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2006 is going to be the year of handheld gaming. No question about it.

PSP OutRun 2006 Coast 2 Coast


Yes, really


Text is so rubbish at getting across emotion :(


'10/10' UKR, today, without even playing it



Blogger JibberX said...
what the heck have I signed up for? Blogger what now?

Your crazed PSP delousions should stop, playing OutRun2006 on the PSP will surely be like playing with a catapult sans rubber band.
Blogger Sweet Henrietta said...
If someone gave me a PSP I'd put it on eBay in a heartbeat. It's like trying to play on a tiny shit PS2, the controller of which is like the face of a dualshock 2 glued to a house brick.
Blogger Son_et_lumiere said...
I agree, sweet henrietta. It looks quite early PS2 and shit from those shots.
Blogger Robin64 said...
Hm, not impressive at all.
Give me the big screen daddy any day of the week.
Blogger Al said...
Once more, showing why racing games should have bright blue skys, mushrooms for powerups and trippy multicoloured stuff for tracks. And be played on machines with more than one screen, obviously.
Blogger Bas said...
Get the PC version instead: high-res blue skies.
Blogger Joe said...
Oof, be a bit difficult to play with non existent travel of the PS2 analog slider. Holding drifts will be impossible.

PC version + steering wheel and pedals. The authentic arcade experience! Fag burns and bits of chewing gum on screen and controls not required.
Blogger Scott said...
Probably has a frame rate in the single digits. Midnight Run has made me very weepy about any PSP racing games at all.
Blogger Fireweaver said...
Why do people think that just because the machine is made by Sony, that Sega are going to lose all of their programing skills? Have some faith in Sega will yer! Do you think that SUMO are going to let a second rate conersion tarnish their record? NO! Thats not going to happen, Trust me I know, I'm the reader with the collection photos.
Sega are going to make sure Outrun on PSP is so damn good you'll want to cry!

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