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Here's what was on the adult's menu this week while you were here in the garden eating your fish fingers and chips with a spoon. You've got some on yourself.
  • This thing about the Sarah Palin turkey slaughtering incident, which if you haven't heard about, is actually worth hearing about and watching the accompanying video footage. There's ONE OF US in the background fantasising about putting her in the machine next.

  • This thing about a Battlestar Galactica poster, which is much less worth reading about, to be honest.

  • This thing which is little more than an admission to spending a significant amount of time wanking over Gwen Stefani (photos) in the past.

  • This thing about metal-detecting. Wouldn't bother. It did get linked to by some metal-detecting forums, though. If you thought your life was bad, just be happy you're not a member of a metal-detecting forum and therefore really into metal-detecting AND the internet. It certainly put a few things into perspective here.

  • This thing about Konnie Huq doing a promotional video for Blu-ray, because you can't not download, re-encode, upload and embed video clips like this then spend several hours browsing the 'related videos' in horror when they come along:

  • It's all about EXECUTIVE MOUSTACHES, though. You want to get in on EXECUTIVE MOUSTACHES now, before it's too late and everyone accuses you of jumping on the bandwagon when the EXECUTIVE MOUSTACHES t-shirts and DVDs come out next year.
    Anonymous Anonymous said...
    Anonymous Anonymous said...
    I used to like Konnie, and certainly "would" have.

    That was before she patronised me like a small child. Now she's ruined.

    I wonder what's next in her "Blue" career? Blue Peter, Blu(e) Ray promo, Blue Movies perhaps?
    Anonymous Anonymous said...
    every article i've read on the internet today has been about konnie huq. i think it must mean she wants to taste my cock
    Anonymous Anonymous said...
    Is "Interactive Menus" really something to boast about?

    How would you use a non-interactive menu?
    Anonymous Anonymous said...
    They fail to mention that you need a 1080p TV to get the full quality, seeing blu-ray and HD-DVD on a HD ready (1366x768) screen isn't all that amazing.

    Also to get that amazing sound you need a good sound system (5.1 or 7.1).
    Anonymous Rhyann said...
    A HD TV is a standard feature in most living rooms nowadays? Really?
    Blogger Pod said...
    Anonymous Anonymous said...
    I would've payed attention to her if she was naked or dancing around the tv. 6/10
    Blogger Apples and Oranges said...
    For the anonymous imbecile that posted first, go elsewhere you cunt. Tell me exacly what the internet and this site has accomplished with that brilliant post except a couple of bytes? Stupid idiot, I hate you and all of those who try to be smart asses and just are asses.
    Blogger Multiverse said...

    Anonymous RatStar said...
    not last

    Did anyone else watch the related videos? How naive I must have once been: to have never previously considered masturbating over Konnie Huq!

    I feel a little stupid now. Stupid and drowsy.

    Still, better late than never!

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