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A lot of (four or five) people have said that they "Don't get" the pictures of Princess Rinko we've been posting. Allow us to elucidate.

This is Sega. It makes things like Sonic, Panzer Dragoon, Seaman, Jet Set Radio, PSO and a couple of other things you might possibly have heard of.

This is Princess Rinko. She is a girl (those things on the front of her chest are called "TITS"). She is employed by Sega to pretend to be a pretty space princess like Ulala who loves Sega.

If you like men instead, that's fine - you can tell us. If you really hate Sega, only bought an Xbox when you saw it on the news and only read this site as an ironic pose then you can tell us. However, please stop saying that you "Don't get" pictures of pretty women and that they're "Not funny."

There is nothing to get.

There is no "Running joke."

We're not an ironic news site that pretends to like or hate things for comedy effect. we really do just love Sega things and looking at pretty girls. We hope you do too.

If the pretty girls in question are pretending to do things that allow us to consider that maybe they like Sega as much as us, then that's just even better.
Blogger [cf4]HumanShield said...
Blogger AoE said...
Agreed, agreed. Is it just me or does she always look a little cross-eyed though?
Blogger eagle said...
can i have some more examples of these
"TITS" you speak of?
Blogger RAM Raider said...
Cutlack - your posts are good enough - you don't need Teela posting nothing but crap to make your stuff look good.
Blogger accelaexp said...
princess rinko sucked my cock one day.

...oh, and of course she had taken her tiny crown off !
Blogger Hostile said...
Shit, now I want to map the SEGA headquarters. It's a nice building.
Blogger SMEGHaMMeR said...
Stupidly Pretentious..
Blogger horse said...
Ok I occasionally do read you site and I did get that Princess Rinko was an icon of Sega. After you mentioned TITS I decided to find out a little more about our Japanese friend, but Google doesn’t return any results apart from this site… what gives? Is she real or just a reject from a 1980s Japanese comedy??? Is there a Princess Rinko fan site out there???

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