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Here are some other things we've done this week. Don't feel obliged to click on any of the links, most of it sits awkwardly between "workmanlike" and "solid."
  • This thing featuring a photo of a woman on a sled taken from an angle that makes it look like she's not wearing any trousers.

  • This thing about a man who made a proper, working gun and chain saw combo, in which we used up all of this week AND next week's allocation of capital letters.

  • This thing about the Xbox logo and 17th Century aliens.

  • This thing about Doctor Who, iTunes and Billie Piper, which earned us a gold star for "SEO" awareness.


  • This thing about Intel's Eric Mentzer, general manager of the chipset and graphic development group, because you can't not use pictures like this when they come along:

  • We even resorted to a Mr Potato Head reference :(

    HAIRY MAN 0/10.
    Blogger Steve said...
    Intel man's hands are bigger than his face. That means he has cancer.
    Anonymous Anonymous said...
    Always a deep disappointment to get to the picture on Elsewhere On The Network and its a fat bloke with a tache and big hands. The shame of it Commander, nought on ten indeed.
    Anonymous Anonymous said...
    mrrobsa said:

    Never watched Dr.Who, but on the hi-res Billie pic he's super freckled.
    Is this hidden from viewers normally, using hugely expensive computer imagery to superimpose a less freckled face on top of his own?
    Or was this an episode where 'gingerness' is revealed as merely a Dalek plot to gain access to the queen mum's remains, and Who bravely infects himself for an insight into their dastardly plan?

    Word Verf: petwi - A dish used by Jonathan Ross to grow 'bactewia'.

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