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Yes, still allowed to put words on the internet. Often with accompanying images, too. The passwords have not been changed. We are surely honoured.
  • This thing about something we've all been sort of half looking forward to.

  • This thing which annoyed a few people who know about modern plastics and materials.

  • This thing about reading TXT MSGs on holiday.

  • This thing about The Mirror being shit.

  • This thing about the outdoor holding season, because you can't not use pictures like this when they come along:

  • Doing it outside

    Slight hint of milky-white cleavage = automatic 10/10.
    Blogger optimus prym8 said...
    If you bothered to read The Mirror article properly, you'd see that they were in fact talking about the fact that Microsoft were specifically putting money aside to cope with xBox 360 "Elite" console RRoDs. This is a new story. The 18-month old one is related to xBox 360 "Premium" RRoDs. Elites use a new cooler chipset which is (was) supposed to remove the RRoD problem.
    Blogger Grytpype said...
    "You may know much about technology, but evidently you're not very cognizant of materials technology. Even worse, you have basically no knowledge on bicycling safely, otherwise you'd have skipped the snarky cyclist crushing remarks."

    That's the best bit. Nice use of the word cognizant (to let us know we aren't dealing with a normal person, but someone brainy enough to know big words).

    It's reassuring how easy it is to annoy people.
    Blogger Cmdr_Zorg said...
    Optimus, that's bollocks. Microsoft even said as much. The Mirror "story" is referencing the initial $1bn from last year.

    I think we would've heard about it had Microsoft put aside another billion dollars.
    Blogger ian said...
    In short, would.

    Great example of holding too.
    I recognise this lass from her previous work.
    Blogger PhotoBoy said...
    I hate cyclists, even if they are "environmentally friendly" the 20 cars stuck behind them doing 15mph are all running at low revs and therefore polluting more. The additional time it takes for those cars to reach their destination also causes more pollution. So in short, bikes are responsible for global warming.

    Also, why are all cyclists colour blind? I've never seen so many red/green colour blind people in my life.
    Blogger Badben said...
    I'm with grytpype on this one. The first comment on the bike one is fucking great.

    You may know much about technology, Zorg!

    I love it when people on the internet get angry with other people on the internet. It's all so worth while...
    Blogger optimus prym8 said...
    furry muff, Zorg, furry muff
    Blogger Cunzy11 said...
    Phorenzik did another sterling job this week.
    Blogger Apollo said...
    She's one of the birds from the Ninja Gaiden photos a few weeks back.

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