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Sega Amusements Europe has employed a pretty girl! And it's so happy about this it sent out a press release and photo - for which they made her wear hot pants.

When we expand UKR and get an office we'll DEFINITELY only employ hot women and make them wear hot pants, like it's still the 1960s when you were allowed to do stuff like that and they had no choice but to let you pinch their bottoms else you could sack them.

Ruby Jones! We'll be able to guess her email address in less than 100 goes

It's political correctness gone right.

Show Me Your Ball Skills!
Sega Amusements Europe’s expanding promotions team has landed a beauty with a potential Miss U.K. now on the team! Ruby Jones who is assisting the company promoting WCCF is a Brighton finalist in the contest.

Sega’s promo team now covers the UK, Spain and Germany with around 30 members to hand, emphasising the dedication and importance the company gives to supporting its products in the market place.

Since the appointment of Mark Beauchamp as Promotions Executive in February, Sega has built up the team to support WCCF from point of installation training staff through to running tournaments and doing tutorial sessions for players.

Mark commented “Naturally her talents are drawing the crowds and helping WCCF players enjoy the game! Her football knowledge is superb, and whilst many players just need an intro into the game, others like the detail that she can give about the games finer intricacies”.

The company confirms that WCCF is going from strength to strength with installations occurring weekly across Europe still and a growing fan base using the official forum at and the unofficial one
Blogger SMEGHaMMeR said...
Brighton finalist of what?

I'm guessing they found her in that sega park thingy. But she must have been lost..

Drugged and peddled to the masses via press release.
Blogger Alex said...
Blogger Dave said...
She can definitely show me her ball skills.

(geez Sega, are you really allowed to have press release titles like that?)
Blogger J3110 said...
WTF is a girl?
Blogger steve said...
There seems to be moles or whatever all over her thighs.
Blogger Haarball said...
I was in Brighton, and all I saw was old people. This isn't right.
Blogger spleen said...
Guys. What the hell is wrong with her face? Her eyes are mashed. She looks like a fortunate mong.
Blogger Jill Sandwich said...
Those pants aren't nearly hot enough. They're Primarktastic! And her eyes are slightly crossed.
I love me some WHITE LEGS JESUS
Blogger Leon Ahoy! said...
She is attractive, though, if you're going to tan, make sure it's all over, or stay natural, which is nice!

Probably the finalist at Miss Brighton Bingo 2006.
Blogger Stuart said...
is that picture taken side on to hide a mahoosive camel toe? Well they aint fooling me.

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