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Amazing VICTORY! The Getaway 3, the game and/or blatantly untrue tech demo that Sony said PS3 was capable of, the one that looked like a few retouched photos of central London, has been AXED by the incompetent cash-burners at Sony Europe HQ.

The Getaway - DEAD!

"It has been agreed that production of both Eight Days and The Getaway will cease immediately due to the redistribution of resources and budget. This decision was made following an internal review of all games and it was deemed that with the incredibly strong list of exclusive first party titles coming up both this year and in the near future, resource should be reallocated to enhance those projects closer to completion" - Sony Europe, June 4 2008.

The Getaway - DEAD!


The Getaway - DEAD!


The Getaway - DEAD!


The Getaway - DEAD!


The Getaway on PS3

This is what The Getaway 3 actually looks like. The loss of The Getaway is a significant WIN for the forces of LIGHT and TRUTH. The previous two Getaways were the favourite games of millions of stupid PS2 owners who didn't mind products that crashed constantly and had control systems that didn't function. Now the traditional Sony "moron pound" will not be heading PS3's way.

The Getaway - DEAD!

At least it shows Sony is starting to be a bit more honest. Usually, when it realises it's wasted millions on a piece of shit, it shoves it out there anyway, relying on a few 8/10s from official magazines and their dependent unofficial parasitic twins to force it onto a few poor, unsuspecting punters.

The Getaway - DEAD!

Well done on admitting failure, Sony.
Blogger Espy said...
There was a 2?
Blogger Steve said...
Can we have a higher res version of what The Getaway 3 actually looks like?
Blogger P.P.A. said...
There was a 1?!
Blogger Cmdr_Zorg said...
Happy to oblige, Steve. Turns out it's running at 1080p, so at least that's something the development team can be proud of achieving.
Blogger Trilby said...
There's a PS3?
Blogger MrJolly said...
You need to dig the shots from the ps2 version that sony circulated that were basicaly photoshops with a few polygon cars overlaid and compare them with what actualy came out.

As for the Getaway, yes, there actualy was a psone version that got canned, then the 1st one came out on ps2 and then Black Friday showed up. I thought BF was bad enough to kill the franchise but apparently Sony needs to piss further good money after bad to learn a lesson.

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Blogger PhotoBoy said...
"the incredibly strong list of exclusive first party titles coming up both this year and in the near future"

Sony appear to have launched a new lie with this announcement! Everyone (except self-deluding PS3 owners) know Sony don't have an incredibly strong list of exclusive first party titles. All they have is Gran Turismo. They're relying on MGS and Final Fantasy to sell their over-priced Blu-Ray player.
Blogger lmaonoob said...
Shame, i quite liked the getaway series! Do you think there'll ever be another gta london?
Blogger lmaonoob said...
No, i don't own a ps3 lol
Blogger Trilby said...
Anyway, never mind all this - possible non-shit Sonic game alert!!!
Blogger Apollo said...
Unfortunately there are enough idiots out there who think the PS3 is backwards compatible 100% and they certainly believed that the PS3 is capable of this kind of output.
Blogger Chris said...
Ya know what? I'm not too sure these are photoshops of "real photo's" or anything.. I think that this is perfectly possible to do with modern ... PC's.

They are all the same scene... Just different angles. Looks like a scene mock up, no doubt it'd be running at 6fps.

Oh, and I don't dispute that it's been heavily photoshopped, but the buildings are pretty basic... I'd say a lot of photo's used as textures....

But glad it's not coming out because the first one was wank.
Blogger Slight said...
It's the lighting that's fancy in those shots, looks a bit like radiosity rendering. TBH it's not beyond the realms of the possible though, Racedriver Grid seems to have managed a pseudo-radiosity rendered look somehow.
Blogger KARPY said...
Can you remember Sony's claims for the PS2 "Toy Story Quality Graphics" that comment still gets me laughing when I think back!

Sony never change and never stop lying!
Blogger Splan said...
"Can you remember Sony's claims for the PS2 "Toy Story Quality Graphics" that comment still gets me laughing when I think back!"

That was Microsoft,fool.
Blogger Slight said...
Not it wasn't. Twatmonger.
Blogger PhotoBoy said...
Yeah that was a Sony claim. They also claimed the Final Fantasy Spirits Within DVD would have real-time scenes exclusively on the PS2 and that America had forbidden Sony to export the PS2 to China or Iraq because the Emotion Engine was so powerful it was classed as a super computer and could be used for nefarious nuclear and chemical warfare research.

Of course the fact that the US hasn't updated their definition of what constituted a super computer and that your average Pentium II qualified was not mentioned by Sony...
Blogger colin said...
I don't understand? What was that even a demo of in the first place? A street? Were people looking forward to that? What kind of fanboys were excited by that?

"Guess what I heard was coming out?!"


"A game with a street in it. It looks just like a real street. There were people, and shoes, and ads, and cars!!!"

"Like, real shoes?"

"Yeah, on people's feet! Which they were using... for walking AND standing around!!!"

"No way! I have to own it. Where can I pay $600 for it?"
Blogger Mortuorum said...
They're relying on MGS and Final Fantasy to sell their over-priced Blu-Ray player.

Actually, it's a very reasonably-priced Blu-Ray player. It's just a horribly-overpriced game machine.
Blogger matt said...
And these incompetent c*nts killed the Dreamcast with their poopy-shit. What a bloody disgrace. Glad to see this franchise is dying on its arse because it was as good as a three-day-old Big Mac left out in the rain.

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Blogger Splan said...

Gates and Seamus Blackley, head of Microsoft's Xbox division, ran demonstrations of several Xbox titles, which featured detailed graphics and smooth animation that looked more like a Disney movie than current video games.

""One of the basic premises of the Xbox is to put the power in the hands of the artist," Blackley said, which is why Xbox developers "are achieving a level of visual detail you really get in 'Toy Story.'""

I believe the phrase is "pwned" you prick.
UKR - never let the facts get in the way.
Blogger SonySux said...

This being the SONY bullshit claim at the start of 1999, a couple of years before your parents were brave enough to let their Mongoloid Fuckwitted Offspring use a computer.

Now go away and let the adults talk.
Blogger Splan said...
Where does it actually say "Sony said it will produce Toy Story-like graphics"?
Exactly; Nowhere, spunk dribble.
Blogger SonySux said...
In the paragraph that reads;

PlayStation 2, though, is claiming to be able to handle 50 times more 3-D image data than the Dreamcast, allowing it to create characters similar in appearance to those in the Walt Disney film "Toy Story."

Its above the picture which probably distracted you... that and the big words.

The subheading of "New Console will reportedly feature graphics on par with Toy Story... next to the big heading "SONY" may also be a hint.

Try reading boy.
Blogger SonySux said...
Or you can look at this one;

which includes the paragraph;

The secret is the Emotion Engine, a fast, high-powered chip set that is fine-tuned to generate polygons, the building blocks of 3-D graphics. While the original PlayStation could handle a mere 360,000 polygons per second, version 2 can spit out more than 20 million: it's a jump from "South Park" to "Toy Story."
Blogger Barack said...
You are the liar:

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