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Look like SEGA's just launched the Saturn II in Bulgaria. It is no doubt a 'test market' to see how the public responds, before the global roll-out begins.

Bulgarian stock update

"On a recent snowboarding trip to Bulgaria, my friends and I stopped off in the capital Sofia for a day. While walking down the main street, we passed this shop. As you can see, someone has tagged the Sega Saturn logo, probably with the Bulgarian words for 'in stock'. Also, at one point they must have covered the logo up with some form of flyer, possibly saying sold out. We joined the queue to get into the shop to see if we could buy another Saturn, but unfortunately by the time we got in they didn't have any left. It seems that people in front of us were purchasing multiple consoles, presumably to sell for profit on ebay. They did have plenty of different PS3 packages on offer - Pete."

'Snowboarding trip' = 'Sex Tourism'

In unrelated Bulgarian SEGA news, here's what the logo of Sofia Airport looks like. Could the next reader who goes on a booze/prostitutes tour of Eastern Europe please get some hi-res photos of the sign? Thanks.
Blogger Pellizzari said...
Check this out: there's a Sega Construction Company in Brazil. Their logo is somewhat familiar.
Blogger PhotoBoy said...
Presumably the proximity of the Playstation and Lego logos indicate that the Playstation products are kept in the young children's section.
Blogger Mainman said...
That logic is ever-so slightly flawed; it would imply that the Nintendo 64 is/was superior to both the Saturn and the Dreamcast.

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