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Out in the UK on January 27 -- and WE'RE READY FOR IT!

One square for the front, two for the back
Blogger Sweet Henrietta said...
It's non-region-specific. You can order it from the US and it'll work on your 360 just like a PAL copy would, and it would cost less than buying it in the shops here even when you factor in postage.
Blogger スロ / Bernat said...
Man, you are the best, no one can beat you....xD hahahahahaha
Blogger Son_et_lumiere said...
Boobs omgzorz they have boooobs!

DOA is lame; SC2 is way better for many reasons, most notably who wants to use fists when you can have fuck-off-massive swords or demon swords or sticks ?

The legend will never die.
Blogger S.F.R said...
Yeah but what about SC3?

Or porn?

Both will be better and neither require an expensive new microsoft product!
Blogger Joe said...
Why does playing DOA make you have a cold? :(
Blogger Son_et_lumiere said...
Soul Caliber 2 is on GC and PS2 as well you dumbass.

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