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It's another Sonic-themed rubbish bin. Imagine how well it would compliment the astonishing carpet. That's what we will be imagining today. That and the usual revenge fantasies.

Chewing Gum Zone

"He's a little battered, but still kicking. The place I found him was spotless in terms of rubbish laying around. I think we all know why - Mengzor."
Blogger Ino said...
ah... And I thought you wouldn't update the blog anymore... I almost cut my wrists out of boredom.
Blogger Simon said...
This update is rubbish.

Blogger lessthanthree said...
does it support human waste?
Blogger Mafro said...
Excellent. A Sonic rubbish bin to put all the rubbish Sonic games that have came along recently.
I wonder if it holds enough space for that rubbish late 80s / early 90s carpet, though. Reminds me of Sonic's heyday on the other hand, though.
Blogger Meng said...
That Mengzor guy who found it is pretty damn cool.

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