming news - Final Fantasy XIII is no longer a PS3 exclusive. The game will come to Xbox 360, simultaneously, in America and Europe. Utter, utter, utter, utter DOOM for Playstation3.

Although whether it's possibly to additionally doom something that's already doomed we're not so sure.


Sweet joy. Couldn't give a toss about the game, but the tears of those who thought it would "save" PS3 will be glugged down by the pint tonight.
Blogger Durandal said...

Time for some Sony execs to fall on their swords.
Blogger Daniel M said...
I'm not been well-versed on all the details but I'm wondering what Sega's role is in this, I know there is one.
Blogger Peter said...
Utter, utter, utter, utter DOOM for Playstation3.

Wow!! After "Ultimate Doom" I'm really looking forward to this one! Shame it's on PS3 though.
Blogger fujiwaratofu said...
considering that Sony has a 8.5% share in Square(enix), its damning evidence of the total fuck up that is the PS3....we'll be seeing gran turismo 5 on the 360 next.

Blogger Apples and Oranges said...
And to make it perfect, FFXIII HAS to suck. Suck suck suck like Microsoft did to Square Enix. I'm hoping. I'm expecting it even since that franchise is already doomed. Just look at the last games anyway. I also hope the FVII remake (roftl, I hope it doesn't come true) also bombs. My perfect Shining Force III. Screw you Sony. Screw you Square Enix.
Blogger PhotoBoy said...
I've been having such fun trawling the internets tonight, reading all the illiterate, unintelligible tantrums of the IQ challenged PS3 owners raging at the loss of yet another so-called "Playstation franchise".

I can't wait to see what pre-rendered footage Sony have at their press conference that they'll try to con people into believing is in-game.
Blogger hahnchen said...
I'd rather you'd stuck the knife into Final Fantasy itself a bit more.

I mean, it'd have generated even more enmity, and that's always fun.
Blogger amagni said...
Wow, i've spent so long coming up with ways to trash Final Fantasy's dull turn-based combat, canned "summon" animations and ladyboy protagonists, now am I supposed to like it?
Blogger Dragonzigg said...
Justice. Surely the machine of broken promises will soon go the way of the dodo and the Dreamcast
Blogger Simon said...
Its fucking happening, its really fucking happening!

Sony is dying, they are choking their last, desperate gasps of stale air...

As soon as the glorious day arrives - their declaration that they will cease to be a hardware developer, there will be a very apparent power vacuum...

And only one company has the experience to take that power...

Daddy's coming home...!
Blogger mrplow said...
"whether it's possibly to additionally doom something"

If you're going to stick the knife in properly you should at least get the fucking grammar right.
Blogger Apples and Oranges said...
There was a PS3 add when I F5 this now. Oh the irony.
Blogger lmaonoob said...
On the other hand, this could be a sign of desperation on Microsoft's part. They must have spent 'a fair bit' to get this!

Also, I actually bought a ps3 on thursday - for the Blu Ray of course :-P

You probably won't care that I enjoy using it more than my 360.

But, you might care that I had a job buying one because they appear to be selling out.

By the way, Metal Gear Solid is very, VERY good.

So there :P
Blogger Mikey4u1984 said...
Mission: Angel of Death
Destroy Inquiry

PS3: Terminated

360: Pending Termination

Wii: Status Pending

Dreamcast: Immortal
Blogger lmaonoob said...
Terminated? You wish lol a ps3 is one of the cheapest blu ray players available and whether you like to admit it or not blu rays will replace dvds. So what do you think people will buy? Face it, Sony have the market by the balls and Microsoft will struggle! Nintendo won't though lol but then again it's not a 'real' console is it? :P
Blogger Steve said...
We wish lol a ps3 is one of the cheapest blu ray players available and whether we like to admit it or not blu rays will replace dvds. Lets face it, Sony have the market by the balls

How did one of them find their way onto UKR? This isn't xboxer. YOU'RE NOT WELCOME HERE.
Blogger Tysoe_J said...
I think what this site is getting at, Master Troll, is that the PS3 is a shit GAMES CONSOLE, nothing to do with the fact that it plays Blu-ray disc movies.
Blogger lmaonoob said...
For a shit console it plays MGS rather well. Sadly my other console (the 360) plays films on an outdated format. As it's actually cheaper to buy a ps3 than a blu ray player it made sense... See what i'm getting at? Because sony control that market they can do whatever they want, like make playstation 3s cheaper so more people buy them, looks like its working because they're actually selling out.
Blogger Carriageman said...
it will be a very long time before blue ray replaces dvd, just think about it are you really going to spend £1000's replacing all your current dvd's or are you slowing going to but new stuff on blue ray.
Blogger PhotoBoy said...
but teh blurays makes all teh ps3 games better than teh heatbox360 rofl. its even gots true hd gaming with gtaiv in high def 640p!!! take that lolbox360! lolololol!!11

Seriously, PS3 owners need to go and play Daytona on the Saturn or Dreamcast and not stop until they've realised that Sony has totally failed to embrace blue sky gaming.
Blogger Cunzy11 said...
I think it's time for them to make Sonanana.
Blogger P.P.A. said...
I'd much rather have a 360 Valkyria Chronicles. Still, nice.
Blogger EssBen said...
lol at the Sony fanboys here trying to defend the money they've wasted on a glorified video player. GypPlay > blu gay!

