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Celebrating alone again this year? Baked beans and turkey burgers on toast as you wonder how early is too early to drink yourself to sleep and contemplate forcing out a wank over Duffy's legs and boots on Christmas Top of the Pops?

Each cracker contains a joke. Perhaps we should buy a box to keep us in material during January of 2008.

'OK, now my left hand needs to pull a cracker with my right hand'

"To get in the festive spirit I picked up these awesome crackers (six crackers for a quid) when I noticed them in the window of a Pound-shop. SEGA is cleverly marketing Dreamcast through the unusual route of discount traditional festive items. As a blind SEGA fanboy I have clearly got my hopes up that each cracker will contain a VMU (complete with batteries) or a Rumble Pack and given SEGA's track record of never disappointing its loyal fans I suspect I may have under-estimated the true bundle of joy contained within each golden-hued cracker, resplendent with it's majestic ribbon trim.

"To simulate the late arrival of online gaming on DC in the West I have decided to wait until our work Christmas do to open these (I know, I know - my colleagues don't realise how much of a treat they are in for) so expect and update regarding the novelty gift. I'm thinking the hat might be Sonic themed and the joke might even be a PS3 console.

"Photo is in a much higher resolution than the last update I sent you but apologies for the flash reflection. I couldn't control my excitement and it was a borrowed camera. Enjoy!" - James G"

2448x3264 image taken on a Sony DSC W100. Much as we enjoy "hating on" Sony, the W range of digital cameras is quality through and through, or at least it was when we acquired a cheap W1 about five years ago. Cost-cutting may have taken hold since, mind.
Anonymous Anonymous said...
Blogger Tomleecee said...
Ha ha! That opening paragraph is priceless!
Anonymous Thomas the Tank Engine said...
I have had enough of this swirly updated shit. I know part of the joke of UKR is that it's complete pointless bollocks, but when your updates stop people like me from visiting then you should rethink the grand plan (which of course there isn't one).
Anonymous GigerPunk said...
Pssst, come for the swirls, stay for the girls
(currently on idiottoys)
Anonymous Anonymous said...
I count nine. Something's fishy here.
Anonymous Anonymous 2 said...
When you stop people like Thomas the Tank Engine from coming you should hang your head in shame UK:R.
Blogger Jayenkai said...
Sorry UK:R, even turning back the clock won't help you forget The Werehog..

It's 2009 next month.

WV : eepsy - As in Eepsy, it's another sodding Sonic Gimmick..

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