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A man saw this in Japan. Like all good men he took a photo of it for us to put on the internet:

SEGA Ashipuri - 10/10

"Dear UKR, there is a Sega arcade in Shibuya that has this bizarro Sega-made foot massage machine called Ashipuri. You insert your money, stick your feet in, select the part of foot you want massaged and then enjoy five minutes of bliss, making it better value for money than the Dreamcast version of Dynamite Cop. Kind of. Also I think it plays some sort of Sonic music but I'm not sure as the arcade was quite loud."

It says SEGA on it

This is where it says SEGA on it.

A stupid talking foot machine mascot

And this is how hot the Japanese are for stupid talking mascots.


Blogger dw2k6 said...
you stick your feet in and they come out just plain bone.
Blogger Cyber Razor Cut said...
That's where I'd like to hide dog poos and jelly fish.
Blogger Grumbler said...
Do you have to pay extra for a verruca?
Blogger jawa said...
I would keep my razor blades and used needles in there. Nice and safe and smelling of cheese.
Blogger macnet said...
I'm thinking on going tomorrow to the arcade center just to have a massage on my foot. I won't drive and I want grab a taxi or bus. I'll walk all the way just to be tired and get a good SEGA-Massage
Blogger Benjamin said...
I can always count on my favorite
"Sega-memorial site" to publish unique Sega bits to be regurgitated by the more secular websites.

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