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Another abysmal marketing lie is being perpetrated by Sony to make people think PSP has some sort of "community" surrounding it.

PSP is for lonely men to watch films on on the train home. That's all.

He ACTUALLY SAYS "This is my den. I love my BMX. I love my skateboard". It is terrible. Very terrible. As terrible as, say, a green and blue background with a yellow and red logo on top.

FROM THIS MAN: "While spending another lunchtime at my desk watching the Guardian's pick of sporting Youtube clips, I noticed Sony's latest attempt to really scrape at their favourite demographic, the bottom of the barrel. It's a piece of rare marketing nouse, yet another attempt to assimilate an uncaring public into a community/ghetto."

"Following from one annus horribilis into what will surely be another annus left more bloody and horrid than the last, it seems fitting Sony are choosing to use banner ads recalling the horror of Goatse. And more fittingly, the world inhabited by the average PSP user will no doubt be as shitty, cum-crumb-flecked and gapingly revolting, as Mr Goatse's prolapsed cock-maw" - Cameron M.

"PS: I used PrintScrn, MS Paint, and the 'Save as' function to capture this. Even that was a bit of a struggle."
Blogger wayne-marsh said...
I love the end bit. "Okay guys, I want you to have a go now, see if you can get everything that you love in the world in your hands."

It's just great. My brain automatically strips off the bullshit and just hears him say "PLEASE GO VIRAL PLEASE GO VIRAL PLEASE GO VIRAL".

"guys" is good too. You can picture the exec who thought that this sounded casual and honest enough for people to trust it.
Blogger wayne-marsh said...
Oh, this is so great. It was posted exactly a month ago, and only has 5,200 views. Imagine it being uploaded with no promotion because the stupid fools thought it was brilliant enough to go viral on its own merits.

It has generated approximately the same amount of traffic as a 14 year old's Flash animation of their favourite anime characters having a fight would generate after being uploaded to Newgrounds.

Blogger wayne-marsh said...
Floppy-haired models must get so much work from cynical stuff like this.
Anonymous Gonuts McDie said...
It's DEFINITELY real too, because after all, we've all got fire extinguishers in our 'dens', just behind our kooky roadwork signs we stole during Freshers' week, right?

I know the comments on their YouTube channel are moderated, but they've actually managed to make them even more inane than the crap regularly spewed by the morons that comment on YouTube videos. Bravo.
Anonymous Anonymous said...
OH MAN. Check out this other video they made:

So many of the comments are clearly Sony mouthpieces, and they are all fantastically cynical. The best one is from "musicdjay" (NO, REALLY!): "WOW, this is a really cool and original idea!"

Another good one is this: "Really descent but i would definately recommend refining it a bit. Like the creaking sounds maybe just dont do with vocals and do a vocal overdub ontop then just mute and put with some cheery background music :) Cause thats what PSP is all about :P" - Yeah, critique of the production really makes me believe that it's "real". You shot yourself in the foot by being unable to resist the stupid lifestyle marketing speech at the end.

How to spot a Sony shill account:

1. They purposely write like morons because that's how far they underestimate their customers.

2. If the profile has any videos on it, they will all be PS3 game footage vids.

3. The profile will be written like a terrible parody of whatever demographic they are trying to represent. e.g., "favourite music: Music: Coldplay, Foo Fighters". NOBODY LIKES COLDPLAY AND FOO FIGHTERS.
Anonymous Photoboy said...
Right, time to pile up all my Sega hardware, hang a sign on the front that says "Fuck you Sony" and send it in!
Blogger Phill said...
In the comments section of the 'fake' youtube account:

beekay2202 (2 weeks ago)

"have you guys made your entries yet?? "

a few days later beekay decides to post again:

"This is properly cool!!!!"

a week later the same man (I'm guessing it's the junior in the creative department that normally has to go and get everyone's frappuchinos from Starbucks)

"doh, i shouldnt have said anything as there is now more competition in the competition :( "

Then he answers another plants question of how do I upload my video

" dude, just go to the groups link that is just above the main video! "

It's award winning stuff. I wish I knew which ad agency was responsible, I'd like to go and work for them.

Here's some more Sony stoogies:
" Yo, Like, Im gona enter 2 !!!"
" cool channekl check out mine too"
" Bring it - prepare for my entry peeps..."

