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The Dreamcast logo was spotted at Blizzard's recent unveiling of Diablo III. It's the killer app that will steer Dreamcast 2 to massive international success!

Dreamcast 2 - official logo reveal

"Spent this weekend at the Blizzard WWI 08 and whilst sitting in the crowd watching Diablo 3 getting shoe horned out the door I noticed a strange creeping Dreamcast presence in the air.... Dreamcast 2 exclusive anyone? - Y3MBailey."

Everyone will run towards DC2

Nice tapering at the end of the spiral. It really brings the logo up to date. Plus the addition of a man running toward the logo creates a subconscious feeling that Dreamcast 2 is something to run toward - ie, it is desirable. Fantastic work, SEGA creative team.


Blogger wimhendrix01 said...
I love it that SEGAis keeping the logo Red. I think the red logo fits better in the UKR color scheme. I am sure that is the reason SEGA keeps it like that.
Blogger PhotoBoy said...
I'm going to print this logo out right now and glue it to my Dreamcast so I can feel like I'm playing the Dreamcast 2 already. I don't care if the glue ruins the limited edition Mazora paint finish.
Blogger bilal said...
Imagine being in an emergency evacuation led by a Sega nut:

"That's not the exit, it's just where they keep the Dreamcast 2. Follow me..."

... to their doom, mate
Blogger Mochi said...
Sorry to bother you in your bath, good sirs, but isn't this "Sega stuff spotted somewhere" thing a little bit gone too far?
Blogger Apollo said...
Yeah! What happened to ripping the piss out of things? Like Peckham!
Blogger AT said...
Am I the only person who's noticed the "Blue Sky In Games" banner has gone up on the UK:R homepage again? Are we set to witness a relaunch following the brave vanquishing of the PS3 demonseed? Please make it so.

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