Doom on you Sony!

Blogger Apples and Oranges said...
"For a shit console it plays MGS rather well."

The term shit console doesn't apply only to it's game library, since it has really big and good titles: Rally Revo, Superstar Tennis, Virtua Fighter 5, Valkyria Chronicles and Yakuza (just a few good examples but other than that, it's a rather lame library). It's the console on the whole. I won't delay myself with this. You're clearly a fanboy so I won't bother.

"Sadly my other console (the 360) plays films on an outdated format."

And who the hell is talking about Xbox? And since when can the Playstation's failures be excused by another console's failures?

DVD outdated? You're a riot. Get your ass out of your house RIGHT NOW and go to some place where they sell movies. Last time I checked (yesterday) the DVD section was 10x bigger than the Blue Ray section. It is true that in some years it will be the next big thing but right now? Not really. Hell this summons Sony's career pretty well! Lies, delays and "in da future".
Blogger Ino said...
When bluray starts selling, there will be 70€ players in every big store. So there.

What to do if tou own a ps3:

- Sell your ps3 while it's "hot" or
- Keep it so in 50 years it will be "retro" and synonym with failure. so maybe will do well in ebay.
Blogger colin said...
Imanoob said:
Terminated? You wish lol a ps3 is one of the cheapest blu ray players available and whether you like to admit it or not blu rays will replace dvds.
Yes, Blu-Ray will replace DVD, in much the same way that Satalitte radio has replaced AM radio. It will become the default, more expensive standard in a dead market. Hooray.

I can't believe there are honestly people who still think Blu-Ray will actually replace the DVD market. Yeah, if there's one thing people want to do during global market instability (especially in the #1 consumer market, where there is basically a depression) it is buy all new TVs and all new, expensive things to play movies on.

Especially when the movies are more expensive! Add on that salespeople in all the stores have been told to tell them the cables alone are $75, and it'd be shocking if they didn't sell out all Christmas.

Now look at the kids today who watch more youtube than TV, and look at the number of internet connections. Then get an estimate of DVD sales compared to illegal DVD downloads. Now take all that together and try to believe Blu-Ray is really going to be the wave of the future. I mean, it's a upgraded compact disc. Who wouldn't choose that as something to buy during a recession? I mean, it's at least another three years before it is replaced by download services, and the massive DVD market will certainly die completely to nothing to step adside for Blu-Ray sometime this year.

Word verification: lusked: A new word for the net generation that describes when a technology fails because it is focused on the past and is releasing at the wrong time. Sample usuage: Blu-Ray is totally lusked.
Blogger lmaonoob said...
lol I only bought it thursday. And by outdated i mean NOT HD. I wanted to play hd films on our new tv and as it's cheaper to buy the console than a player what do you think I did? What do you think lots and lots of people will do as the format grows in popularity?
Blogger Ren said...
A lot has been said by Sony fanboy morons about how the PS3 will be a success simply because it has Blu-Ray.

Except nobody gives a shit about a new movie format so soon after DVD finally established itself over VHS (give or take a few years).

I dont know anyone who wants to have to buy their entire film library again in a format that offers nothing noticeably different over DVD (unless you own a 50 inch 1080p Hi-Def monster).

Besides why buy when you can get for free of the pirate bay.
Blogger lmaonoob said...
I like how everyone's balling me a fanboy lol it's not about replacing your ENTIRE collection. Most people will just stop buying dvds from now on and buy all the new releases on blu ray. That's what I've done so far. Don't most blu ray players upscale dvds? So I don't really need to replace my collection.
Blogger Gnac said...
PS3 is a cheap Blu-ray player like PS2 was a cheap DVD player.

In this example, the word "cheap" is a placeholder for "shit".

Samsung make Blu-ray players for half the price of a PS3, and there's no remorse about half the machine's potential being WASTED because there are no games for it.
Blogger Cmdr_Zorg said...
I think PS3's supposed to be a quite good Blu-ray player, thanks to being upgradeable - and therefore one of the few BR machines that won't become obsolete when the new "Profile 2.0" comes along.

Which is great, as Sony loses money on the hardware then doesn't make any of it back through game sales.

Thanks Ken Kutaragi, you're the greatest UKR undercover agent of all.
Blogger bilal said...
Gotta love how many people keep arguing in favour of the PS3's blu ray capabilities.


It's like telling someone your car's wicked just because it has good speakers.

I bought my PS3 just for MGS4(for now at least). I have a BR drive on my PC anyway so I really AM looking at my PS3 purely from a gaming perspective.

