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"I found a whole shelf of these languishing on a shelf in Fulbourn Tesco (just outside Cambridge)"


BUY ONE NOW! Or wait another week and get one from the skip.


Blogger jawa said...
Still too expensive. Maybe if it was 6.53.
Blogger GiantEnemyCrab said...
He should be in a kart.. like in drift.... then maybe it would be worth the whole £9.98.

Even if he was looking straight ahead that would be better. Hell, if was wonky eyed it would be brilliant
Blogger Tony said...
Well, I'd rather put my £9.98 in the toilet that try to eke out some fun with this. Kids today don;t know the real Sonic, not like I do :-(
BTW, what's the problem at SEGA? Why has every single Sonic game been so amazingly shit for the past 5 years? One more and I'm fucking out.

PS And yes Aonic Adventure 1 & 2 sucked rancid donkey balls for pennies.


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