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It's the exciting semi-regular new feature DREAMCAST LOGO IN REAL LIFE! Have you seen one? If so, take a photo and send it in. No one will think you're weird, not even when you're taking photos in the bathrooms section of B&Q.

"While being dragged around B&Q by the Girlfriend I came across a shower that made the trip worth while... well, almost worthwhile."

"Behold the Dreamcast Shower! Wash Away that dirty Sony feeling!"

"The price was quite reasonable too, especially when you consider that while doing a Rocky Push-up in the shower you can be hypnotised by the magical swirl - Midgetcorrupter."

Rocky Push-up? Is that what the kids call wanking nowadays? Or is it a type of sex?


Blogger cowbrain said...
What on Earth has this blog come to?

"I know! Let's just post lots of shit sent to me by bored readers even if it only resembles anything Sega in the tiniest of tiny amounts."

Where's all the good old satire? I miss the old days =o(
Blogger FreakyZoid said...
Just be thankful that it's Zorg writing the updates again.
Blogger Steve said...
At a guess, I'd say a Rocky Push Up is a fake push up against a vertical surface, with the camera angled so that it looks like it's a real push up being done against a horizontal surface.
Blogger Cmdr_Zorg said...
Writing? It's more like copying and pasting.
Blogger DMack said...
That's some high quality Caution Glass
Blogger bilal said...
The caution sign is also in lovely Japanese Dreamcast Orange.

It's so lovely, if I were to buy that shower, I'd leave the writing in place (or ask for some from B&Q).
Blogger Dave said...
I do love how it says "CAUTION GLASS" without any punctuation. The glass is there for cautioning people.

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