I don't care about FF at all, but it's funny that this has happened, just because it's made all these people angry for no reason.

And for all these 'serious' posters, just fuck off. That goes for the fanboys and the defenders of the crown.

The only things we should be defending on UKR are SEGA things.
Blogger colin said...
iamanoob said:
Most people will just stop buying dvds from now on and buy all the new releases on blu ray. That's what I've done so far. Don't most blu ray players upscale dvds? So I don't really need to replace my collection.

All the new releases? Yeah, last time I was in a Wal-Mart all the Blu-Ray releases were jammed into a tiny cardboard display in the middle of an aisle in the electronics section. DVD had, I believe, four aisles to itself. With selection like that, and basically no TV shows being offered on Blu-ray in any stores I've been in, people will have trouble enough finding Blu_Ray releases for quite some time yet. There's a tiny little retard section in the "Movie Gallery" here too, where you can rent six or seven recent Sony movies on Blu-Ray. It's where they used to place posters, by the exit door.
Blogger colin said...
Bilal said:
It's like telling someone your car's wicked just because it has good speakers.

I think there should be a UK:R contest to see who can come up with the most ridicules comparison like the above.

How about: it's like telling someone your 800 pound girlfriend is hot just because she has nice shoes.
Blogger Nick said...
Yeah, It's like telling someone that Steve Irwin is hot because he's, you know, dead.

Wait. What?
Blogger bbchops said...
This is a public service announcement: please DO NOT buy a very expensive games console in order to obtain a cheap blu ray player. See links for further details.

Deluxe design features with blue backlighting and a circle control design
Uses more power than my TV
Blogger Mik said...
It's like telling someone that there aren't any dogs when there are some dogs.

It's like letting someone beat off but then suddenly stopping them.

It's like going on holiday to China only to get murdered.
Blogger lmaonoob said...
I see the point, but they don't play games, browse the internet, store music, etc. They're not that bad. Oh, and you don't have to buy fans for the back to stop it over heating... Thought i should point that out :P

Strangely enough, my old launch day 360 hasn't broken yet. Is it a bad thing that no one believes me?
Blogger Wyzkowski said...
Replace all my DVDs with Blu-Ray?

No ta, I'll just download stuff off the interweb, or buy a pirate copy off some guy in a pub.

I prefer my media player to be spelt properly anyway.
Blogger kebabselector said...
Stringer: 'We're selling a lot of PlayStation 3s now and it's still the best way to buy a Blu-ray player,"'

Amazon PS3 £280

Amazon Samsung BD-P1500/XEU - Blu Ray Disc Player £196

Of course you get a 'Games' console with the PS3, but it kinda shits on the people buying it for blu ray excuse now.

Apparantly according to Stringer the Wii is a expensive niche. It's lack of full internet and Blu-Ray are a problem.

Aye, it's really not selling at all
Blogger lmaonoob said...
True, but for those that haven't moved on from the last gen yet and want a next gen console AND a blu ray player: 360 + blu ray player = more expensive than a ps3...
Blogger colin said...
lmaonoob said:
True, but for those that haven't moved on from the last gen yet and want a next gen console AND a blu ray player: 360 + blu ray player = more expensive than a ps3...

Okay, I'll play your game of "let's pretend Blu-Ray is something it is a good idea to invest some money into, and isn't actually doomed to fail:"

And if they wait until Blu-Ray may actually have enough movies and TV shows on the market to make that worthwhile, a Blu-Ray player will cost approximately 12 cents.

I gave a DVD player away to a passer-by on my way to tossing it in the trash the other day. True story. See, I had a newer, better one that cost $29.99 on sale. I'd have kept it for the bedroom, but there's already another decent one in there that I also got for about $30. By the time Blu-Ray could (in your imaginary world) reach the success of DVD, it will be similarly priced (i.e. it will cost next to nothing to get a player that is way better than the outdated and gigantic one in your PS3). People will all gather around to point and laugh at your ancient Blu-Ray player, and they will buy one for a 50th the price that will make yours look like ass. Your PS3 still won't have any games, and your Blu-Ray player will be gay. That will certainly prove to have been worth several hundreds of dollars a couple years earlier. Meanwhile everyone with a 360 will have a bazillion games, netflicks movies, and a 12 cent Blu-Ray player in every room of the house.
Blogger lmaonoob said...
It's a good job i have a 360 just in case then isn't it? That's if it still works by that time of course :p i can't guarantee the inevitable growth of blu ray will be the end of the 360 but it certainly won't harm ps3 sales!
Blogger Apples and Oranges said...
And you still haven't figured out... We don't care about either Sony or Microsoft. A hint, it isn't about Nintendo either.

LOL, grow a brain lmaonoob, your name surelly reflects you.
Blogger Shaun said...
SNK? Commodor? What else is there? i think we've named all the 'decent' ones?

I'm telling you you've turned into microsoft fanboys, the lot of ya!

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