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It's SEGA's Grand Prix fruit machine! The man who sent this to us suggested we do a joke about it being "the prequel to Virtua Racing" but that wouldn't really work, for reasons we'll outline in the caption.

SEGA's Virtua Racing *precursor*

A prequel is something made AFTER the original, that looks at earlier events. This obviously isn't a prequel, but could perhaps be described as a precursor. It's a common mistake people make.

Has anyone got a hi-res PR photo of nu-indy pop starlet Lily Allen we can have? Only we've got a new Employee of the Week ready to go, and want to be all down with the kids and put up a photo of her.

This is the best Google and Myspace has got:

Lily Allen - Would, but not if her dad was in the house

We need something a bit ruder or sexier or at the very least at a better resolution. There's a good one in Word magazine this month, but we're not buying that piece of shit.
Blogger Son_et_lumiere said...
Eww. She's fugly.
Blogger Blackadder Hall said...
You'll be shitting a brick if her dad finds out you want to wank over her baby-smooth back.. Its only TV "nutter" Keith Allen!

..err you probably knew that already
Blogger HundredHander said...
It's good you're doing employee of the week again.
Blogger Michael Rossell said...
I listened to her song Smile and she said "fucking". The dirty potty mouth can go **** a **** up the **** with a cold ***** if I'll listen to anymore ******* ***** like that, cunt!
Blogger Benjamin said...
Maybe she's just angry she hasn't had her salt lick yet?

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