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An alternate selection of words and pictures we have "phoned in" for other web sites that don't mind being called blogs.
  • This thing in which we "live blogged" the downloading of the Ninja Gaiden II demo.

  • This thing about people whose job is listing the specs of laptops about to suffer a bit more.

  • This thing in which we get to the heart of the racism-in-games debate.

  • This thing about what a clever man made for Wii.

  • This thing about the the Eee PC 901, because you can't not use pictures like this when they come along:

  • Aleks Krotoski cosplay porn

    Edge magazine would give that lot 5/10, because a 5/10 from Edge actually means it's good.
    Blogger Badben said...
    I don't even bother THINKING anything about a game until I've read the Edge review. I'm just a gamer, see? What do I know?
    Blogger Ross said...
    "you can't not use pictures like this when they come along"
    Wouldn't have stopped me.
    Blogger Steve said...
    I quite like Edge.
    Blogger PhotoBoy said...
    Wow, they're such slim, pretty little things. I might just have to buy one even though I already have a laptop.
    Blogger fujiwaratofu said...
    Right= double wood

    Left= "bag job" wood if only because shes probably a crazed ho in bed...shes probably just been banged by the photographer...just look at her hair and smile!
    Blogger BrutusCirrus said...
    would, would

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