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The mask of reality slips, as Sonic wheezes home in a time of 7 hours and 26 minutes. Then sits on the pavement sobbing "NEVER AGAIN" into a tin foil blanket as blood oozes from his nipples and shoes.

Two people captured the moment for eternity. Here are their tales.

"Sonic clearly wasn't putting much effort into his 2008 London Marathon run, otherwise he would have done it well under one hour... - Gavin."

"Dear Sega Superstar Tennis Monthly, I was wandering around London on Marathon day, watching the sweaty people stagger by, when a banner caught my eye."

"It seemed to be saying that Sonic would be running, which is a bit daft as he's clearly got a massive non-human freaky genetic advantage. However, in the distance I noticed a strange blue dot that grew rapidly into Sonic."

"My friend managed to grab a few blurry pictures as he flew by. And I figured you grow too old for this shit. I guess they made him start a couple of hours after everyone else to make it fair."

"I also made him take pictures of this strange old man carrying a load of balloons saying kids."

"I kind of hope that it isn't some kind of charity based acronym but instead he's just a very pro-active paedo. Here's hoping - Sig."
Blogger P.P.A. said...
Real-life Sonic campaigns, in 2008? Awesome.
Blogger PhotoBoy said...
There always used to be this guy dressed as a clown giving out balloons to kids in the Cardiff town centre. I pegged him for being a paedo as well.

taahl: Someone who just finished the marathon asking for a towel in an Eastenders accent.
Blogger dean said...
On an unrelated note, anyone still looking for GTA in central London go to Hamleys, they just got new stock in.

My pleasure.
Blogger Benjamin said...
Everybody Super Sonic Racing
Gotta keep your feet right on the ground
When you're Super Sonic Racing
There's no time to look around
With just Super Sonic Racing
Running to the point of no return
Everybody Super Sonic Racing
Come on let the fire burn
Blogger Steve said...
Sonic looks fat. And his rings are silver. I don't think that's the real Sonic.
Blogger floppylobster said...
See the girl on the right in the 5th photo (the one with Sonic and all the motion blur). She's still clueless, looking up the track where he was 1/4 second ago. Not noticing that he's flying past her as captured by your reader's high speed shutter lens. Granny's got a keen eye though.
Blogger floppylobster said...
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