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In a hilarious ironic twist, we're going to copy something from Kotaku today.

Specifically this update, in which lots of Americans say how many unsold PlayStation3s their local retail warehouses have.

It's happy reading time! Here are some quotes.
  • "The guy at Gamestop said that they have had PS3s all week that he could not get rid of"

  • "My local Best Buy has a nicely made-up, color, semi-permanent-looking sign on the door stating that they do not have any Wiis in stock. I got to the game section and they had a pile of at least 20 PS3s sitting on the floor"

  • "Went to pick up an extra Wiimote and a game and found the entire Nintendo section wiped out. Saw about 15 PS3s just sitting there though, no one even in the section"

  • "I have seen PS3s in stock at 6 different stores in the last 4 days in Northeast PA. 2 Walmarts, 1 Target, 2 Eb games, 1 Gamestop. Most of them had several and they were mostly 60Gb. Its very odd, but I know i don't want one"

  • "Best Buy in Barboursville, WV had 33 60GB PS3's at 1:30 yesterday. They opened an hour early to hand out tickets and no one was there. They had sold one from the time they opened till I was there"

  • "I work at a Target and we got 14 60gbs in on Saturday morning. The last one finally sold this afternoon. To put that in perspective, our Wii shipments which range from 20-100, they sell out in a matter of hours (if they last that long)"

  • "My Best Buy store (St. Louis) held 40 PS3s -- all 60 GBs -- for Sunday's ad. We sold a total of seven -- yes, seven -- the whole day, and one of them was later returned. Today we sold three or four the whole day"

    We were right all along and Sony is shit and doomed. It's just taken people a bit longer to cotton on than we thought. We should now Photoshop together some sort of amusing image illustrating how just doomed Sony is. Perhaps putting "Sony" on a picture of the Titanic might be a good start.

    Not that we can be bothered.

    The amazing Sonic Xbox 360 load time YouTube clip:

    That was an easy day.
    Blogger El GoFo said...
    You forgot that :

    Tekken 6 on x360

    take that sony shit-faces!
    Blogger Halverde said...
    Videos of game loading screens official rating: 2/10
    Blogger Guru Larry said...
    Serves Sony Fucking right. Half of those consoles should have been in British homes by now if they had kept to their word and noone wants one as they all want a Wii.
    Blogger mrplow said...
    is that sonic 360 bollocks for real? that's unbelievable.
    Blogger Baphomet said...
    Remember when Sonic Team were the best development team sega had? :(

    Blogger mat@theflat said...
    why do they make it so hard to be a sega fan :,(
    Blogger bilal said...
    it's obviously some dopey cock-up on their part that will hopefully be fixed with an update.

    i say hopefully but i'm not speaking for myself as i don't care cos i haven't liked any sonic games since they went 3D.

    from a technical standpoint there's nothing to justify all that loading anyway, but how the heck did it get through testing and QA? you'd have to be the most fanboyest sega fanboy around to allow that shit through.

    jesus H
    Blogger dw2k6 said...
    thats right! attack those kotaku poofs.
    Blogger Mr. Domino said...
    As if Sega can afford testing and QA anymore.
    Blogger Uninexen said...

    In the interest of capitalizing on the immense popularity of the 'Retro' craze, two seminal computer giants are merging to jointly develop an all new video games console. Founding fathers of the industry, UNIVAC and ENIAC are hard at work developing a games system to be entitled the 'MyNiiMo', both as a nod to Nintendo's latest offering, and to harmoniously integrate with the unified company's new name, 'ENI-UNI'.
    Philbert Gelume, head developer of the project, offered these details, "It's built enlisting the original technologies utilized in both the UNIVAC and ENIAC mainframes. Game data will be stored on spooled bi-scrolling punch card rollers the size of tractor tires. The controls are electromagnetic anvils interfacing with drum ocilloscopes. The finished product will weigh 13.1 tons and require 943 cubic feet of occupied space."
    Answering to criticisms of possible negative consumer reaction to the 'MyNiiMo' girth, Gelume responded, "It's really not that much different than the original Xbox."
    Launch games are to include, 'Selective Sequence Electronic Calculator', 'Relay Interpolator', and 'Bi-Quinary Coded Decimals'.
    In closing, Gelume revealed the product's slogan, 'Just because it uses Vacuum Tubes, Doesn't Mean it Sucks!'.
    Blogger dw2k6 said...
    in another ironic twist (not really) kotaku have put up a post about that loading vid.
    Blogger phorenzik said...
    For fuck's sake Uninexen. Your posts are fucking hard work sometimes. I have every intention of reading them, but I always lose interest part-way through.
    Blogger Uninexen said...
    Sony could televise a new commercial...instead of crows and a baby, it could be molting vultures chawing on a mummified geezer...
    Blogger Bas said...
    I hope those PS3's will still be there at the end of the month, when people get payed. If they are still there, PS3 has lost.
    Blogger jawa said...
    Blogger Bas said...
    Sorry, I was reading the comments in the kotaku article. It said people are not buying PS3's right now, as they're all broke from the holidays. If at the end of the month, when people are fully recovered and have the money to buy a PS3 again, and it still doesn't sell, we win.
    Blogger Richard said...
    "It's really not that much different than the original Xbox."

    Slightly smaller than the Saturn then?
    Blogger bry159 said...
    In closing, Gelume revealed the product's slogan, 'Just because it uses Vacuum Tubes, Doesn't Mean it Sucks!'.

    This reminds me of Zork Grand Inquisitor:

    "Perma-Suck. We don't make things that suck; we make things that suck, permanently!"
    Blogger Sereni7y said...
    Is it just me that can't believe Sony have been fucking stupid enough to have an 'alliwantforxmasisaps3' site too?

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