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Everyone's a winner at the Sega Casino!

Sega Casino that we got

Cheapest turnips, 500 bells per apple guaranteed payout.
Blogger Mark said...
Only the pussy british would label a casino game 18+...Falls along the lines of your lame 18+ porno
Blogger lupin said...
Is the title meant to be an 'oh so subtle nod to the spambot on the forums?
Blogger Dan said...
It has the worst poker engine known to man.

I ended up with a royal flush, so it decides to award my royal flush to ANOTHER PLAYER.

An amazing bug.
Blogger convercide said...
The 18+ is a PEGI rating, so it's a guide to difficulty of the game. It's not a BBFC rating so IT ISN'T RATED LIKE A PORNO. *sigh*
Blogger Kempo said...
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Blogger Kempo said...
PEGI ratings aren't an indication of difficulty, they're a recommendation for who should be able to buy it, not enforcable by law like the BBFC ratings. Anything involving gambling tends to get an 18.

And they're crap.
Blogger S.F.R said...
That rating isn't to stop little kids playing this! No, it's not an age certificate, the PEGI rating is an estimation of how many units of the game will sell in the whole world.

As you can see here they are grossly over-estimating that number, but putting a big fat zero on would just make all the developers cry and drink a lot.

This is true because it's been written on the internet by a man with a hangover! The fountain of all knowledge.

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