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A selection of other poorly-researched pieces we've actually been paid to create.
  • This thing in which we bravely resisted making references to wanking over Natasha Henstridge in Species, even though we've all done it. Often twice in 90 minutes, then a third time from memory in bed.

  • This thing about whirring noises.

  • This thing which was part of a compulsory series of updates in which we pretended to be excited about "E3."

  • This thing in which we did not pretend to be anything other than bored to eye-gouging by Gears of War 2.

  • This thing about a TARDIS wardrobe, because even though Dr Who has been dumbed down to such a level that household pets have to leave the room in disgust when it comes on, having your clothes stored in a TARDIS seems like a cool thing to do. Even if you'll be 35 in two weeks time.

  • This thing about a cheese grater with a face, because you can't not use pictures like this when they come along:


    You will like it or you will be GRATED. 10/10.
    Blogger nace said...
    UK:R In "Elsewhere On The Network" no pic of hot chick(s) scandal!

    Still would though.
    Blogger Urban Reflex said...
    Yeah, no hawt chix? 2/10

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