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Stick this up your manual, Need for Speed:


If you can't handle this sort of thing, buy a Wii and sit down at the back of the room with the fat kids, the elderly and the disabled.


Blogger tentonipete said...
WOW! Alex Mack is a playable character?!
Blogger whizzedoutwoz said...
Blogger El GoFo said...
Yeah right! old school combo style! so much better than button-mashers à la soulcalibur II....
Blogger JibberX said...
finally you post some girl on girl akshun
Blogger kabbes said...
Bah. That's just three punches, a kick and into the Tenchi In'you stance. Is that really the best you can do? Perhaps it's *your* turn for Need For Speed.
Blogger Mentski said...
Old school combos my fat arse. Deep Jumping HK, to ducking MP, to Hadoken. Thats a fucking old school combo. 3D beat-em-ups turned combos into one giant remember the button presses game, with preprogrammed combo chains.

Bunch of shite. As much as I love Sega, VF is NOT for me.
Blogger b00n_doggle said...
Blogger bilal said...
lol mentski that's the kinda thing right there. VF kisses SF's butts (except the movie game and the EX ones), and the other 3D fighters kiss VF's butt, thereby indirectly licking SF's fireballs
Blogger Gwyn said...
Real fighting games have more than one punch and one kick button. Enjoy your fail.
Blogger Benjamin said...
I wait for the day where developers grow a brain and release 230 button fighter, one for each joint in the human body. Buttons will be assigned hexadecimal names and will require five people to control each fighter. There will be only one fighter selectable and no gameplay, as the buttons alone will be enough to awe the masses into crowning it the greatest fighter ever.
Blogger SMEGHaMMeR said...
hahaha shit hot mentski, how about deep fierce punch to standing fierce uppercut to fierce dragon punch...that's a fucking brutalizer =]

Did u have that sf2 expert players guide too :P

3d beat em ups are shit, where's the version of streets of rage online i've been waiting for the past ten years...?
Blogger The Rod said...
Blogger Mentski said...
Yes, I did indeed have the SFII expert players guide. And as for Streets of Rage, you DO realise (an almost finished version of) the rather excellent remake was released on Jan 31st? - get it before Sega get legal all over their arse.
Blogger Starke said...
Mentski is 100% correct.

Combos these days are retarded memory games for people with no instinct.
Blogger Mentski said...
As a last word on this subjuct, and to blatently cash in on fools - Mentski Industries is proud to present FIGHTING PAD 2007, get the edge on all your 3D fighter playing pals, using our patented buttonpress training technology!
Blogger SMEGHaMMeR said...
awesome mate, cheers for the link =]
Blogger GiantEnemyCrab said...
Like remembering street fighter moves is a completely different thing?
You still need to remember all the moves for the characters, their hit ranges, precise timings etc. Virtua Fighter is the same deal, just more so.

Quit your bitching just cause you don't have a 'strategy guide' for it.

That SoR-Remake is pretty damn good. Love the music!
Blogger Starke said...
There's a difference between the standing, jumping and crouching moves for lp mp hp lk mk hk and 3 special moves and learning literally hundreds of multi-button combos by rote.

Don't get me wrong, I love DOA4, but it's fucking idiotic.
Blogger Mentski said...
GiantEnemyCrab, I am very sad to hear about the sand in your vagina. I hope it clears up.

At least there WAS a strategy to comboing in the SF games, You had a choice of moves/specials and you CHOSE which order to put them into for your combo.

Nowadays all you do is fire off a chain of buttonpresses to trigger a preassigned combo with a (usually motion captured) animation tied to it.

It's idiotic, unintuitve, and completely does away with the creativity involved in 2d fighters.

Irony being of course that SFII wasn't even officially programmed with a combo system in the first place, people learned to exploit priorites and animation timings to chain moves together.

Sadly modern games designers dont want you to show any originality. Because, you know... that would show them up, because they certainly don't have any originality of their own.

Worse still capcom are prime culprits when it comes to how much unoriginal shite we put up with now. It's a sad, sad world.
Blogger GiantEnemyCrab said...
"I am very sad to hear about the sand in your vagina. I hope it clears up." oh i see what you did there... genius really. will you be doing stand up?

Don't think this is someone saying "3D >> 2D LOLZ" etc. ST and 3rd Strike are among my favourite games, I gladly sign myself up to play those at any tournament I attend.

But Virtua Fighter is the deepest fighter there is, 2D or 3D. Getting more and more technical with every revision. It's initial difficulty can put people off.

Grouping the series in with other beat em ups like (eg. DOA) makes little sense. Virtua Fighter is designed with top-level play in mind.

The creation of an original play style comes from the way in which a player uses the staggering amount of moves each character is given, for the situation.

Of course if you prefer to read other peoples strategies to finding your own. then yeah... it's not for you.

Saying that though. Top-level play in any fighter can be incredibly deep.

My point is this, saying "2D fighter rule....3D suxorz" or vice-versa is retarded.
Blogger Mentski said...
"Of course if you prefer to read other peoples strategies to finding your own. then yeah... it's not for you."

haha! I see what you did there, you have latched on the fact I said I had a guide book, which I quoted to show what a real "old skool combo" was (in all honesty I don't think ANYONE would ever use for anything more than beginnner level learning, Julian Rignall wrote the foreword, for fucks sake) and YOU think I just take my tactics for them!

Not only that, it seems to be the thing in my posts you seem to want to drag up in an attempt to put me down, that and a rediculous attempt at making me look like some kind of fanboy!

Oh, man, my Comedy schtick IS old, you should be standing on stage in fucking Jongleurs with combacks like that, you'd have no problems with hecklers!

As long as they had a hecklers expert guidebook, obviously.

I find VF dull, It just doesn't polish my Joystick. It never will. What you call "deep" I call "So mind numbingly boring that only an asperger's sufferer will take to it". I probably have Adult ADD or something.

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