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Too old.

Too young.

Too dead.




Young + rich + famous + popular + A REAL WOMAN = no point even thinking about it.

Looks like the newly-gorgeous Lara has it, then; and she's only a "Would but only up the arse to get her back for killing the Saturn."

Oh God, what time's Bargain Hunt on?
Blogger Matt Category said...
Tell me about it. David Dickinson is the only one any of us really have a chance with.
Blogger possession said...
Lara can only be a would if she has some surgery to sort out that grotesque clipping error that she calls an arm.
Blogger Bas said...
What game is the girl that's "too American" from?
Blogger Chris Andrews said...
Why's that Bas? Do you fancy your chances...
Blogger Bas said...
I'm going to print that pic out in high res, cut a hole where the mouth is, and...

Are there bigger pics?
Blogger  said...
Well, I did some research just for you, Bas. It would seem she is Diana Caprice ( ダイアナ・カプリス ) from Sakura Taisen 5 ( サクラ大戦V ). Unfortunately, all I've found are very small in-game shots and less-than-fantastic fanart.

A number of [small] in-game shots can be found here: I'm sure you can manage navigation.

Also, a previous mention of her on this site:

I wish you best of luck on your quest.

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