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Guess what's SEGA about this photo? It's the font. The font looks a bit like the SEGA font. That's why someone went to the effort of taking a photo of the back of a bus and sending it in. Sadly we've lost the email it came with - or the guy would be in for a UKR KNIGHTHOOD.

Photos like this are why we will still be doing this site even when we are 86, weeing through a tube into a bucket, and paying £99 a minute to use the hospital wi-fi on a laptop.


This is the bottom. The absolute bottom. Touch it. It's solid. It is not possible to go any lower than this. It makes the update about the SEGA carpet seem as exciting as smoking crack with Kate Moss.

  • A Russian mask that's a bit like Sonic

  • A Sonic balloon at a fair, from a distance

  • A chair logo that looks a bit like Dr Robotnik

  • A French menu that has the word Sega on it

  • Sonic tie :(

    "Look at this picture - it's a French SEGA bus! Admittedly it doesn't say SEGA, but the logo's in a sort of SEGA font plus it's got an S and an A and the S is even in the right place. This bus was parked next to the Eiffel Tower last week and I like to think that maybe Sonic was running up the tower and doing some daring jumps and that. Except he wasn't, because I went up it and there were just a load of German wankers there hogging the telescopes. Although admittedly I only went up to the second level on account of it being knackering and me being quite fat, so maybe Sonic was at the top! Or whatever - Pete Raper (no joke)."
    Blogger Pete said...
    He's not joking, either. I haven't been able to sit down for a week.
    Blogger Cunzy11 said...
    Aha take that Wikipedia. I DON'T SEE YOUR ENTRY ABOUT SEGA-ISH FONTS.
    Blogger cowbrain said...
    @Pete: Truly excellent. You had me in stitches.
    Blogger gofo said...
    damn! i work three streets from this company....i'll do a follow up next week with the building! and maybe other buses!
    Blogger gofo said...

    tagline : "there's always a solution"

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