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We suspect this was sent in as a bet. A dare, if you will, a dare to see if we would really post something as dull as a series of photos of a SEGA Master System Converter II.


SEGA Master System Converter II - photo exclusive

"A few weeks ago I bought a SEGA Master System Converter II on ebay. During the long search for one such adapter however I noticed that not only is this useful device quite rare, but pictures of it on the internet are very few as well!"

SEGA Master System Converter II - photo exclusive

"Starting a Google image search with the terms "Master System Converter II" will give you the first useful picture on page FOUR! Feeling that something must be done about this lack of images and remembering your article full of glorious Sonic CD screenshots created for the same purpose, I took my (parents') digital camera and took photos of the converter from each possible angle."

SEGA Master System Converter II - photo exclusive

"I even included a shot with the underrated Sonic Chaos inserted in the top, and one with the miraculous portal to the past sitting on top of my MDII+MCDII combo (with a not visible Japanese Sonic CD in the CD drive)! (If you're wondering why there is no 32X, it should be well on the way somewhere on the Atlantic ocean right now as I ordered one from Canada a few weeks ago.)"

SEGA Master System Converter II - photo exclusive

"It also should be pointed out that SEGA, in its caring way, had the brilliant idea of adding a small shutter to the top of the adapter to ensure that the machine's inner contacts don't get dusty! How nice, isn't it? Sincerely, P.P.A. (from Germany)."

SEGA Master System Converter II - photo exclusive

"PS: Next time I shall reveal the answer to what I'm sure every UKR reader has always been asking: Will the Master System Converter II work with a 32X in-between it and the console? Stay tuned!"

SEGA Master System Converter II - photo exclusive

Lovely. Thanks. Now, does someone want to take on the mantle of doing the Mega CD properly? You wouldn't believe the man-hours we've put in over the years trying to find a hi-res photo of one of those.

SEGA Master System Converter II - photo exclusive

And a professionally-lit PAL Mega Drive series would also be handy, should anyone have a dust-free boxed example and access to a studio. Hi-res TIFFs, please. You would achieve Google Images fame for eternity.
Blogger Halverde said...
I should photograph my Master System to Game Gear converter. That's a beaut.

Also, Sonic Chaos is shit.
Blogger Mark said...

idkpa: The noise you make after trying to insert yourself into a SEGA Master System Converter II
Blogger Halverde said...

Cyberstalking complete.
Blogger pag said...
Picture 2 is sulking Darth Vader.
Blogger Knifetotheeye said...
The Mega Drive II really is shit compared to the lovely original isn't it?
Blogger P.P.A. said...
What. You really kept that email? I'm moved!

And to add that, no, I found out the converter does not work with the 32X. :(
Blogger Branch-me-do said...
The 32X came with an extra slip of paper that you HAD TO 'Read carefully before operating your 32X'

'The Master System Power Base Converter cannot be connected to the 32X. Doing so may damage your unit'.

onfowjoc: the surname of the hot Polish intern who's just started working in admin
Blogger roman david said...
Wot no Fantasy Zone?
Blogger SMEGHaMMeR said...
what's that thing next to the xbox in the first pic?
Blogger Daniel said...
you want to see pics of rare console stuff i'd check out and it's forums as well.
Blogger P.P.A. said...
@SMEGHaMMeR: It's a PC-Engine Duo-R.
Blogger youngpip said...
Mega Drive II? Pah! NOOB!
Blogger bilal said...
I've got 6 Megadrives in the attic (original ones) including a couple with the 'high definition graphics' bit on them.

If I were to, say, photograph all six of them stacked on top of a PS3, would that be interesting enough? I could put the hidef one on top, thus inidicating that the HD era actually starts when Sega says it does.

ps. Happy birthday Zorg, noticed it on that little article about that Ninja Garden 2 figure
Blogger Cmdr_Zorg said...
Making the letters "MD" with your fingers and taking a photo would be good enough for an update.
Blogger bilal said...
I'll try and do both
Blogger bilal said...
also, how hot are you for sonic guide books? i've got a cute little japanese one i picked up for 100 yen. there's not much fancy in it, but it shows you where all the rings and televisions are on these lovely accurately hand-drawn level layouts
Blogger youngpip said...
"If I were to, say, photograph all six of them stacked on top of a PS3, would that be interesting enough?"

Yes, yes it would.
Blogger SMEGHaMMeR said...
Did the pc engine have some game called "burnin' rubber" on it? I played that on something when i was like 8 years old in a comet store and i cud never remember what console it was?
Blogger bilal said...
Wasn't that on the Amstrad GX4000?

I'm not saying it was only on that, but it's one of the highlights (if not the only highlight) of that particular machine.

In other news, the Megadrive/PS3 photo has been taken. Brace yourselves...

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