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Sony's pretend impartial publicity blog - and official enemy of UKR - Three Speech has plummeted to new lows recently, culminating in this - a "Top Trumps" update about "famous" Sony video game character Spyro. It literally cannot get any worse than this.

The only solace taken from this sort of drivel is that it is at least costing Sony money to spew out and maintain. £14 to renew the domain name is £14 less to spend on PS3 development. Every little hinders.

Sony Lie Blog - DEAD!

Sad to see you go, TS. It was moderate-at-best while it lasted. We are claiming this as a victory, by the way. A crushing victory. This tea we are drinking right now? It is not tea, it is the BLOOD of Three Speech! Expect the domain to be a list of links to Amazon in about three months time.
Blogger blacklion said...
amazon links? nah - it'll be a Häagen Dazs link like that even more ridiculous PSP site was.
Blogger Carriageman said...

You guys have completely lost the plot, and reached an all time low. How the hell do you give something like this sex appeal?

I don’t believe it.

Oh and you have been completely owned…

Comment by Dave the drummer — Jun 10, 2008 @ 2:22 pm

Just thought id copy that of three speech before the mod remove it, nice one dave
Blogger mihr said...
this site is strange, i visit it often but have never commented on how insane it is. yes i love sega and despise sony and wish they would just go bankrupt and die, and to an extent nintendo and microsoft. there is none the less that thought that there is something questionable about the sega "appreciation" that is held.
however having said that, i do like this site a lot after all.
Blogger Mainman said...
If ever I venture upon that blog again, it will be to find, save and publicly flog these Sony-themed 'Top Trumps' cards. Since this card has a 'Sex Appeal' stat, logic dictates that the rest will have one too, which should make for a good post-wank distraction as the mentality behind these statistics are debated.

Choosing Spyro for a card creates a Catch 22 situation with the furries; a high score would cause mass empathy with the editor responsible and increase the number of furries visiting, while a low score would cause mass cries of persecution and favouritism... increasing the number of furries visiting. As the law of the Internet dictates, anything attracting a large group of furries in one go is permanently scarred and will forever have 'Furry Lovers/Haters' associated with its image. This can only be good news for us.

If we could get a video of ThreeSpeech's (inevitably awkward) meetings about the subject, it would be like pissing upon the coffin.
Blogger floppylobster said...
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Blogger floppylobster said...
I take it it's is a scale of 1 to 7 with 1 being the highest.
Blogger Mentalist-air said...
"Sex appeal 1"



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