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It's from Ubisoft, unsurprisingly, which has just revealed a game called "Petz Sports" - no doubt hoping that combining several existing things people like will equal success.

Petz Sports Gear Auto The Hedgehog

A cute puppy, or a signal that the games industry as we know it has been replaced by machines that can turn the results of surveys into finished games in 48 hours?
Blogger Angry Tube Man said...
i think this post is a fine commentary piece on the state of games. and the world. probably the deepest and most significant post i've seen on UK:R yet.

i signed up just to say this
Blogger Mark said...
Clearly games of this quality are due to Ubisoft moving all their good developers to the yet unannounced Dreamcast 2 games!
Blogger Ren said...
If pet shows feature dogs the size of rhinos then im def going to start watching crufts from now on.

Either that or the stadium (Stadia?) was built by hobbits.
Blogger PhotoBoy said...
Someone at Ubi must have noticed that Nintendogs and Mario & Sonic at the Olympics both sold really well and deluded themselves that combining the two wouldn't be an utterly fucking horrible "idea".
Blogger Netizen said...
Ah come on, at least it has BLUE SKIES!!!!1
Blogger colin said...
I have to agree with Netizen. Let's see what we have there:
1) Blue Sky
2) A puppy
3) I think little puppy flags
4) A silly idea.

I'm not saying I want the game, but the youth of today would be better served by this than GTA and God of War stuff forever. They'd be much better served with Outrun, Sonic, or After Burner, but that's a discussion for another day.
Blogger Lewis Stools said...
More posts about Dreamcast logos please.
Blogger Mentski said...
There's no way the game can be as good as that screenshot.

Blogger Cunzy11 said...

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