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We're really getting into women's feet these days. If a girl isn't wearing sexy shoes, she's not worth looking at twice or following home down a poorly-lit path.

"This little piggy went to... UP MY ARSE"

"...and this little piggy stayed at... IN MY HOT WANTING MOUTH"

"...this little piggy had SEXY TIGHTS PULLED OVER IT"

"... and this little piggy had FUCK-ME RED NAIL VARNISH ON IT"

"...and this little piggy got COVERED IN SPUNK, ALL THE WAY UP TO THE ANKLE BONE"

We're out of our depth here. We just don't know enough about foot fetish terminology to pull this off.

"Phwoar, nicely rounded balls"

Next week: Lara Croft's DEFORMED FOOT NIGHTMARE.


Blogger Grill said...
You've got some grrrrreat google ads down there....
Blogger Tomleecee said...
Tsk. None of them have ankles. How did Tecmo mess up so spectacularly?
Blogger schteddy said...
Something's wrong. Sonic is outside the GAME shop on Oxford Street right now advertising the DS lite.

He's looking quite good though, his shoes were nice and shiny, though that's probably because they were made out of plastic.

Poor man
Blogger polsy said...
The fourth picture is disturbing me. She seems to have had her right foot amputated.
Blogger bilal said...
you are mistaken - it is actually buried in the sand.

it also has red nail varnish on it.


well, the caption said...
Blogger Cyber Razor Cut said...
Sonic was probably working in Oxford Street because Zorg forgot his 15th birthday.
Blogger Baron Von Beppin said...
Thank you Commander Zorg.


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