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We can't compete with this kind of thing any more, not since realising the futility of collecting things you'll throw away the next time you move house, or sell for a bit less than they cost.

Here's Simon's amazing piles of stuff and his email about it all:


Just to let you know that I have the best collection of anyone that reads your site. These pictures are saved on my site so you can just click them to see them proper. Also before my head gets so big it explodes, I have new things that are not pictured. These are: Sega Action chair, Twin Dreamcast Arcade sticks and about 40 more games!

Just thought I would do this to piss people off! Well I’m off to play The New Zealand Story on my coin-op. BYE!

Simon S,


He knows a lot about games, but is MASSIVELY NAIVE when it comes to carpet and furniture.

His house must smell like a mouldy instruction manual.

All those games @ 40 pounds each originally = *SAD FACE*

Ah, but we've got an Xbox and a PS2 and a DS, plus one of those adaptors that lets you use a PS2 controller on your PC.

Running out of interesting things, but still not half bad.

Well he sent it to us so we presume he doesn't mind. Well done!
Blogger Son_et_lumiere said...
I bet he gets all the girls. I like the picture with all the consoles where the xbox is threatening to crush the tiny little dc!
Blogger mykel said...
Kudos! To be this good takes ages... :)

...and that rare ability to not hate yourself for being an adult yet still be investing your hard earned cash/benefits/the contents of any old ladies purses you may have forcibly acquired on copies of Transbot et al.

...oh and people at car boot sales who sell gaming stuff for <10% of what they're worth (let alone what they originally cost). :) yet also :(
Blogger Hamhock said...
Harry Potter playing on a "Go Pots" cab. How did it know?
Blogger beanie said...
what happens when this dude turns his fire on behind the wall of games?!!?!?!? he must because he's got some pretty nasty fire pokers in the shot.

short odds on this Essex lad having OCD.
Blogger bilal said...
he's not really playing on that arcade machine!
the screen's off AND he's on the player 2 side!
and what's this? why have a cab without 6 buttons? unless he's got another cab?
i don't think he honestly wants to piss anyone off, probably put that in as a little 'joke'. i mean, you can piss ANYONE off just by showing them a photo of something they don't have...
Blogger accelaexp said...
i have a huge cock but i wont post a pic of it because i dont want to piss ukr male readers off.
thanks to bilal i've seen the light.
Blogger megazoid said...
"Video games collections" are boring, they all look the same - just piles of cartrdges and stuff, if you saw one you saw them all.
Blogger oddity_ukr said...
Blogger John Hartnup said...
JAMMA only supports 3 buttons per player. 6 button cabs are "special".
Blogger Tomleecee said...
Who needs two copies of Panzer Dragoon Saga? Thats GREED...come to think of it, who needs (or would admit to owning) two Mega CDs?!?!
Blogger Pink Rabbt said...
cant believe that nobody has said this but...

this guy needs to get laid
Blogger eagle said...
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Blogger eagle said...
typical collector hes got seaman ALL over top of the ps2 pile!!!
Blogger bilal said...

two words - Densha Otoko

that git's given all sorts of people ideas now. they all think they've got a chance.

i'm telling you - he needs a 6-button cab. ladies love the jamma+
Blogger pinku no mizutama said...
LOL... SORRY BUT MINE IS LONGER THAN YOURS! Uhhm, larger... bigger. What I mean is... my COLLECTION, is NUMERICALLY SUPERIOR to your collection. :P

These are all estimates but: 200 PAL MD games, 20 JAP MD games, 30 PAL master system games, 10 PAL 32x games, 30 PAL saturn games, a few PAL sc3000 games (w00t!), 20 PAL MCD games, 50 JAP MCD games, 10 PAL DC games, 50 JAP DC games. I've sorta given up PAL collecting completely, focusing on japanese. And because all earth's base are belong to saturn, I've been focusing on my japanese saturn collection: 650 games and counting! woot!

I also collect for other non-sega systems, but that's limited to pretty much to a modest pal NES collection, scattered games on other systems, and a huge collection for one other system that you may consider to be linked with the devil (though this collection is almost as hefty as the saturn one).
I also have around 300 game music OST/AST's, of which a fair portion are sega-related! (including all the oldschool S.S.T. band stuff, through to the tragically hip next gen sonic stuff).

So in summary, I win the internet! yay me! Though, I'd trade it all for a kickass website such as this one. Just kidding! Your website doesn't kick ass... (Just kidding! It does, but I wouldn't trade my sega jubblies for it...)

Oh, and mykel said:

"...and that rare ability to not hate yourself for being an adult yet still be investing your hard earned cash/benefits/the contents of any old ladies purses you may have forcibly acquired on copies of Transbot et al."

So true, my friend, so true.

p.s. I have 4 copies of Megaman Wily Wars! Any one want one? (Just kidding! You can't have one...)

p.p.s. NO PICS! SORRY!
Blogger Son_et_lumiere said...
I think we need some photos as proof, pinko.
Blogger accelaexp said...
dont listen to this french named guy, pinku.
just send to ukr a picture of your sister naked for the "employee of the week" section.
ukr will credit you as her brother and we could have another reason to laugh at you if she's ugly.
Blogger Joe said...
Nice collection but oof, shite decor ;p. Have you got a MASSIVE HDTV to play them all on?
Blogger bilal said...
sorry pinku, but you lost the game collection fight when you said 'woot' more than once.

the rules are:

one woot means you forfeit your collection size - your collections are then equal no matter how numerically superior yours is

two woots and you lose the game.
Blogger pinku no mizutama said...
Woot-happy collectors unite: We will not be oppressed!
Blogger Fireweaver said...
Re: Panzer Dragoon Saga.

He does not have 2 copies of PDS as the game came with 2 boxes for all the discs (4 if I can remember correctly)

As the photographer of the above photos. I will admit that the arcade machine shot was posed and that these photos were taken about 6 months ago and Simon's collection has grown considerably. However unlike myself Simon still could not get his hands on an xbox 360 despite his attempts.

Blogger MP said...
For the love of God, sell it all and redecorate the living room!
Blogger dw2k6 said...
Collectors are wankers, whats the point of having multiple copies of a game? whats the point of having sealed games? Rich Wankers.

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