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That's what the man said, but we still made him take some photos of it anyway because it's a thing with Sonic on that we've never seen:

Sonic fruit machine

To this day, we still don't understand how fruit machines work. Why, for example, is that bit flashing and saying 'multiplier'? What button do you press now? There are never any instructions on them. How do people learn these things? Is it the sort of skill you only learn in prison, like how to hotwire a car and how to make methamphetamine from household products?

Sorry this is such a boring update

Eight pounds was probably quite a lot of money in 1992. We can't remember, due to being really young. Like, maybe only 20 or 21 if Vixen, Siren or any girls on MySpace want to know.


Blogger phorenzik said...
I once had a go on one of these at a crappy arcade in Matlock. I won the 8 quid jackpot AND got a repeater. £16 quid! ACE. I also lost about 21 notes trying to win on a Mario bandit too (in the same arcade)......come to think of was the BEST arcade ever!
Blogger Hamstermemnon said...
I'm sure they used to have one of those down the Angel when I was a college, in which case I must have won on it or I wouldn't have had any beer money and so would be able to remember
yeay BCFE
Also I am sure there a bloke in Wickham Bishops thats got all sorts of happy horse-shit of the fruit machine veriety AND HE OWNS A COIN OP CONTRA
Blogger Hamstermemnon said...
strangely enough I have managed to avoid going to prison ( once I sorted out that small mis understanding with the 1990 5th of Chelmsford High School for Girlies ) yet I know how to hot-wire a car (easy but inpractical, the hard part is the steering lock)
and methampet should be simple enough in theory
Blogger Rag Rappy said...
You don't really start to understand "bandits" until you've lost that weeks food money on them, and cried for the rest of the week.

"It's gonna pay. It's gonna pay. It ... it ... it has to pay soon ... surely ..."
Blogger Lacey said...
As far as I know (I last played on it two years ago) there is one of these in an amusements centre on Salisbury Road in Cardiff.... I seem to remember it playing the Green Hill Zone music when you got on the feature board and the Invincibility music when you got teh nudges.

Also, I think it did the classic "SEEEEGAAAA" when you put coins in which was all the reason I needed to fill it with 5p coins :)
Blogger schteddy said...
There was a Mariokart 64 machine in Dover Hoverport about 7 years ago.

That's a port for hovercrafts and 'seacats', not for flying cars.
Blogger Dogmeat said...
You had me all excited there for a minute schteddy. I almost though the future had arrived... As for the fruit machine? £8 jackpot's a bit paltry.
Blogger Sl1pstream said...
So I was cleaning up the basement of a shop that was going to be renovated and I found an old Sonic 3 poster. Should I steal the poster?
Blogger Cj said...
Sonic was one of the worst machines ever made, compare it to likes of Impulse (the machine not fragrance) which could pay 60+ quite oftem. There are guides somewhere on for this machine, i am sure its rated as pants.
Blogger Ted said...
Dudes, this fruit machine (as well as hundreds of others) is fully emulated on PC

Sonic uses the MFME emulator, and is availale here:

Anonymous Anonymous said... has one of these in the downloads setion so you can play this on your PC :)

Download for will have too sign up first...I have already, also plenty other free fruit machines on there too.

the Link to sonic
Anonymous Anonymous said...
just noticed the comment above me...ooops lol

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