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...but that's a good thing, because we shat ours when we saw the new year Sega has lined up for us! Sega Rally 2006 out next week, followed in February by Phantasy Star Universe and Sonic Riders! It's almost as if they were trying to hastily pat down the Shadow-The-Hedgehog-shaped lump in the carpet.

A very Sega New Year to all our readers, and here's a QUADRUPLE the Princess Rinko for your money. The two costumes in the middle are from some game for girls which has no joystick, just a slot to put cards in that represent pretty clothes and jewellery. It also has just one big button in the middle of the cabinet, so even your girlfriend can play it (if you read her the instructions first).

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Teela; you are SHIT. Please just let Zorg write your updates.


Blogger Matt Category said...
You may have got pants for christmas, but all I got was a bloody webcam.

I'll be back later with my low-cost live-porn site's web address.
Blogger RAM Raider said...
What Dan said.


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