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Some new girl gaming clan mash-up splinter-group side-project thing involving everyone's favourite Frag Doll and some other girl thing we recognise from a million internet forums has sent in a video clip of them wearing sexy gloves and looking at the camera - as if they might be looking at us!

This kind of reverse anticipatory stalking is confusing and has put us on the defensive. Still, we'll power through as it's pictures of girls:

It's Vixen and Siren. It must be confusing being a girl on the internet and keeping track of all the pretend names you have to use to stop men finding you and killing you. They say they're going to tell us what games to play. At least this time it won't just be the UbiSoft back catalogue.

The game we're thinking of playing at the moment is Put The Sausage In That One's Mouth While That One Feels Our Bottom And Says We're Really Nice And Funny. You can see them ACTUALLY WALKING AND TALKING LIKE THEY'RE LOOKING AT YOU here.

The proper gallery.

The fantasy scenario we've built up in our heads around the above photo is this: They're both trying to look as sexy as possible to make us like them, and if there's no clear winner we can have both.


Blogger tentonipete said...
definitely wankable.
Blogger schteddy said...
are they in Milton Keynes?
Blogger cheeba said...
Ooh, that Siren :)

Bottom pic: Would DEFINITELY and yeah, probably.
Blogger Michael Rossell said...
You get sent a video of them looking sexy? I just got pictures.

Time to post risky, inappropriate comments about their bits on BXB's front page me thinks!
Blogger Hamstermemnon said...
Wow, BXB get their news from UK:R.
Zorg, I am suitably impressed
Blogger bilal said...
what's BXB?
Blogger Hamstermemnon said...
Blogger Kieron said...
I'm not a huge fan of nerdbaiting girls, but when they got the Katanas out, I was sold.

Blogger mrplow said...
They look a bit like B*Witched rejects
Blogger Rag Rappy said...
"I'm not a huge fan of nerdbaiting girls, but when they got the Katanas out, I was sold."

Too bad they clearly have no idea what they're doing with them.

Unconvincing use of props to look sexy: -3
Blogger Chris said...
Rag Rappy, you've let daylight in upon magic there for me. Until you said that Katanas were props, I though Kieron had come up with a new euphemism for breasts.
Blogger Rag Rappy said...
"I though Kieron had come up with a new euphemism for breasts."

Hmm. Maybe he did. He probably gets the "special edition" promotional stuff.

Anyway, the swords were unconvincing but top marks for effort on the gloves. They have a pseudo-cosplay "lol that is silly but secretly it looks quite filthy maybe I am a geek after all" charm about them.
Blogger tentonipete said...

they have more videos.

vixen is SO westcountry.

giveaway word: dreamcaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaast

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