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Entirely by accident, two men thought of us. Not in a gay way, although that does happen quite a lot. No, these men thought of us because they both saw something old and weird and BY SEGA! Both old one penny fruit machines. By SEGA!


This one says SEGA on its 'nose' and has an 'eye' missing so looks really cute. This also looks like a girl we used to fancy at school. Maybe that explains the weird SEGA fixation? We couldn't have Sarah Kendall, but we CAN HAVE SEGA PRODUCTS.

Still glad we didn't live in the 60s. They had no internet or toilets

This is a different one, probably a more recent model what with the stylised retro-futuristic SEGA font that looks like it's from the 60s when the 60s tried to imagine what the 80s would look like. .

SEGA - forward thinking, even in the 60s

Imagine having that font. Imagine using Word and having that as your normal font! Or imagine having a long-running SEGA-based web site and having that font so you could make a new logo with it.


We don't often get excited over fonts, but wow. That's one hell of a font. Even if you've only got a version that works on a Mac, send it to us. We'll buy a Mac.

That's worth 50 quid in today's money

Actually, the usage of the term "old penny" here suggests this machine was still in service post-decimalisation, which took place here in 1971. Which means it pre-dates that time as it was constructed to use the out-dated coin. Therefore, we're going to predict this machine was built in around 1965. Unless YOU know better...


Blogger Hell Pé said...
There's one font like this>here.
I have this one on my hard drive, so I can send it tou you if you want.
Blogger Blackadder Hall said...
A similar baby was on ebay this very month and sold for £77.
Blogger Wratty said...
its like that first episode of back to the future where everything is written like that. except sega got there first.

i think

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