I'm going to think of something to post there...
Anonymous Anonymous said...
Grrrrrrr, my name is Kane and those twat bags have sullied it with that utter steaming pile of toilet.
I think I'm gonna be physically sick over a PSP, video it and upload as my entry. Or just sit here sulking. Yes, that would be more, let's see, what is it that the kids say again? Aah, yes, "more gnarly."
Anonymous Anonymous said...
Sony: Love fire safety, hate road safety
Anonymous AK said...
The twat has a road sign in his 'den', no doubt lugged home by him and his despicable toff mates after a night out at a club trying desperately and failing to pick up girls.
Anonymous Cocks O'cocks said...
AK its not a real den you faggot. Its a marketing mock-up. someone's got unresolved class anxiety hasn't he? Were the posh boys meant o you at school?

Also, achingly true observation about the loners on trains. I just realised that is the only time I've seen a psp outside of a shop.
Anonymous Sam said...
i dont get how he did it. i mean, it looks like it's on the floor, but then he's actually holding it in his hand. magic tricks aside, no i will not put everything i have into one huge pile, but thanks for the offer anyway, mr. scarf.

WV: adrese. the french (and thus, wrong) way of spelling 'address'
Blogger Steve said...
Gonads McDie:

I have a fire extinguisher in my 'den' (living room). My housemate stole it from university, although not during Freshers' week.
Anonymous Anonymous said...
If only he had asked for help, I'm sure someone else would have told him that he only had to back up a bit more to fit everything in his hands. Then he wouldn't have had to move anything.
Anonymous Anonymous said...
If someone could post a reply vid with their dick in their hand I would be mildly amused. Double points if you biro the dreamcast logo on the bell end.

I really can't believe sony is doing this after the "all i want for xmas is a psp" debacle though - it's almost as if they want to totally destroy their brand. Who knows, perhaps Sega, instead of making any decent games for the last five years, spent the cash on infiltrating sony instead to bring them down from the inside.
Anonymous Anonymous said...
That halo girl you ran a story on has featured on the Sun's website:

"It's just a shame not all the gamers at the other end of Xbox Live look like her though!"
Anonymous Gordon Brown said...
I don't have the sound on but after 5 seconds I wanted to strange the cunt with that poncy fucking scarf he is wearing.

CHRIST ALL BOLLOCKING MIGHTY! ARRRRRRRGH! I can't express myself on this topic any better than with primitive noises.


Jesus fucking Christ. These people exist for real too. I see them in the more affluent areas while out walking (to and from my less affluent area).

Why did I have to see this? I was feeling all warm and loving towards humanity after watching that around the world in 80 faiths programme but now I want to go on a violent purge of Notting Hill.


Anonymous Tank said...
I swear I can see some knockers on that lower image.
Blogger Tim said...
The best bit is that he has the veneer of a holiday camp kid's leader, trying to coax the kids to do the actions to some shitty song and calling them 'guys' to show he's on the same level as them. He gave up before he started
Anonymous Anonymous said...
There's only one thing that belongs in my hand! Let me tell you Mr Student Git, it's a darn sight more fun than spending 25 mins piling my sad pathetic, student belongings in the middle of the floor in my sad, pathetic student flat!
Anonymous Anonymous said...
I'm sure that second picture is missing a Big Mac, or an Angry Whopper.
Blogger Johnny said...
Oh God, yet another viral marketing by Sony.
Anonymous Anonymous said...
The only thing the second picture is missing is a goatse
Anonymous nu said...
How to spot the shill videos - if indeed there are any that aren't sony accounts - they've all got generic bullshit indie rock soundtracks. Real internet spastics would have put evanessance (or however you spell it) tracks all over it.
Anonymous Photoboy said...
Anonymous Mike said...
Have you heard the song yet? Oh God, the song...
There's also more fake comments to enjoy.
Anonymous Anonymous said...
Did anyone notice the tags that are under for this video. Two of the tags are "Xbox 360" and the Wii. Hillarious !!
Anonymous Anonymous said...
Howard Stringer may as well come round to my house and spunk in my face.

This is sooo very terrible. Maybe if I was 12 it would be gr8 and lolz, blah blah ... but aren't the kids smarter than this?

My Sony Shit-ometer has exploded. It can no longer measure how god awful they've become.
Anonymous Anonymous said...
I'm waiting for him to hold it all in his hands rather than holding his hand infront of the camera. Thats holding nothing, and lets send the authorities round for him stealing road signs.
Anonymous Anonymous said...
This site is shit. Nice work selling out.

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