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Not just a bit better, but MILES better. There's no possible way we'll ever top Sonic The Hedgehog Pasta With Tomato And Cheese Sauce. This is the SEGA find of the year, or possibly decade. This is better than finding Sonic's ACTUAL SHOES!

If we'd found this, they'd still be cleaning up the spunk from aisle 12

SONIC CHANNEL - even though it's SONIC TEAM's blog - is going on the list of sites we hate, next time we bother changing it. This has probably been on the internet for 13 years, but as far as we're concerned if it hasn't been on UKR then it doesn't count. This new rule means it's now OK for us to copy things off forums.

You need to BUCK YOUR IDEAS UP. We're being BEATEN by some stupid JAPANESE BLOG, that probably nobody reads because it's about SEGA and IN JAPANESE. We want pasta-shaped game character sightings, and we want them YESTERDAY.

*Apart from the man who sent us the pasta link, who is now the inaugural ELITE SEGA SCOUT ALPHA TEAM member, and so awesome we fired up Photoshop and made this especially in his honour:


Only the man who sent us the pasta site link is allowed to download and make copies of this image. Unauthorised downloading and distribution of this logo will lead to us pretending to be you on the internet and causing loads of trouble with who you work for.
Blogger Kaoru said...
I remember eating those...
Blogger bilal said...
“The canned goods of sonic being explosive, stench…!”

With report that,
The canned goods which transfigure in the deep-black [ke] [tsu] [ke] were excavated.

“Obtaining? Obtaining?
 The canned goods of sonic explode???
 Uncommonness smelling???”

[wake] not being understood,
When it tries excluding the sack which is presented…

“[gi] [ya] []
 Something you are disgusted, [ya] []!!”

What from canned goods
The mud mud which becomes deep-black mono being started overflowing,

In heroical thing… ><

Smell, in tremendous thing…!

When you look at the package,
“The pasta of the tomato & the cheese source” it is to seem, but…

Already, as for retention above this with a dangerous state where it is not achieved,
Everything we had decided to cancel.

The photograph relative the canned goods which remain cleanly.

It is last commemoration photographing.

Teaching of this day:

When the canned goods are retained in commemoration,
Eating content during the appreciation time limit,
After washing the can cleanly, the ♪ which it will retain
Blogger Hamstermemnon said...
don't you just love babelfish...
Blogger Postumo &amp; CIA said...
You want material? ok, maybe is old but seems funny:
:( poor sonic...
Blogger Postumo &amp; CIA said...
Ok, you'll have some material. This seemed funny

:( poor sonic
Blogger Postumo &amp; CIA said...

And this is actually hard to get...
Blogger Dane said...
that sonic pasta is actually pretty common in the US
Blogger cornhuskman said...
Dane speaks the truth. Those have been commonplace in US grocery stores for well over a decade. I think I saw some on a shelf the other day, actually.
Blogger Blackadder Hall said...
I anyone is slightly interested - I've put up a shitty piss poor pic of my Dreamcast alarm clock that sits on my desk at work.
how about images of some of the stickers from the sonic comic...i have almost all of them from issues 1- 125 (i was too old by then to carry on with the comic)
rare ones include a scratch and sniff sonic holding his shoe (which doesnt smell no more) and gold 50th comic edition. hit me back.
Blogger SonicFanatic said...
It's photos like this that not only bring back childhood memories (also of eating these diabolical, sickly-tasting bread stick things with Sonic sponsorship and a red box that told you to open it up in military fashion, left-right, left-right.. unsurprisingly, the name escapes me), but also regrets that I never kept my can of Sonic-branded Fanta. It smelt funny after a while.

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