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It's more VersusTV and Vixen means the Dreamcast and a Dreamcast game! We thought girls like this had all died out (at our hands).

She then ruins it loads and makes us lose our erection by talking about Tekken 5 for ages, then the Tekken 5 loading screens, then how there's a "Customise" option where you can customise your character. You could say she loses focus a bit. Still, all we're thinking about is "Wow, she has a Dreamcast!!" so we're guilty of losing focus too.

She also plays Sonic Rush in another one. If we were to ever meet her, we could fill in all the awkward silences by talking about Sonic Rush. We could ask what her favourite level is, then say "Oh" and that would be a conversation with a girl! We would then write the time and date down in the notebook we have where we list all the times we've spoken to girls.

Watching this other one is like actually having a girlfriend! She's rambling on about something for ages, and all we're doing is wishing she'd shut up and let us concentrate on watching the telly.

It's quite interesting to see what happens when you just leave a girl talking on her own for ages. They literally go quite mental! Here, she's started playing a Tamagotchi game and is listing the kinds of shops in it! There's a cleaners where you get to wash and iron clothes, for example!

We still like Siren, even though she said on her forum that UKR "is certainly very predictable" and that "you just want them to do something to surprise you rather than running over the same old 'we're so UN-Politically Correct it hurts' stuff... y'know?" which is actually quite a fair point that we'll seriously take on board.

"BTW", this isn't stalking if you're one of their boyfriends or the police, as they actually put the videos up on the internet themselves for us to watch, so we're allowed to watch them and probably even allowed to pause and rewind them and watch certain bits again 100 times. We're also not saying it's rubbish, as we love watching their work. It's mesmerising!

In fact, Versus TV is the BEST THING ON THE INTERNET right now. Please make more of it and please can we be in it as special guest stars one day. We're much more polite in real life and will practise what we're going to say beforehand so we come across as funny and interesting.


Blogger Dave Shwede said...
Some of the comments on the VersuS Forum about UKR are so funny. Most of the guys there must be very effeminate or botty bashers! omg they’re slagging off my dream girl lets rant about it on a forum blah blah.. Get dead ffs!
Blogger tentonipete said...
ahaha they quoted my westcountry dreamcaaaaaaaaaast comment on their forum too. we've narrowed down the location to somewhere in the westcountry. there's canals or something there. it can't be bath because people there talk too posh. i reckon it's trowbridge or devizes.

there have to be more clues in the videos.
Blogger oddity_ukr said...
haha pwnt

you do know this lowers your chances of a shag considerably if you ever get to meet the two loverlies in question.

(probably at some kind of g4min\G event for gamers, you know)

space girl
Blogger Tomleecee said...
What's happening to UK:R?! Have a word with yourself Zorg...
Blogger SpeedSwan said...
I must confess that I've enjoyed an unhealthy amount of time perusing the VersuS blogs and forums.
It is quite possibly the most unintentionally funny website that I've ever seen.
However, what really makes me cringe is the frequency of Vixen's lip-smacking in her video blogs. Having seen myself talking on video and determining that I both look and sound like a total tool, I just find it hard to believe that she has ever actually reviewed her pearls of wisdom.
'Okey Chokey' - This is neither cute nor sexy - it might be a reference to some hilariously funny TV show that I've missed since I've banished myself to California, but nonetheless, it's a bit shit.

Right, I've gotta clock one off to the latest 'Spacegirl' posting
Blogger Uncle Chi said...
It was, well, erm, does make me wonder where they are planning to get with this. Does anyone remember a late night show about games, was on Ch4...that was plausable. Just about.
Blogger S.F.R said...
This is all Emily Booth's fault.

I can't tell if this is crap or not either. I feel compelled to make snarky comments because I think deep down, somewhere, we all know this is crap but I'm having trouble thinking of clever ways of saying it so I don't look like the twat that I think deep down, somewhere we all know that I am.
Blogger Uncle Chi said...
It's not like you can't work it out from the accent. Damn if they were evidently Geordie (which would make both of them randy and sexually deviant) then would pointing out they "may" be from Newcastle be problem?
Bit paranoid isn't it. Good job most forum members aren't the same, with being IP trackable with every post :)
Blogger accelaexp said...
there is no point in tracking them down. these chicks obviously fuck together.
i'd rather harass them for making a more interesting show like, "Vagino Games roxxx" or "Female Gaymers United" or "Pacwoman: Eat my pill" or "Lesbian NESticles" or ........
Blogger Russ said...
Dave 'Games Animal' Perry also lives in this city we cant mention.
They should interview him.
Now that would be a meeting of unparralled crapness.
Blogger pubehead said...
been to the site, thought it looked ok actually. A lot smegging better than the cnting fragdoll muppets. Find something worth writing about UK:R. I miss the good old days when this site was funny and not just blah blah whatever. This isn't satirical it just seems forced. It would be funny if it was the PMS girls with thier big fat lezzy fag smoking photos trying to sell "femininity." Reality is these two may be hotter but they arn't digging thmeselves a hole like frags,pms and all the "pro grl gamerrr" sh1tbags.
Bring back oriental birds with gadgets!
Blogger Bluetooth said...
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Blogger Bluetooth said...
Ooh, someone's got a wee crush on the VerSUS X girls! You are ONLINE PROTECTOR DESIGNATE! Good luck trying to take a joke.

As for the Oriental girls... because they're much easier pickings, eh?
Blogger S.F.R said...
I think, actually, yes they have dug themselves their own holes. Uh. Anyway what I mean is
what they are is some girls who just so happen to write a game review site.
But also just so happen to have glamourous self-promotional pictures of themselves.
That has nothing to do with games. So if they really "believe that by drawing attention to gender you create a barrier that is otherwise irrelevant"
then why do they then go and say "Oh, by the way, just take a little look at this video of me in a mini-skirt
running around shooting aliens and wearing a miniskirt"? That isn't exactly a games-review site so much as a
view-some-girls site. It's only natrual that more and more girls will become gamers and its
only natural that people will stop writing down their games reviews and film them instead
and just sort of talk about the games with their faces. Then it's only natural to dress up
in costumes and hold weapons while taking a never ending stream of self promo photos,
when your not posting on the fucking fragdolls site.
It's not like the next thing UK:R are going to do is film a little video of themselves running around in speedos
it doesnt really have much to do with games.

They take pictures of themselves holding guns standing next to graffiti covered blocks of cement.
Because it's not about the games it is about them. And in a lot of ways, it has to be, because no one
really gives a shit about game reviews. You have to think of something new, like plastering pictures of hot
girls all over the place or making it clever and funny.

That is why no one ever reads EDGE anymore.
Blogger DaveP said...
Fuck yeah!!! I want to see a youtube of all the UKR contributors running around in speedos shooting aliens!!! that will be FUCKING AWESOME!!!!

I think purely for the cause of equality it should be done.
Blogger Vixen said...
I'd like to see that toooo!!
Blogger Siren VS said...
I found their forum guys.

You know what to do......
Blogger Siren VS said...
I found their forum guys.

You know what to do......
Blogger dw2k6 said...
"I found their forum guys.

You know what to do......"

watch her command her clingy socially rejected minions!

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