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This is ALMOST too good to be true. We're not quite convinced it is but that's beside the point. The point is that this provides a small spark of life and gives us the strength to carry on when we would otherwise sit dwelling on our supposed cynical existence, exhausted by the exertion of wanking with the aid of a hot dog bun.

Thank you SONY. Those lazy summer days of NON-STOP WANKING are not so far off for you now.
Blogger Hamstermemnon said...
it reminds me of the old joke,
"why is north London full of Oriental types? They get off the plane at Heathrow and say 'Harrow Mr Taxi Driva'
Blogger Boss Nonnu said...
Further proof, if proof be need be, that Sony are really fucking sexy compared to MS (geeks) and Nintendo (paedophiles).

Sony are like a cute sexy girl with brain damage. I fucking love that shit.
Blogger Dave said...
Who on earth is this "ENSIGN LOBOT" character?! Is it the official replacement for Teela?
What's funnier than the actual typo (or japanese spelling), is the amount of people getting freakishly defensive about it!
"do you look at your controller when your playing? do you see the keyboard when you type? cuz i know where all the buttons are and i know what they do so i rarely see the controller cuz ur attention is drawn to the screen and the game ur playing and not to the controller" - cunt
Blogger Ante-nah said...
I know you all hate Sony so this won't be much of a charming story to you as it was to me but because KK ('father' of Sony) wanted the controllers to be silver but everyone said they looked crap with the black PS3s so his decision of using silver controllers was thrown out in favour of black controllers so as a joke, some of the black controllers spelt 'SERECT' at E3....HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

I'm lying assholes, that's photoshopped.
Blogger bilal said...
yeah deffo photoshop jobby right there. the R and E look too dodgy to be real, just been copied and skewed a bit to look 'right'.

not like that girl down there with the pink bikini and psp - she's not copied or skewed or anything!
Blogger Tomleecee said...
wanking: awesome. The question remains - why wait till summer?
Blogger lukeeee said...
It isn't photoshoped, it's just that in Japanese there ain't no difference between L and R, try talking to a a japanese person who can't speak english very well about an election, or do a google image search for aoi sola, then do one for aoi sora, it's the same person, just bear in mind that it's not safe for work.
Blogger bilal said...
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Blogger bilal said...
what are you on about?

what they say and what they print on their joypads are two entirely different things.

i've got plenty of jap ps1/2 pads that say SELECT on them. considering the world is more connected now than back in '95 would mean SERECT definitely CANNOT occur EVER, even on a Sony joypad.

Sega have always been smart in this respect by ditching the select button altogether, thus avoiding any possibly embarassing translational cock-ups

besides, my japanese teacher says her R's like L's anyway, so no probs discussing the elections with here, nosirree
Blogger lukeeee said...
Acording to this:
The Japanese have trouble to pronounce and tell the difference between the English "r" and "l' because these sounds don't exist in Japanese.
Well, Japanese language barriers aside - when a company is showcasing their product in the USA, a place where they (apparently) speak 'English', i would have thought these minor 'fuck-ups' wouldnt have occured. Or, perhaps, indeed it is photoshopped... Either way, lets all join in and laugh at any possible slur or misfortune that happens to Sony! I thought this was a Sega fansite :(
Blogger bilal said...
oh ffs :)

you lot are seriously missing the point here, so i decided to take matters into my own hands.


bear in mind i couldn't get that pic that UKR has in it's original form (provided it is indeed a fake. which it is), so just googled for 'ps3 controller' and hoped for the best.

ok, so it doesn't have any funky rotation or skewing, but still...

and can we just stop with the pretend japanese lessons? it's really condescending, seriously.
Ha Ha, I have just found proof that sony have made the same mistake on a nearly-as-laughable attempt at spelling correctly!

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