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Look what we have done. We have made a grown man take a photo of a keyring and mug in a studio environment.

"Since I have nothing better to do at work I thought I would send you this picture of an early 90s Sonic keychain obtained from a kid's meal at a local Northern Sweden hamburger chain ( and also a mug from work that looks a bit like it has Dreamcast logos on it. You might want to publish these for the sole reason that the picture is high resolution, was taken with a moderately expensive camera and lit with semi-professional studio lighting. Lots of love" - Protected identity Swedish guy.

Photo taken with a Pentax K200D. Man also has a bottle opener as a secondary keyring, indicating possible alcohol dependency.
Anonymous Anonymous said...
That Frasses place looks odd for a burger joint. Rather like what would happen if Ikea did hamburgers.
Anonymous Anonymous said...
FACT: there is no Frasses in stockholm, capitol of
Anonymous Anonymous said...

why didnt that get posted?
Anonymous Anonymous said...
Never mind all that rubbish. Why aren't you reporting on Virtual On: Oratorio Tangram coming to XBLA along with a few other DC games?
Anonymous Jayenkai said...
Because there are more important things!!

2 Sega related items in the same image!?!

^ That Image For New Site Header!!
Anonymous Carr said...
Eh? Why does the site look like OutRun? I need at least 48 hours warning before CHANGE HAPPENS.
Anonymous Anonymous said...

WV: swerin - what im doing right now

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